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Steve Page Oct 5
on saturday morning we grace around recycled rustic tables, lowering our heads over gluten free brown toast topped with gently scrambled free range eggs, adding soya milk to decaffeinated, ethically sourced coffee, self contained in guilt free reusable cups -

and still we fret.
Saturday scene in West London
Siyana Sep 4
Homemade spread on crumpets and toast
A thin slice of me, wherever you go..
Bed & Breakfasts at the Chateau Marmont..
Where you'd write me letters in an ivory font..
Your old soul haunts through the strings of my guitar,
I was a groupie, while you brought the music..
Drugs, Loneliness, Deception & no through roads..
Isn't that just the way it was supposed to go...

I hear your music sometimes, on the radio..
a stairway to heaven is just as close...
Sorry that you only thought of me
as a string you played, yours sincerely....
About a romance between a musician and a waitress. When the musician becomes a household name he starts to see her as a groupie rather than his girlfriend.. as he dives into a life of substance abuse and rock star virtues..
Faizel Farzee Aug 16
Why do I keep on rhyming
Without even trying
It’s like these words has its own wings and just keep on flying
I get that your dying, but please just stop climbing,
This slippery ***** of hope
that leaves everyone crying
Knowing you’ll be missed as we are defining
The life left behind the conclusion
it’s subliming
Sorry! I mean sublime
there were some slime
on my pen and the word just went sliding
So back to the writing…
Where was I? Oh!  This looks exciting
Just let go and the afterlife most likely won’t even be that frightening…
Do I talk from experience
Only hope that you are biting
And to ease off to the afterlife that some time seems so inviting
And all hope against hope
here’s to you dining…
with Kings.
Death in a light hearted fasion
Hilla254 May 31
A dark veil
Covers the light
Like a shadow of night
Light is darkness

Deep into the abyss
It drowns
Deep and deeper, Everyday
Every day
Frown of darkness

mirage of light
Light's hope
A false sense of hope
Unending struggle
Of light and darkness

A vacuum
Of intense cold
Taunts and torments
All that crosscut the abyss
It's light is true black.
Reality doesn't always satisfy logic and emotions overcome reasoning at a pace of light negativity is a spark we are attracted to without even trying
Ray Dunn Apr 6
‘tis another sunrise— my dear,
shall we drink coffee and toast
to the unforgiving god of the cold, who is—
pleased to say—
thoroughly defeated?
Idk I’m so uncomfortable and my room is very very chilly, plus all my pajamas are ***** so I gotta sleep w none it’s v unpleasant!
Chicken Apr 5
Sweet Summer breezes
around my ears
It was your gentle kiss
that meant the most

Delight in our eyes
where everything collides
and unites together
like Butter on Toast
Osiria Melody Mar 31
"SRSLY?" you shot a text like tequila.

i'm in this bar and hope to die, the age
old promise of hidden lies.
i don't think that you really love me.

i wait for you to reply, but my eyes
quiver underneath my smile.

"Are you okay?" a lady asks beside me.
my eyes shimmer tears of joy that
mask how much pain i feel from you
ignoring me.

i smile and excuse myself from her.

"You're not the one," he replied.

i went outside to let my anger
subside, a volcano of pent-up
distrust. he sees me.

drink in my hand—
[glass crash to the ground, a
cringy sound]

she's wrapped around in his arms
like the music that resonates in
the bar. she sneers at me.

with a bloodied hand, i grip the
shards and stab them with my


he jolts up from his bed and cries
to me. "I had such a bad dream,"
screams he.

[quivering smile shines]

i caress his statuesque Instagrammy
face as if i'm preparing for a selfie.

This scenario popped up in my head.
John Mar 14
Don't forget toast.
The burnt bread forbidden in dorms.
It is not the thing we miss most.
but not having it goes against the norms.

a toast to all of you, a toast to us.
We've been through a whole lot this year.
I can't find a rhyme that words with "us"
We've made it this far without turning to beer.

Its been a hard year, that is true.
But I love each and every one of you.
my dorm banned toasters. I miss my friends. life is weird, and that's okay.
Amaris Jan 1
Count down the clock to the new year
Four, three, two, one, it's finally here
Kiss your loved ones to celebrate at midnight
A toast, raise your glass to new heights
Write down your resolutions to remember
Believe in yourself, this year will be better
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