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KCibot 1d
Humpty dumpty
Cracked and
All you
Sit there
In your boots
Looking so **** cute!
Alexiss Dec 2018
I want to love you.
I want to give you the world,
But when I took my shot
You said "airball."
Mykenzie Sep 2018
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My messge can be decoded using the link
Masmer Nov 2017
Shrek is love, I told them, Shrek is dreck, they answer.
So I make this poem, to give them the cancer.
Shrek is life, I’m groaning, while they’re battering me.
I don’t care, I’m flying, over the devilry.

I don’t care that I bleed, because my Shrek is here.
I know he’s behind me, with strong ogre muscles.
He will venge what they did, and feel them with sweet fear.
Stronger than an army, he’s only leaving skulls.

But what if he succumbs, what if he expires ?
No, you cannot get him, he is stronger than God.
Wonder from where he comes, maybe he pulls the wires.

The bullies were all gone, thanks to my green best friend.
And just for all he’s done, friendship does never end.
Shrek is love, Shrek is life, and Shrek is everywhere.
There is not enough poems on Shrek on the internet, so I made this one.
kakashi's wife Apr 2017
Foo Faa Mar 2016
After a nice laugh a tear rolled down my cheek
Shrek wiped it  with his big green ear
Want to take a mud bath? he said grinning
We went outside to the swamp and I took my clothes off
Shrek did not like this
I ran away and cried...
I came back refreshed to the cottage
I lied down
Shrek came in and took a bite of my onion
After that I was angry I yelled at Shrek
Shrek was angered by this
I went down on my knees to pray
he went to the bathroom
Donkey came in
I had mixed emotions when Donkey came in
for the first time I was in love
his big ears
his hooves
his hair
his nose
I loved every bit
last night
read my first Shrek poem
Foo Faa Mar 2016
Who is there I ask?
(Shrek walks out from the shadows)
It's me Shrek says in a **** tone
I look down
Shrek lifts my chin and we meet eyes
I sigh, but I'm no ogre
He smiles, But you have layers
I laugh. He laughs. We laugh
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Kolby cortis Nov 2015
A burrito is like a Dorito A burrito is like a Dorito but it doesn't even Fritos but is a Frito even free tho like man I wanna be tho the one who can eat toe like that ain't me tho no ******* is in me yo like you know how I be bro like u know the beat tho therefore a burrito isn't like a Dorito unless it does the free tho frito txt me m8 248 880 2231
I love you
Vladmir Putin May 2015
Frank Sinatra
En mi casa
Copy pastarino

Wearin Prada
Russian opera
Quentin Tarantino
Vladmir Putin May 2015
Walking down the street
Wanting something to eat
See a homeless man
Sitting in the heat

I get sad for a second
Then the old man beckoned
Do you have any money
I smiled, not feeling threatened

I reach out my hand
Hit him with a bottle
Took his 3.50
And hit up McDonalds
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