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annh Oct 12
Robert told Olive
And Olive told Dee
That Emma likes Peter
But Peter likes me.

And Stephen saw Jamie
Tell Anna and George
That Vicky kissed Edward
And Clarence kissed Maude.

But Peter told Edward
And Edward told me
That Vicky saw Stephen
Tell Clarence and Dee

That Robert kissed Emma
So Anna told George
That Olive likes Jamie
But Jamie likes Maude
Just nonsense!
‘I never gossip. I observe. And then relay my observations to practically everyone.’
- Gail Carriger, Timeless
Arcassin B Sep 11
By Arcassin Burnham

The promise you told was definitely in vein,
the promise you told stay strong on my brain,
the promise you told made the secrets unfold,
but you broke the **** so what more can you gain,
i type and i type, these feelings won't write,
i think and i think about your face at night,
but your hate grows stronger , the hours grow longer,
it has me feeling i need to do right,
The petty **** you do is super cute,
the lies are written all over you,
i thought that you'd always be my boo,
but the feelings i had you overthrew,
i thought your energy was kinda cool,
but you played with my heart like i was a fool,
after thinking i would see you soon,
but you blew , it.
Ken Pepiton Jun 30
your eyes are wandering
the ends of the earth,
all your mental prowess is steering
through the world in touch range,

a signal from now finds no
space to
place reality among my daydreams
in shorterm memory,
no room for a cookie, in my immediate mind,

etched there, to remember
as if touching now
were on our mind, as your eyes
wandered toward the ends of the earth,
filling all our temporal lobes with
memories of never beens.
So now's cookie is written as a been and done,
deeper in the mechanical amygdalic realm.

Now, in real time, eyes in head,

next step must
call on this info, cookied in the past
this math of relation
of vector to angle,
next is now, sudden
re cognized in the future,
it seems now,
as if all this happened before,
though truly, this now, is being done
while I was in another,
my mind wandering else where
at the time, evolving
involvement with
immediate impulses signaling
"stop, this is the edge of next."

So now, feels like deja vu as

autonomous lizard brain made room,
just in case the glimpse of reality
needs more looking into.

Deja vu. From an old man POV.
Been here. Done this.

Found joy under the ashes
While reading poems in HP, I noticed an assumptive imaginary process being ill fit to my reality, like this doesn't feel familiar. Is this revese deja vu?
A M Ryder Jun 23
Only mortals
Have told me

That it would ****
To live forever
Jeramy Souder Jun 21
We all see the world in different ways
Experiencing the same situation
But never really understanding it the same

I see this more as an art
Being spoken to individuality
Each having their own story
Waiting to be told
Ickabobroe Apr 17
I guess you don't realize

Sometimes the truth is better not told
There's so much I want to say to you
Johnny walker Mar 29
All my life I've been a
great pretender always
say I'm doing fine when
ever I'm asked but all I'm doing Is lying to

But In truth, It's just my defence mechanism kicking In rather than admitting to the world I'm

But In truth, I'd rather
go on me pretending  
and lying to my self saying I'm doing fine rather than to tell the world I'm
I was the great pretender always doing fine but I was
all doing was lying to
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