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I was talking with my  
darling on a beautiful
sunny day Helen who
I was so proud of and
so beautiful she was to
She was my darling such
a sweetheart so caring so kind and just for that brief moment that we shared
together In
And miss her oh my darling yes I miss her so much It's still hard for me to believe that Helen no longer here with
No more to look In Helens beautiful eyes to see her smile or to hear her laughter just to reach for hand and to It would be
For life can be cruel for It can bring you happiness In  one hand and take all away with the other with very little warning you are left on your
Life can be cruel It can give you happiness In one hand
and then take all away with the other with very little warning if any at all
Cupcake cupcake
Cupcake supreme
Creamy creamy creme
Creamy filling, so good to dream

Icy icy icing
Sweet and comfortably
Sitting on top of my cupcake
Saying sweet sweet sweet for me

Sugary lovely little ity bity ****
I got you from the mart
On sale, oh yay
Thats smart

Candy and creme, sweet little things
Do we love to dream, and sing
Of the wonderful things, we get
With our own two hands, of yet

So much to choose, in the huge ol bounty
Taking it for granted, now thats not sunny
All this abound us, but not for others
So i say, share your CUPCAKE!!! with some brothers

April 21 2019
all this around us here in good ol' MURICUH
and i wonder, if people wonder, to stop and think
Look at it all, all this we get, we dont even know
How the other people are getting by
All across the world, our bounty, is their toil
its curious, indeed, it is.
Billions of lives on one world
Some suffer just to get by
Others suffer in the bounty they get, whining for more
appreciate it, before its all gone
and we are all back on the same page
Ghastly thoughts that intrude
Seizes my fleeting happiness
that I preclude

This precious life of mine will
stretch as far as the hands of
Time allows me to

Celebrate God's gift of life with

Each day is a new chance to be alive. What I mean is that you'll have a new chance to begin anew each day. Our lives may be taken away at any time,
but have no fear. Have faith in anything that makes you feel alive and happy.
Are you really ok?
I can't tell very well when your
are fake and your
are lies.
But whatever you feel like,
I hope you're
Helen's has left me with an Incredible kindness and love that I never really knew I
but must have laid deep within me but just needed to be awoken It has come at a price the loss of
she has given me a purpose to life, now that she gone, which Is
amazing the love that Helen had, lives on through me
and I will continue to spread her love around In what ever I do, an  Incredible
Helen was who gave so much In life and Is still doing so even now and I love her so
Even gone Helen, Incredible Inspiration lives on through
me I will carry her torch and and never let burn out
"call me what I am"
I say,
                    a people person
                                               an extrovert,
                                                                     soft as moldable clay.

        "but is that really what I am?"
I wonder,
                 "what am I really?"

          Am I a doll with fine china skin,
       breakable and beautiful,
                    held in a glass cage of sin?
                                           Or am I a person of sticks and stones
                                     stripped of her humanity,
                                                      for much thicker skin?
                    Ah, perhaps I am a mannequin,
                                forced in awkward poses,
                                          to appease some form of majesty,
                                  a fool in pretty clothes.
I must be a human.
         because my heart continues to beat,
                                                  but I could be a machine,
                                                            or a dancer powered by steam,
   I'll move my limbs,
                until you lose my key.
                                       I think I have decided,
                                                     to be a blank canvas instead,
                            I'll paint myself too look like me,
         my own magnificent image in my head.
Erian Apr 4
You say you care..
but do you really?
Midge Apr 1
What ifs and some buts
Anxiety in my mind
Are you fooling me?
Osiria Melody Mar 31
i peel the            of string cheese,
                  h   p
                    o   e

take the strands of good spirits
a p a r t until there is none left.

                               i can't change the world for
                               how it is, but pessimism
                               befriends me once again.
                 ... then more stringed cheese
                 of hope comes soaring across
                 my sky of uncertainty.

There will always be thorns of uncertainty in this rose bouquet of life. Hope is like stringed cheese that's taken apart until you have to start over again.
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