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Blossom Nov 2019
Sweat trickles down my nose
And onto my gasping lips
Begging for a gulp of air,
Begging for sweet relief
As my legs start to go numb
And my ears ring, head pounds
But I keep going and going...
Until I hear it cry out
“2 miles, Workout Complete”
Blossom Jan 2019
I have lost my thoughts
lady muse has disappeared
and now I am lost
How do I get back my inspiration?
Blossom Jan 2019
The Fire Man wandered through town
Looking for a gal
To find some peace of mind one night
Clothes nowhere to be found

A Woman of Ice caught the mans eye
His flame catching hers as well
A storm of passion blew between
Unknowingly brewing a spell

A Water Child was brought about
Come from their flames and ice
A child so sweet, he lifted their curse
As in him they found a new life
Blossom Jan 2019
I placed my toe on
The ice, falling in too fast
Please try to catch me
Blossom Jan 2019
Many a people hand out
Flowers as Bandaids
Mistakes made, Lying sick
A bouquet is thrown in the mix

I wish I could hand out flowers
But I know that would be strange
Sunflowers to the girl I once loved
To show her life has meaning
Lillies to my stressed out mom
Who deals with the mess that is me
Daffodils to the boy I'm with
An apology for the stress I give

Flawless white roses for my son
An early apology
For the endless mistakes I am sure to make
Blossom Jan 2019
I know the process
Doesn’t make it easier
It starts off with shock
Then leads to red anger
I’ll bargain for peace
Till I sink to depression
And hopefully by the end
I’ll have found some acceptance
I know the process
Doesn’t make it easier
I still feel the sharp pain
Since life's been taken from her
Maya Minion died 1/17/2019 at 3 years old. It hurts, she was still a baby.
Blossom Jan 2019
As a grape I was in shock

As a pear I was enraged

As an apple I was embarrassed

As a grapefruit I was ashamed

As a pineapple I was depressed

As a watermelon I was a mess

But when he came out a babe, things fell into place

Away fled the shame as love took its place
Ezra, born 9/10/2018
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