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Cat Fiske Dec 2019
You interest me.
If only I could have come to my senses sooner.
If only I choose quality over distance.
If only I would have looked In front of me.
If only i had gotten sober sooner,
or never became an addict at all.

You simply fascinate me with every part of your soul.
It makes me sad to know that you and I will never work out now.
It makes me sad to know that ******* you,
is the only way I can get close to you again.
It makes me sad that I think sometimes and almost believe,
that you just are using me.

You make me want to learn about your life.
I want to hear about your job.
I want to hear about your day.

I want to hear about the struggles and the ups and downs.
What happened with your car.
Why did you stop wearing your cross?
I want to hear it all.

You always made me happy,
and always took care of me.
Even though I was just a friend.
Even though I lead you on.
Even though I never told you how I feel.
Even though I didn't deserve your support, or help.

You make me want to love you,
but you will never love me.
For my mistakes.
For my imperfections.
For myself.

I am unsure how to feel.
I feel like I need to explain myself,
but don't know where to start or what to say.

I am to scared to push you away again.
I'm scared of ******* up.
I'm scared of it all.

But you also make me feel at peace,
while I'm also now anxious,
wanting to know what you think.
But you also never tell me how you feel or anyone really.

I want to know you.
All of you.
I want you to know who I really am.
Not the idea you have of me currently.
I had to get these feeling out
Cat Fiske Jun 2018
I used to buy over priced Cigarettes,
To mask my pain and regrets.
I'd pack them on the dashboard of my car,
Like a man who beats a women until his hands scar.
I'd open my pack,
before my withdrawals would attack.
Rip off the plastic and remove the foil,
Carefully like you'd place a crown on someone royal,
Pull out the first cigarette by the filtered tip,
I made sure not to forget to flip,
As I put the cigarette back,
I pull out another by the filter from my pack.
Cat Fiske Dec 2017
you burned,
like alcohol,
on freshly bitten nails.

more painful,
then the cold,
nipping at my ankles,

I loved,
like today,
wouldn't turn into tomorrow,

So you hurt,
like the sun,
and you left a mark.
Life is a lifelong
Balancing act
Time that's wasted
Never comes back
But hear my quandary
It's really quite queer
What happens when my job
Conflicts with my career?
What happens when my schooling
Disrupts my education?
When federal government policies
Keep me from graduation?
What happens when my GPA
Keeps me out of universities?
What happens when what I need to do
Conflicts with my responsibilities?
Cat Fiske Dec 2017
I cried when you left,
Not because I liked you,
because I loved you,

I could of been with you,
but I had other plans,

My life became my own,
no one else was going to change that,
so I lost the ones I loved,

Because I had to take a different path,
a path no one I loved wanted to travel.
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