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CupcakesArePink Sep 2020
i was like mustard, you said
a nice shade of yellow
a complimentary condiment to you

the spice you wanted in your life
but you wanted only a little bit of me
because a lot of me was too much for you

and you decided then and there
as you walked away in the vast kitchen
that i was too much for you
too much mustard, he mumbled.
I felt you in a space that no one else can find,
Expressed things that weigh beautifully upon my mind,
Touched by your thoughts I can barely comprehend,
I find myself exposed to a brand new kind of friend,
My mind silenced by the sound of my heart beginning to beat,
I felt lost and yet found while attempting to find my feet,
And as you revived the parts of me I never knew,
Or maybe even forgotten waiting on something true,
How can I express what I've never known,
Or begin in what I've never been shown?
Without question the answers sought never to be found,
Without words you gave me something more profound,
Wonderfully written upon my heart I find them everyday,
Yet still I search for the right words to say,
Now I reflect in the wonder of how I could be so small,
Realizing you showed me how I need not words at all,
Without question... One day I opened my eyes and began to see,
Your heart was beautiful enough to finally find me.....  
  For the love of my life ... Feb. 2 2017
Poetic T Nov 2017
I never drank out of my
                        empty vessels..

They were expendable

Instead I put Ketchup in them,
            my chips diving deeply.

Every so often a chip would sink
       into this cup sinking slowly...

Only to be found once the potato morsels
                had clung to every tomato..
b e mccomb Jul 2016
I've a cache of four youth leaders
In the back of my mind
But it's best to keep
Them in the dark.

My fascination with
Binder clips
Just won't leave
My desk.

I swear, I do not
Remember last summer.

I also don't remember
The last four sermons in my psyche.

I will wear this
Nose ring like a princess
But I'm afraid
Of panic attacks and frosted doughnuts.

The water vaporizer and
The narwhals
Frequently run off together
And go to Somalia for Christmas.

I'm begging you not
To remind me of the Chevy t-shirt
Because I cannot get the
Ketchup and pasta off my reasons.
Copyright 5/8/15 by B. E. McComb
At last, Wednesday morning had arrived and the men from Yellow market arrived to cut Mr Ketchup's grass, trim the lawn and also the hedge, but there was no sign of Mr Ketchup or his friends, so the men
decided to just carry on with the grass cutting without his permission.
Well that wasn't a good idea at all!
So the work had begun on his garden then the fun began.....
The lawn mower lost control and ran over Mr Ketchup's flower bed.
It didn't look too good with hedge trimmer either: what a terrible job these work men made of the hedge! Oh I wouldn’t like to be in their shoes. Just wait until Mr Ketchup gets back from his shopping trip!

Meanwhile, Red pepper and Haggis were trying to convince Mr Ketchup
to buy the brown coat with the hood, because winter wasn't far behind.
He already tried on heaps of trousers, most of them were not suitable and the rest too short in the leg. He picked up the black trousers
with the baggy legs. Moments later, Mr Ketchup appeared to still be busy with a pile of jumpers hanging on a clothes rail. There were lots of different bright colourful shirts on the rack behind. Finally after
hours of shopping, Mr Ketchup had finished. Poor Mr Ketchup struggled
to the counter, and gave a sigh of relief phew that was hard work.
"I think we all deserve some lunch”, said Haggis"
"I am hungry too”, replied Neeps and Red pepper".
Meanwhile at the counter, Mr Ketchup pulled out his wallet
and pulled out some twenty pounds notes. He had over spent a bit.
Oh dear he did look a bit washed out after trailing around Yellow market
He couldn’t wait to get home and put his feet up and watch his favourite
television programme.

After the long shopping trip, Mr Ketchup wasn't in the mood for anything.
He slowly dragged his sore feet up the steep hill. Oh my goodness,
You should have seen his face! It looked like he was ready to explode.
like a rocket. Haggis Neeps and Red pepper looked at each other.
“I think it’s time we were off”. “Look Mr Ketchup, just leave it until
tomorrow, it’s been a very long day you know”, groaned Haggis.
"Yes we are all rather tired replied Red Pepper.
"Okay, okay, keep your hair on”, grumbled Mr Ketchup.
But one thing is for sure, I will be getting to the bottom of this in the morning.....

Copyrighted  Rosalind Heather Alexander
Daylight 4U2C Feb 2014
Sleep child,
til' the light overpowers the darkness inside,
where I secretly cried.
I secretly tried,
but no one would guess,
and I never put my cards face up.
It's only ketchup.
Used to patch up,
the cut and scratch ups,
caused by the dull
of my pencil,
and my soul.
I fell,
but I dragged myself up again,
back into my daily skin,
and I'm that burden.
That one whose not fully there,
told by everyone, "you just don't care",
with a random shudder scare.
The words I despise you all think,
even the shrink,
and it drowns me to the sink.
I'm that disaster,
everyone's after,
maniacal laughter.
"Am I losing my mind?"
"Is this mind really mine?"
"Would dying be fine?"
I'm not so refined :)
I can see the things in perfect imagery,
things I don't want to see,
always worried everyone hates me.
I can't see,
I'm not me,
I'm not even a somebody.
Maybe inside is some other ghost,
I'm the host,
at my death let's just have a toast.
Til' death do we part,
take it as a new start,
buy the roses to my grave from walmart.
I didn't think I mattered anyways,
sleeping through these pass-me-by days,
my mind playing simon says.
I always secretly try,
but I am still I,
and now simon says ".....goodbye."
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— The End —