Poetic T Aug 24

anaemic leaves wilt
hues flutter within meanings

brightening dull days

Austin Bauer Aug 22

Rain was falling this morning
on my way into work
harder than it typically does
in the morning.

My office was darker
than it typically is
on a cloudy day
like today.

The rain and darkness
are pairing well with
the interviewees in my ears
as I vacantly stare at the computer

entering letters onto the dull white page.
They discuss their respective crafts
while the fan-girl interviewers
go gaga for their answers.

It's usually days like today
that would make someone
slump into a depression -
eyes glazed over, aimlessly working -

but there's something quite beautiful
in the colorless sky today,
something almost musical
in the falling rain.

Like under a veil of stained, milky glass
I live my life with stoic carelessness
Asking myself where do I go
When the vast landscape is a uniform expansion like white snow

Every breath I take contains a lack of oxygen
A dull and hazy mesh made of smoke and collagen
My mute body and brain make me feel sort of dead
With the big bell jar wafting over my head
My eyes nearly blind, with a shade of pale blue
My hands on the cold glaze can't reach through to you
As I sink deeper in this plexus of boredom
I wonder if I can ever be restored from

This condition of permanent nonchalance
And out of an inaudible chaos find a new balance
What seeps through to my tired mind in this peaceful war
Is that only you could lift my bell jar

Inspired by the novel of the same name by Sylvia Plath.
Written in June.
Thank You for making me find a New Balance and for letting me breathe again.
melancholy Jul 15

on days where the sun sinks quietly into submission and allows the moon to conquer the sky, the trees revel in the dull yellow defeat as and the horizon waves a colorless flag or a nod to the sun and the lonely sunset. over the pond , life will cease until morning and spirits will dance among the trees, cold. ∆¨®ˆ˚∂ßπ until the battle returns and the sun takes over with it's dull brilliance. the tears from the oh so lonely ghosts will turn to dust until the strength returns. this is the cycle

the random symbols are intentional. I initially wrote this as a stream of consciousness and my handwriting on that word was so bad that I can't decipher what it says.
A H S Jul 8

my eyes search for his
but his stare at the floor

his body is tight, tense
he is evading my sympathy

he looks to my eyes with taut eyebrows
his eyes are conflicted

the once bright blue were no longer
the dull grey clashes with his dark features

his eyes speak words i cannot hear
They plead for my succour.

Eleni Jun 21

It was a normal day-
I went for a coffee at the Jazz Café.

And out through the soaked windows
I saw a malign, wanton city
Vehicles perishing the streets
Pouring their sooty fumes into the
Gaping mouth of the crowds.

I took a sip of the cappuccino-
The sweet bitterness;
Casted me back to those long
Winter months (wasted) -
I spent mourning about you.

I would shroud my room in black
Drink, drink, drink until-
All hues of blue
Would drown me in the Ocean of Woe.

Then Chet Baker mellowed the room:
'Some blues are sad, but some are glad, dark and sad.'

I felt as if I was suffocating.
There was something eerie about that jazz.

So I walked out-  of the light.
Let the rain rinse my sins, dance
Like a flapper: complacent, rebellious, dangerous,

puff away my eclipsed universe.
My blues were more than a cold colour:

'They're a moan of pain, a taste of strife and a sad refrain.'

Wyatt Jun 8

Takes all of me to not flatline
due to sheer boredom.
Forget to breathe because
I couldn't stop yawning.
Life is the most dull font
used to write
a single sentence
on a post-it note.
The line reads:
life is boring.
I have nothing.

rose Jun 6

What a dull day
Completely unworthy
Of a poem

Kashif Riaz May 31

A place like this
Difficult place
Darkling the days and dulling nights
I don't wanna stay here
A person like you
Complicate to deal
Darkling the heart and dulling mind
I don't wanna stay here
A conversation like this
Boring routine
Darkling the time and dulling words
I don't wanna stay here
Let me go...
Let me go to the place
where days are shiner and nights shimmer
Let me go to the person
whose heart is lighten and mind brighter
Let me go to the conversation
where time is rayon and words sheen
I don't wanna stay here

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