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lazos quemados,
promesas rotas,
espaldas apuñaladas,
corazones partíos;

almas ahogadas en añoranza,
rechazando el sacrificio de hacer feliz
mientras lloran los fantasmas de lo que fuimos
aprenderé cegada por el dolor de mi cicatriz
a olvidarme de ti.
Julika-Skai Jul 6
This is so strange
And yet so amazing
How you lift me up
Without even holding me
Look into your eyes
And I see mine
Look into your soul
And I feel your halo
Nothing even seems
The right thing for me
Other then you
What am I suppose to do
To make you understand
To make you realise
I ain’t going nowhere
I am with you
So let's stay among us
Let us be who we want to be
Let's keep it between us
And then you’ll see
That the best things
Life has to offer
Are for free
I just want you close
Even more closer to my existence
We have so much in common
Incredible connection but so true
Love is all I want to give
And receive from you
Perfect doesn’t come even close
To what you are
But the more I give
The more I want
You make my heart smile
Into a white bright light
Nothing compares to you
You’re my knight
In shining armour
You saved my life
You saved my life
From the things I thought
I couldn’t do right
From the way I feel
Couldn’t be in my life
But you do exist
A dream coming true?
Let’s find out
Because all I want
Is to give my all to you.
Just an old poem that I have written a long time ago, hope you enjoy reading!
~Pat- Richard~
Para que Las estrellas te recuerden colocare tu imagen esta noche mirando a mi ventana.
For the stars above to remind you, all I found in your sbsence  is misery and pain.

I place your picture under the starry sky looking up through my window pane tonight..
Para que llegue el tiempo de tus Pasos llamare con tus nombres a mis dias,
para que cada uno despida
los distintos matizes que despiden tus palabras.

So the flinching time your foot prints redeem
I shall call all my days with your names so that each one depicts the different shades that each word in it, defines.

Navegare letas horas mar adentro, hasta que por las playas del retorno aparesca el velero de tu canto,
y al Padre olvido escribiré una carta diciendo que ya es tiempo, que descance,
y que esta ves deje libres nuestras Almas.
I shall sail far into the deep blue sea until by the sea shores of well return
re-apears the sailboat
of you my beloved
and our lovely songs
Spread rumors to the 7 seas
Continents and countries

"Spill your heart to me
What a wonderful world."

And sorry about my sad songs
I will Survive and
My Way
On first thought I had chosen your same songs as my own too, as our theme songs.u

And I shall write a letter to Lord father healer of regret regarding abandonment syndrome, amnesic shock and my
lover in regards to rdd-bba
Once upon a time love story
My lovers divine love,
that to hatred turned:

I am imploring to the father of all good and to cruel Mr time, that it's time to rest,
and this time please free
our twin flames
distanced souls
and grant us please
the lost, to be found.
para el amor de mi vida
Rdd-Jpc Siempre tuya
much love Asg-Bba.
( Karijinbba)
In memory of a great gift
a famed English painting
"Mr and Mrs Andrews"
given to Karijinbba
01-30-1975 by RddJpc.
Written with and by Karijinbba
poetess an oath to this profile painting
dedicated to Karijinbba by Rdd Jpc
in remembrance of her twin soul
two purple hearts distanced unrequited beloved.
Ritz Writes Jun 28
Take my hand, for as long as you want to hold.

Lean on me as you unburden yourself from the baggage you'd been carrying around. And if you wish to do neither, I'll sit right beside you and share your silence.

It is an absolute human certainty that no one can know his own beauty or perceive a sense of his own worth until it has been reflected back to him in the mirror of another loving, caring human being.
Carolina Jun 6
Que pena y que dicha
ser la que siente más,
la que ama más,
la que lo da todo.
Porque eso significa
sufrimiento garantizado.
Mientras él duerme tranquilo
en su indiferencia,
en su falta de vida.
¡Pero que alegría me da!
Alegría entre el dolor.
Saber que amo sin límites,
que soy pura pasión,
que ardo.
Prefiero sentir a flor de piel
porque, sé que, cuando sane
voy a seguir en llamas
y vos siempre vas a morir de frío.
Nunca vas a llenar tu vacío
porque para eso estaba yo.
Carolina May 27
Pienso en vos cuando muero de frío,
pienso en vos cuando me puede el hastío
de un amor sin sentido,
de un amor sin latidos.
Y es que preferiría estar en tus brazos
que en la miseria de este eterno ocaso.
Y es que me conmueven tus caricias y tu calor,
cuando acá sólo parece haber dolor.
Lágrimas sin secar
y noches en vela,
cómo si mí amor por él
fuese una maldita condena.
Por eso me escapo a tu recuerdo,
con tu voz en mí mente, finalmente, me duermo.
Y es que el cuerpo a mí lado ya duerme hace rato,
y es que en su curiosidad perdió la última vida el gato.
Y todavía sigo acá con una compañía ausente.
Y todavía sigo acá, siempre al pendiente.
Otra noche más pensándote.
Otra noche más diciéndo que me iré.
como un poema a medio recitar,
como una película con final abierto,
con el corazón lleno de pesar
observo un árido desierto
donde antes había mar
Karijinbba May 10
Hilton- Travel lodge-95.
Jealousy is a very damaging
emotion. My family all dead
by jealous men and women
I avoid jealous people.

I was furious with your
call girl jealousy stunt card.
just not to tears with
a woman crawling to you!.
You deserve much better.
You deserved me.
Loving you eternally.

As for your heart diamond ring
promised for my tears
hiding in your coat pocket!  
I can't cry in jealousies for it.
Couldn't you bend your knee
To put it on my finger?
O it wasn't in the script!

I meant asking you to though,
In the pre nuptial agreement.
Sorry I didn't bleed for that too.
Now look here eons later.
See my lifeline roped in sadness.

The trails of graves lined up
My many loved ones buried.
Our children never born then.
You left without asking!
But only misery and pain
I found.
 Jealousy greed malice
butcher human predators
were deadly treasure thieves too.
Butchers, twisted in laws
Childless Jealous baby snatchers.

As for Angelina ASG-BBA
and JPC- RDD
Lost and found,
groom sat bride me free.
"If you love someone,
very much, set beloved free
If dear one returnd
Is all yours, if not,
loved one never was."

We both missed our mark.
but darling beloved
Don't leave empty handed
Take me with you.
Take everything it's yours.
It belongs in your real world.
Take that old grassy hill dear one.
Those many treasures you buried,
left for me to harvest;
Script and all.
Take my children too.
I won't miss them
Not if you have them.
You are the best father
Best friend best teacher.
Best ghost companion to me.
Take my heart my brain too
my courage along
I need them not here in hell,
this unreal cursed world.
Physically alone.

Nothing makes sense here
You kept me company
all through this years
I understand you now
my misfortune is loving you.
Your promise my company.

"We'll always be together."
Twin flame souls.
By Karijinbba
All rights reserved
Are you lonesome tonight??
Elvis reminds me of you..
lia Mar 15
corazón de cristal
hecho trizas estás
por un mal de amores
esparcido tus trozos están

oh corazón querido
te he lastimado tanto
por pretender amar
ha quienes no se permiten amar
Nessa dieR Feb 20
Volvi solo para decirte que
Inventé aquellas cosas que alguna vez nos prometimos.
Creo que tienes razon,
Tengo la culpa de enamorarme,
O a caso solo de querer, sin
Razon alguna de las personas equivocadas. Las
Imagenes permanecerán hasta que me canse de escribir, pero
A solas, por la noche, las palabras son mi unico consuelo.
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