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Lily Peacock Apr 26
The leaves on the tree outside my window get bigger by millimeters,
And the umami delight of marmite on crumpets is comforting and luscious,
One eye shut because the sun if filling it with heat and light,
This way I can still read my book in the sun,
These joys,
These small joys,
Which you have to take note of, you must,
Are endless;
Cold beer zapping my tongue like electricity, zing zing,
Dippy eggs with toast crunchy and eggs runny , salt flecked across the top,
Coconut hand-cream rubbed between each finger and thumb meticulously,
Music pouring through rooms into the flat and lilting in and out of earshot from outside, inside, next door and my radio,
Sparrows with their endless cheep cheeping,
Steam from strong black tea, gilded with rose, warming my hands nose and stomach,
The tiny hairs on raspberries, so soft and the juice so ****,
Plans to go no where, somewhere, the pub! A river! A farm! On a train! On a boat! On a bus!
Freckles springing up like stars on my girls nose,
Candles which pack the room full of floral, honeyed scents,
Crunchy apples,
Flaky pastry,
Warm bread,
The tsssssssttt when you open a can of Coke,
Lemons, just lemons,
The bbzzzz bbzzzz of my phone carrying I love yous, and for ***** sakes,
You have to take note of these joys, you must,
Because when I think about 16 women dead by lovers hands,
I feel I've hollow bones,
I need the beer, eggs, hand-cream, music, sparrows, lemons and bbzzzz, tea, bread, pastry and plans to keep me upright,
And I send thoughts of dippy eggs and lemons to those without.
Let Me Give Her Diamonds
by Michael R. Burch

Let me give her diamonds
for my heart's
sharp edges.

Let me give her roses
for my soul's

Let me give her solace
for my words
of treason.

Let the flowering of love
outlast a winter

Let me give her books
for all my lack
of reason.

Let me give her candles
for my lack
of fire.

Let me kindle incense,
for our hearts

the breath-fanned
flaming perfume
of desire.

Keywords/Tags: Valentine, gifts, diamonds, roses, books, candles, incense, perfume, desire, love
FloydBrandon Mar 5
Happy little birthday
Today’s your special day
Eat your freakin candles
Smash your stupid cake!

I know you’re oh-so happy
for another one of these
It’s your super duper twister party
disco jamboree!

So I hope you love the gifts you get
and slap them idiots who didn’t get you anything
Fly your kites into the wind
and be a little dance machine.

Happy little birthday
Today’s your special day
Eat your freakin candles
Smash your stupid cake.

Happy little Birthday!
He knelt before the idol - willingly
Head down, eyes closed - he mutters
Call it the calm before the storm
He begs for his life then strolls off to claim another's.
Flickering candle- one of many, stands homage to his faith.

The smaller candle to the left
Testifies the faith of a quite young one
With a grin on her face - she lists her wish-of-the-day
She hopes for the test, her bestie and her come first
But if push comes to shoves, she adds: "It's always me first."

The smallest of all yet the dirtiest of them all-
Burns ever so slowly-hides the prayer of a mother
Fighting battles all on her own. She fights and she loses.
Her baby cries for milk; her body craves for the kick
She hopes for a miracle - some quick money for a fix.

There was one -  the longest candle of all
I could only wonder the reason for this install.
Is it a gratitude token or a way for prayers to reach faster?
Or does the longest burning candle have its prayers fulfilled first?
Just then the wind blew;

The tallest one flickered and the rest followed through,
But all the candle lighters were on their way
Waiting for their own miracles - they went their way
Holding tightly to their faith,
Faith as small as a mustard seed.
Carlo C Gomez Jan 15
Gwyneth Paltrow’s ****** Candle
may be completely sold out,
but it's not the only bizarre product she sells – how about jade eggs that can be inserted into the ****** and “recharged” with the light of a full moon?

All things considered, the candle is pretty much on-brand...
Jay M Sep 2019
A wonderful person
Walking along the boulevard
Their hair flowing in the breeze
Gentle and silken
Burning brightly
A wonderful light


Along the way
They see a figure
A child
In the street corner
In the dark
They burn themselves
To give their light
To the one in the dark
So that they may have a light
And carry on

- Jay M
September 13, 2019
Inspired by the following quote:
"Good people are like candles; They burn themselves up to give others light."
I'm not sure who the quote is from, but I love the quote. It is so true, on so many levels.
Peter Balkus Aug 2019
Some candles
don't get blown out by the wind
and even a hurricane
can't make them scared.

Some candles
are much lighter than the sun.

Some candles
produce an inner light.
Silver Aug 2019
day is coming and i am night, apocalypse, contained collapsing chaos candlelight. i am the shadows in the corners of your sleep paralysis plights and i am your hallucinations. i can't seem to find the root of it all. take me to the stars and leave me there so i can find some truth in the nothing. i am night, i am no one. i don't want to be afraid anymore and can you do that for me? i'll close my doors and crack open the windows and find the dust of my bones on the shards. take my hands and melt them into copper, bronze flower stems. cut my throat and pour the red clay into your palms and shape me a ***. place the flowers within and throw the whole mess out the window for me. maybe they'll be discovered by the darkness and the stars will come out in despair, delusion, delight. maybe one day we'll all disappear and no longer Be. maybe one day we'll figure out what it all means.
a ramble
CR Franklin Aug 2019
Sometimes I feel like I'm in a dark room
Holding a candle that'll burn out soon
Walking around carefully I meet others
Stuck in this room after burying brothers
I share my candles light and off they go
With a light so bright they find their door
Leaving me behind in this dark room
Holding my candle that'll burn out soon
East Wind Oct 2017
Wish a little wish
Turn it into a castle
Tread a little lightly
Blowing out the candle

I blew out the candles
The curtains caught fire
What I hoped was one day,
I will live to inspire

But I haven’t seen the sun
Since I closed my self inside
I thought it would be for a day
But it slipped into a drought
   doubts crept into my mind
I thought I heard my name but
The walls were proofed of sound

Will it be different
When tomorrow comes around?

~If you have a little flame, you can light up the world. Just make sure to close your eyes when you make a wish~ - someone I don’t remember.
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