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The rain is falling
The clouds are feeling moody
Just like the pavements
It’s been raining all day so far x
faeri Oct 6
It's black with bits of white and Grey resembling the tombstones of flames.
Lightning beneath the cinders illuminate the ashes with flashes of white light.
The sooty sky is so dull but it's still shines.
I said this in a dream...
Desperately clinging to innocence long past
in hopes that you can hold to some inkling of it,
no matter how far gone.
You can move forward
with that same youthful exuberance
in a body well older;
pray to your *** that it lives on inside you
as it tries,
with an unfailing knack,
to leave you in this world's dust.,
Maturity dragging you- kicking and screaming- all the way.
Matthew Roe Sep 30
The Messiah in Miss Hart’s class,
Has torn his hands from the pins that stuck into him with
Doubt at success,
Doubt in the light.
Now, he wonders the desert, to live out his life.
You’re a small percent
But you’re not different

So many ideas, such a creative spark.
But you don’t write a word.
though your brain screams a speech.
You could be in a far off land.
Just lift the pen in your hand.
But your body is a tide pulled by the moon,Hidden
in the sky that’s
Grey enough to ignore.
Grey enough to anger,
Grey enough to cloud a view.
Why am I sat here?,
I have a million things to do?

Chop mushrooms in the kitchen,
Mix in the soup
Eat that mushroom in the dark,
To make your eyes droop.
Cut weeds in the garden,
To clear the flower bed,
Spread weeds at the party,
To stop feeling dead.

You want to escape, so you clasp a headphone to your ear,
But your fantasy should be here,
As you have no work for a year,
You have no purpose for a year.
The opening stanza is based on the ending to the film 'the last temptation of Christ' and a call back to one of my other poems.
This is inspired by a video I saw about philosophy in the Tv Series Bojack Horseman (though I haven't seen the show yet).
This is for all the people who have finished College and find the sudden lack of activity worrying, or those who find that having everything feels like having nothing.
Poetic T Sep 30
Every breath is a diamond.

     For without the gleam
of every one..
the beauty of life would be dull.
Andrew Sep 24
The sun lights my sadness, My heart
Is like an early Earth, where no joy is birthed,
Merely consumed by iron flames and gray rock.
From my blankets I turn, to face the Suns smirk,
He knows dew drops and seas of which I’ve yet to dream;
He knows the door I hide behind shall never lock.
And my heart joins me at noon, when gloom of early day
Resides to memory, and only then I see the sky cream,
The grass green, and my tall hope hiding behind the willow tree.

I reach, tall as I am, yet to no success, I am cursed to remain
sad; and once more, as horizon captures the foolish Sun,
Does my heart light my night and from it I can never run.
It feels as though happiness will join
Audrey Sep 21
I look for the sun,
And see darkness everywhere,
Where is the sunlight?
Just a short one.
when there was no muse, I sat in the dull light with you
wasting away were the streets to your door
night as the stamp that said go, we found the sunlight cold
anything that kept us apart was the depths of not
now that I know of another place, another you
we can talk of nothing and not care that it will be nothing
but bliss’ beaming, it’s our something, I’m your dose of thrilling
Kimberly Sep 9
I am losing my passion to fear
Slowly succumbing, steadily sinking
Safety is a pin bursting a balloon
That is too cowardly to float
To be so faraway untethered
So shakily afraid of the unfamiliar
It would endure the blandness
The dullness
Of the safe and the known and the nothing
But the emptiness
That accompanies the dull ache
Is heavier than fear
And stronger still
Is the wind, the will
To taste the clouds
And touch the sky
It cuts clean off the string.
When I am feeling too cozy in my comfort zone, I make myself move by thoughts of the emptiness in my chest and how heavily it weighs me down. There is soooo much goodness in the world I want to taste it all.
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