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Mrs Robota Jun 17
I just wanted to say hi
and ask you, if you
would, maybe, consider...Uhm
would you have coffee with me?
hannah Aug 2019
I am a panoply
Of all things inane
My mind is half gone
And my dreams
Are a mess of the dead
I'm probably concussed
And I can't feel my legs
So let's go steal Greenland
To wash away the pain
This is really bad. I was listening to stuff about Trump in the news, and then I slammed my head into a wall, so... yeah. Now this exists, and it's bad, and I probably shouldn't post it.
Roselyn Aug 2019
you cant turn back yesterday
or today
or tomorrow

but you can change the past
into a better present
and a better future
Planejane2 Apr 2019
I couldn’t trust you to listen to my secrets
And you proved untrustworthy when you read them anyway.
No I didn’t have a lock and key
But you trespassed where you weren’t suppose to be anyway.
Yes I said some things that hurt
But you weren’t suppose to read them anyways.
These words would have never made it out my mouth,
so it doesn’t matter anyways.
I would have tried to take them back
But you would’ve yelled at me anyways
I would have told you that my words, my communication was in lack
But you would have believed them anyways
I took all notebooks, stopped writing, threw them in the trash
But the feelings still lived anyways
I went and got my notebooks back
And decided to write anyways
I share new pains with new insight
But the hurt remains anyway
You ask me why I never call or call back
I want to but decide against it anyways
I’m still trying to work on communicating in fact
I finally called you back anyways
We’re falling short from a perfect mother and daughter relationship
But we’re still trying anyways.
alias Oct 2018
you'll find someone else and drift away, leaving me in stone cold silence from day to day. Do you ever get tired? Because unlike you, even when I have someone, you run through my mind all day.
did I just use a cheesy pick up line?? hahaha
chloe fleming Apr 2018
I am a stalemate,
I will never be won,
But I will also never be lost
I could never be your checkmate.
Raquel Butler Mar 2018
How does one go upon forgiving
something they never faced?
Avoidance is a forbidden fruit that yields
only bitter aftertaste.
Do we mislead to be okay,
just to elude the debates?
Do we ignore the pain,
just to keep up the harmonious masquerades?
And these contradictions we face:
Of loving someone so much we
disregard our own aches,
even when they are those causal to this fate.
This is a forgiveness we do not create,
this is remembering what we cannot erase.
bloop here's another fire beat for you to eat
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