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Reagan Kulka Aug 2015
Living with anxiety and depression isn't easy. Anxiety isn't being nervous about giving a speech or talking to a cute boy. Anxiety is being afraid of living. Anxiety is staying in bed for three days straight because you're terrified of what will happen when you  step out of your dark room. Anxiety is making up a thousand unpleasant situations and being petrified that at any moment one of the situations might happen. Anxiety is a mental disorder. Depression isn't just being sad. Depression is slitting your wrist just to try and feel something. Depression is being numb to all emotion including sadness. Depression is lying to your shrink so that she won't put you in a psych ward. Depression is feeling nothing but emptiness. Depression is a mental disorder.
Reagan Kulka Jul 2015
It's been 18 months since I wrote about you.
But just because my words stopped flowing,
And my eyes stopped crying,
Doesn't mean I stopped loving you.

It's been 18 months since I saw you last.
But just because we stopped talking,
And we stopped existing,
Doesn't mean I stopped loving you.

It's been 18 months since you passed away.
It's been 18 months of missing you.
Reagan Kulka May 2015
and as quickly as God gave you life, he took it away
I'll miss you forever
Reagan Kulka Jan 2015
You almost killed yourself tonight.

I'm so glad you didn't
Reagan Kulka Dec 2014
You said your last goodbye
the night you walked out on me.
I said mine about three months later
When I saw him looking at me.
At last I'm free from your crippling memory
Reagan Kulka Oct 2014
It's not about self respect.
I could be walking around naked
And still respect myself as much as when I'm fully dressed.
So what is it about? It is about distractions?
If so why do we have to cover our bodies while boys walk around with their pants around their knees?
Leggings being banned for being a distraction?
I'm not gonna apologize for wearing pants if boys don't apologize for objectifying me.
I'm not a dog, don't whistle at me.
And don't slap my *** as I walk down the halls.
I'm not your *** toy.
So don't make me apologize for being a girl when these boys won't apologize for sexualizing me.
  Oct 2014 Reagan Kulka
Ena Alysopriono
I am
                             A dancer
                             A writer
                             An artist
                             A musician
A creator
                             But if you
                             To see
What I create
                             A dance
                             A story
                             A painting
                             A song
I would
                             Turn Red
                             and Deflect
Your attention
                             I am
                            My creations
Will let you
                            Judge me
                            Criticize me
                            Hate me
                            Mock me
They are
                            A piece of me
                            A thought
                            An emotion
                            A fleeting moment
And they are
So if I show you
                            I trust you
Please don’t betray my trust
Repost if this is you.
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