Talia 23h
you hate me so much
the constant tears and panic attacks you give me
You said you loved me not so long ago
I want to hate you
why can't I hate you
why won't you get out of my mind?
you want nothing to do with me
our conversations are dull
I can tell you hate me
you're my ex fiancé, why can't I let you go
why can't I say goodbye
please let me forget you already
because I hate you too.
John says, "Hello cakees!"

      I say, "hello cakees!" We are together in
        team. Defending our position, not meak.

Sheep only stare.

Apparently I'm not supposed to question the boss. I have the right to question and answer with a question. Feeling better after his only response....."I don't know." Bots don't know.

Bots will only process processes.

Could he possibly be human? I will question the all. It's my right. You don't want to answer? Says more than the simple......I don't know.
Old draft from 12-17-17

The future interview is AI. We are implementing.
sky, patchwork designer quilt,
invites the dull sun to rest;
keeps the rain clouds away!
Sexually explicit material
Keep one from becoming
Totally bored by life.
The News lately
Seems hopeless.
I can't say that Eroticism,
In contrast
Provides Hope for Humanity,
At least,
It's not as dull
As Watching the World Go to Hell.
Poetic T Jun 22
I hugged the thought of you,
         but the bruise's still hasten
the reflection of me in the mirror.
Was this me, or was this the naughty
boy you told me I was,
                          without a word spoken.

Can I only fall so many times?
          I'm always  tripping over your insecurities?
Why would I be your anger vocalized
on my features
                     never the face.
Where reality sinks in,
showing your guilt,
hidden under a cloth of  luminous pain.

It shines in so many colours that ache when
                                                   ever they arise.
Some shades deeper than a reflection,
             and I weep on those rainbows inside,
for nothing is bright,only shades linger.

I was never the  gold at the end
                              of the rainbow.
You just thought I was the puddle,
trying to forfeit the brightness,
      I was a rainbow that shined,
                   in the pain of your misgivings.
Not all dads are awesome some are just plain fuck-wits in my case step-dad
I think I am wasting my time
In my search
For inspiration.
The Economic Power Structure
Holds most of us down
In its grip.
Spontaneity and originality
Are rare.
If one wants to,
One can look at nude photos
But most of the poses
Are scripted too.
have to
get up and
shut up, and work
on my paperwork, they aren't here, it's fine
I'll get through this night, some friends they stay but
not all walk out
with a sigh
just get
I had just lost someone I considered a ‘love of my life’, I lost some friends, others started genuinely picking on me. I was livid. I know it wasn’t the friend I had the conflict with in particular, but I envied someone I knew for the worst thing ever.

Not having emotion.

I wanted to limit myself, I wanted to stop feeling because I felt maybe my feelings were the reason why everything tore itself apart (when in reality, it was faults on both sides, including mine).  I discovered a new love, work. I actually adore work to this day, but I know sometimes I do have to restrict myself otherwise it becomes an unhealthy amount.

During this time, my channel started becoming viral (or more or less, it was very active) and in reality it was a lot to handle at a younger age; It’s why whenever I see younger youtubers leave, I can understand why they do.  

One thing that bothered me for years to come was the fact someone a long time ago stated I was always playing ‘Victim’ when in reality that individual barely acknowledged me as a person. So, I actually thought I was in the wrong and tried to stop feeling, everything. It nearly worked.

The saddening thing is how much people can impact insecure individual’s lives. I was severely insecure at this point of time and saying these things left me to believe I was always the problem, even when I wasn’t. So when I started limiting my emotions, it became almost easier to ‘Get over it’.

But I missed it all! I missed being happy at something I liked! Hating something I hated! I loved those emotions, but at one point it genuinely felt impossible to feel most of those emotions. Depression didn’t help either, as much as I hate to say that.
Poetic T Jun 2
I never see myself as perfect,
           but perfection in my eyes,
           are the smaller footsteps
           that cling to my larger strides.

I'll never see myself as a shadow,
       as my children will always brighten
       the areas that seem dull. They are a beacon
       of resilience, always brightening my days.
Ron Gavalik May 19
The problem with people-watching
in the middling suburbs outside Pittsburgh,
is everyone looks like they’re related,
a little too similar, bad photocopies
of the same dull morality.
The girls have similar haircuts
and the boys wear similar shorts.
The men and women,
they cannot stomach the ‘F’ word,
but they adore efficient order
enforced through totalitarian violence.
Chemical air fresheners are pumped
through department store ventilation systems.
Perhaps the compound is designed
to induce complacency for the status quo
and suppress everyone's style
or sense of fashion.
Get more. PittsburghPoet.com
Evelyn Genao May 14
"It's okay."

I can still feel it.
The way your lips touched mine.
Without meaning.
Without feelings.
I missed them.
Your kisses.
Your attention.

It hurts.

I saw it.
The way your eyes drifted to others.
Never straying to mine.
Never filled with the same spark.
Always dull.

My heart.

You would say it.
Those three words.
Not to me.
Never to me.
To the others.
They always got your love.
I got your hate.
Your anger.

You don’t have to love me.”

You gave me orders.
Never to be near you.
Never to hold hands.
Not in public.
We did not know each other.
They would get the wrong idea.
“We are cousins,” You would say.
You were embarrassed.
To be seen.
With me.

I can’t.

I was your puppet.
You pulled the strings.
And I obeyed your commands.
You never loved.
Not me.
Never me.
I was your toy.
Something you could throw away.

Take it.

It’s all a game.
Of feeling.
Of pain.
Of love.
Of hate.
You are the king.
I’m your pawn.
Just a piece on your board.

I’m done.

I loved you.
More than anything.
I let you use me.
Hurt me.
If I got to be with you.
Nothing else mattered.
You didn’t feel the same.

No one ever does.”
I saw a prompt and this poem came to mind. I hope you love it and be sure to comment what you think. Check out my other works!!
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