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I guess you don't realize

Sometimes the truth is better not told
There's so much I want to say to you
Johnny walker Mar 29
All my life I've been a
great pretender always
say I'm doing fine when
ever I'm asked but all I'm doing Is lying to

But In truth, It's just my defence mechanism kicking In rather than admitting to the world I'm

But In truth, I'd rather
go on me pretending  
and lying to my self saying I'm doing fine rather than to tell the world I'm
I was the great pretender always doing fine but I was
all doing was lying to
memoona kazmi Mar 13
my mom told me,
beware of monsters,
she never told me ,
to beware of men masked monsters......
Desire Feb 25
You can forgive a liar,
but lies are poison to the vein.
Hard truths may hurt, but
the pain fades and trust will remain...
Lies are deadly, especially the ones
you try to take to the grave.
Just be honest and tell the whole truth;
don't add or take a thing away...
Truth be told...
Johnny walker Jan 27
A single red rose to my love I gave
A single red as I placed the engagement ring on her finger
A single red rose on our wedding day
A single red rose at the birth of our child
A single red rose I laid on her grave
A single red rose never to forget
A single red rose that told of our life
Rewrite of a poem I wrote a while ago a red rose that told of our life together
Desire Dec 2018
Anna Dec 2018
Write a book.
That’s what everyone tells me to do.
But what if it’s not my story to tell?
What if I don’t want to write a book?
What if the stories I have to tell are much deeper then any of them could ever dream?
Write a book they say.

My thoughts would flow off the page.
The story would never end.
The story I would write would not be the one that they want to hear.
Write a book they said.

What if I write a book?
Will it end the thoughts I have?
Will the finality finally sink in?
Will they be mad it’s not the story they want to hear?

Write a book, they said.
I will not be writing a book. But I have been told to write one.
A M Ryder Dec 2018
In all my life
I have never dealt with anything
More difficult than my own soul
So what if I told you
That I'm incapable of
Tolerating my own heart
Sunshine Dec 2018
maybe it's about time you knew
all those days i spent hiding from you
it was all because i was ashamed
i was terrified of the look i'd get from you
i was paralyzed knowing you'd hate me forever
for all those hurtful words i said
for all the lies people told you
i am sorry
but how could i accept forgiveness after all these years
you were utter perfection
my dearest love and i tore it apart
but i am no longer afraid for your soul
i see you've been swept off your feet by an angel
and she adores you with everything she is
i'm so happy
but i am also heartbroken and jealous
of a love, i could not give you and denied to you
i suppose jealously gets us all
deception playing around with our little minds
it was about time i told you what i feel
maybe one day when i run into you on the street
when you look at me the way you used to
and everything will back into place the way it was
even though you're so close
i know i'll never be enough for you
of course, i still think about you every day
because all those days i spent hiding from you
made me want you even more

now you know
such a foolish child i was
oh how we neglect young love
but it's so raw and real

-your sunshine
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