Penelope Apr 13

I absolutely hate
when somebody says;
oh but...
you're so young
and beautiful,
why in the world
would you ever want
to hurt yourself?
because, little do they know
that the pain
behind my eyes,
stems from a story
nobody seems to be able
to tell.
and that the
quote unquote
lacerations on patient's arms
are from me
trying to get the demon's
imprint out.
little do they know
that my wisdom,
is from the centuries
of the pure evil
I had to endure.
that my age
of young
isn't rather fitting.
or that beauty
is just a fucking
feel my insides
as they rot
and spoil further.
so, fuck you
for thinking
that you know me
on the way that I bleed.
because you may think
I have everything in the
world to live for,
when in reality
all of that everything
was obsolete.

Elder cocoons
Crysalis Hospice
Heaves pounding war drums
Fables of eternal bridge
Bingo and television
zombie horde lunch hour
Tennis balls play race car
down halls tarred with lost children
Abandoned wither liver spot wrists
Silk wrinkles
Pull like neck folds lifted
newborn simba kittens
casted into this kingdom
scientists culture control

climate but not the yellow wall
It's too high for a fit cyborg
intravenous barbed wire
Cathader Penetrating
illusions of escapism
except the prison wealthy
classically conditioned

trading ice cream like cigarettes
trading blood diseases like ramen packets
There is no planned parenthood
in old folks homes
There is no distribution of free condoms
In a facility where they without medication
When you're about to win the lottery

His last day requested to bed Nurse Christine
Wheelchair ridden fumbling to open
A shaker of Mrs. DASH
I reach to help him open the spice.
Growling and Sadistic he festered:
"Let the little boy do what he can do."

I sat down in my chair.
he had his nurse ala mode.
no one will fund a condom dispensary for old folks home.
they wouldn't use them.

"He can't walk, he's on decline."
I was briefed as I clocked in.
an anxious robotic voice says
You have clocked in at 9:40pm
"When I get back from vacation He'll be dead"

I stand awkwardly at the landline phone and stare at him.
between us is the Clients bedroom doorway
The Client is asleep.

"When did he go to bed?," I say after a silence.
"Oh about a minute ago"
Breathing becomes fast and heavy from inside the room.

"I think it's a good time for you to go now"
I say, "It was nice to meet you."
"I'll be relieving you tomorrow morning at 8:30"

He leaves,
There is nothing relieving about this man
eager to back into each parking space
Lusting for his vacation in California
Caring for this helpless old man when I leave.

Architecture rivets as he walks down the hallway.
footsteps echo off the empty fireplaces and yellow wallpaper  
no tumbleweed in the darkness outside
only snow wet and black tar.
as he looks in the mirror his wax smile fades into his hairline

I shiver in the recliner at my journal.
I look at the man sleeping past the doorway.
This is my job now.
That man is my future
Destined for a Hospice Heart

Ron Gavalik Mar 20

My thoughts
never dwell on you
not even when I see tree branches
reach for the sun
like your arms
when the doctor said
the cancer
was gone

Hit it HARD:
Clem Turner Mar 16

she sits impatiently,
waiting in a room she knows
is the only one safe for her to
do so.
she taps out morse code
cries for help with her feet,
rolling her fingers around
the long, browning leaves
of house plants,
breaking their necks.

waiting rooms are hell.

Self deception
is the worst deception
he said
it betrays
deep within
and when
the collapse comes
as it will
the two sides
are spilt like
two sides of a truth.

The quack sat
and listened
and lit up a cigar
and wrote down notes
looking up
now and then
and peered
at his patient
or so appeared.

I thought
I thought it through
but I hadn't
I thought of only
those aspects
I wanted to look at
and think about.

The quack raised
thick eyebrows
and put on his
I know what you mean gaze
but inside thought
the patient was out
on a limb and had
no idea what to do for him.

I knew I didn't like it
but I pretended I did
I deceived myself
I fooled myself
and then I opened up
to myself and there
were two of us
me and him
the fucking cuss.

The quack frowned
puffed out smoke
stared at the patient
through a cloud of grey
just another patient
just another day.

Joe Black Jan 11

I want to be with you

What's the matter then?

Doctor said you do not exist...

Relax, neither he does.

Terry Collett Jan 11

Anne entered the room
where the doctor was
with Sister Paul;
I followed behind.

Ah there you are,
said the nun,
the doctor wishes
to see if your leg stump
has healed sufficiently
to try on
your artificial leg.

The doctor looked
at me:
why is the boy here?
He said.

Because if he isn't here
I ain't,
Anne said.

It invades
patient privacy,
the doctor said.

If he goes I go,
Anne said.

The nun pulled a face:
it's how she is doctor,
Benny won't
get in the way.

All right,
the doctor said
lie on the bed please,
he added.

Anne handed me
her crutches
and lay on the bed.

The doctor pulled up
her dress and looked
at her leg stump
and felt it.

The nun looked
on frowning.

I stood by looking
at the doctor.

Does it hurt?
He said.

Most of the time,
Anne said.

Does it hurt
when I touch it?

Course it does
what do you
fecking think,
Anne said moodily.

Language Anne,
the nun said,
sorry about that doctor.

No need
to apologise
I know
what children
are like,
he said.

He fiddled
around more.

How long
are you going
to be touching my stump?
I told you it hurts,
Anne said.

The doctor sighed
and pulled down
her dress:
best give it
another few weeks,
he said.

He went over
and washed his hands
in the sink.

Right Anne you
can get up now,
the nun said.

Anne sat up
and gestured
for me to give her
her crutches
which I did.

Anne said:
can I go now
or do you want
to touch me again?

You can go Anne,
the nun said
eyeing her angrily.

Anne got off the bed
and crutched herself
out of the room.

I followed behind her
down the passageway
a bad start
to another day.


The malady of age
and the dangers still ahead
aches and newer pains
some, just inside my head

The doctor prescribes
pills and other things
to him I'm just a number
waiting in the wings

The TV tells me of drugs
I should use and try
I tell this to my doctor
he readily complies

I know that big pharma
is ever in control
pushing every remedy
they ply, sell, and extol

I wish for blissful dreams
of painless nights and days
a human type of guinea pig
chemically played

Wondering, only in periphery
of smaller type not read
dying of the cure
Pharmaceutically fed

I think every drug has the following warnings, "may cause diarrhea, or death, or death by diarrhea". :D
V Dec 2016

Once a young girl ate a seed
That fell off a giant blue tree
Feeling like an old sock
She talked with a doc
And he told her "A baby's in ye!"

My little sister loves this story :) even though she already knows how babies are made, she still thinks all of the folktales are interesting.
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