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LolaPark Oct 2017
Wish a little wish
Turn it into a castle
Tread a little lightly
Blowing out the candle

I blew out the candles
The curtains caught fire
What I hoped was one day,
I will live to inspire

But I haven’t seen the sun
Since I closed my self inside
I thought it would be for a day
But it slipped into a drought
   doubts crept into my mind
I thought I heard my name but
The walls were proofed of sound

Will it be different
When tomorrow comes around?

~If you have a little flame, you can light up the world. Just make sure to close your eyes when you make a wish~ - someone I don’t remember.
Anastasia Jun 3
We sat on the railing, high above the building, like we were on the edge of the world.
The moon breathed our names, and they soaked into the purple sea.
Raindrops land on my hands, softly pattering against my palms.
The candles, fizzle out, bathing the world in darkness.
But the raindrops on my hands turn into stars, and suddenly, I realized that you were the brightest thing I could ever see.
I wanted to show you, but you were gone. I looked down, to see you fall.
I close my eyes when you hit the ground, but that doesn’t stop me from crying.
I get to the ground as soon as I can.
The neon violet light shines against your skin, making you shine more than I had ever seen you.
You’re right there, blinding me, yet no one sees you.
They’re so sharp, the shards of your broken heart.
They surround you, glinting and sparkling as the starlight rain falls on your face.
I pick up a piece and draw one last picture for you.
a short story i wrote a long time ago. i thought it was soft of poetic, so i decided to post it. hope you like it <3
DG May 12
Nothing I have to be proud,
Sixteen candles, and one falls down
Sixteen dresses in that closet
I'm turning into one now.
Worn out,
Because I grew out,
I WILL shout
till I'm thrown
Makumi Apr 25
Kismet had us bump into each other
The smiles and stories stuck us together like epoxy
You were a fairy from my dreams
I wonder if I was an angel descended upon you
Fate had the candle we lit blown out
But out of the embers of a fire that once was
Our candle rekindled.
Lilli Sutton Apr 4
Friday afternoon at the candle store
a woman tells me how much she loves
the scent of French buttercream, and coffee
we only have one of those, and I tell her

later, I ring her up
for five candles -
she tells me
she’ll light one of them tonight

before she leaves, she comes back
to buy pens and pencils
for her grandchildren
a Christmas gift to put away

then she is crying –
without warning, she says
her mother died, at 89
and she cannot stop missing her

I tell her that the grandkids will like the gifts
what else is there to say
I’m certain I don’t have the words
to ease that kind of pain

and she smiles – and I want
so badly to tell her that I am here to listen
but that is not my job, and then
the wind blows the door shut, and she is gone.
Leia Spencer Feb 6
How are there people
Who only light one candle
To find warmth?
-Honey, in this house I need a bonfire
I have 18 candles in my room
Johnny walker Dec 2018
This Christmas the only thing I've done In my home, once our home to light Candles for
Probably would seem silly to some, but they're to light her path should her spirit come calling my way this Christmas
Candles at Christmas for Helen to light a path In case her spirit should come calling this Christmas
Irina BBota Dec 2018
An angel fell with his wings broken, amidst the heroes,
from his mouth, words sounded like true diamonds.
Wherever I look, through open doors or windows,
I'm looking for you, but you... are no longer among us.

You flew with us for a while, but you've reached another world,
the angels can now ease our pain and keep you safe.
They told you to leave this earth, with your destiny curled,
people full of tears now are digging your grave.

Now we have bitter rain in our hearts, and so much grief,
candles will light up our evenings in our sight.
With eyes in tears, we ask for the divine relief,
it's the day when the stars fall, there is no longer light.

We will wake up from the shadows of the night
to see your innocent image printed in the sky and calm.
It's not fair. But maybe angels think that this is right,
your face, your smile will always be our balm.

Your very own being was a wonderful music and poetry,
the angels say that your soul by them has been kissed.
I can't read words about you and not being hurt, I agree,
may God rest you in peace! You will be sorely missed!
Daniel Long Dec 2018
Those floating candles.
Passing by
along those steady streams.

A burning incense.
Dripping wax  
upon those vanilla sticks.

Puddles now at their lids.
Dried to a still,
past burns are seen.
Love poem.
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