Neal Dec 2017

One day I will love,
and it will be radiant!
One day fiery passion
will singe my veins!

One day I will love,
and it will be decent.
One day muted strings,
and a monotonous melody.

One day I will love?
And will it be dreadful?
One day a knife,
and blood on the ground...

Britney Lyn Dec 2017

The sky tonight is grey, starless, and a little foggy; just like me.

Vyiirt'aan Nov 2017

Blank faces walk past me
A visual elegy
In the morning past the city streets
Yet everyone persists so dimly
The overcast retracts the colour from my sight
As if it is midnight
And traces, shapes of phases
My shoelaces untangle themselves and I fall

The phasing interrupts my morning stroll
Predators on the prowl
Clad in amber
Stalking through the morning night mass
Hearts locked, empty locket
Deafening the peace in its trail
Chasing my tail and once I'm had
It detains me, immobilises me, I am

The city of black and white
Has no time for shades of grey
And yet the vivid colours bond
But yet I tripped
And in the black and white streets
I was trapped in technicolor


Forced smiles in a dull life is a burden some people carry
Tyler Grace Nov 2017

the moon does not weep for the fallen stars

instead she glistens in memory of a time they too shined as bright as she

she does not allow their dullness to dim such glow

do not permit others to do this as to you

Kaye I Nov 2017

she's a song
you'll never hear
because you never listened.

Mohamed Adel Nov 2017

Even when things are right
I still don’t feel at ease
It feels like desperation has taken over
It feel like i’m drownig in its seas

Dull, black and grey
Is still all i can see
It’s crushing me over
It has taken control of me

Tried to crawl away from it
But it has rendered me weak
Is this not what i’m looking for?
Is this not what i seek?

Taking on the fight all alone
I can’t win it, I deem
It isn’t as easy as i thought
I’m not as strong as I seem

Would someone hear this
And listen to my cries
It wouldn't be too long before this voice stops
Not too long before this voice dies

September Rose Oct 2017

Not one or another
I don't care for the sunrise or set
Dusk and dawn
The rise and fall of your favorite icon
I don't care
Life is dull when you're in between
I don't care for the beautiful seas and hot summer days
Partys with friends, gifts, and praise
It's all a blur of day to day, meaningless interaction
Is it even real anymore
Does it even matter
Are all my emotions forced slightly encouraged by the facade, the mask I wear day to day
Sometimes I can help someone, or have a meaningful talk
But beyond that
There is Nothing

ahmo Oct 2017

the bulk of the evidence:
the dust bunnies in the largest eyelid-corners,
the aching deltoids of the early mornings,
the limbic system of deteriorated thread and fragile glass-
suggest a verdict of dancing with customer services and inhaling the fumes of the daily commute,

rather than opening up hearts like delicate, antique quilts.

the discrepancy is not an evident ideology-
it's pulling the plug,
or attempting conversations on transgender rights with dad -

nothing is certain.

my cellophane heart will backflip,
my shins will swing and splint like
dull firecrackers-

patting backs of mothers who will not see their sons again,
pushing change while kicking up the sharp rocks,
running marathons i will never finish
my heart,
a skeleton with a rusted cape,
screeches my least favorite record on an endless loop.

Crimsyy Oct 2017

you would have
liked me shallow
thoughts like dipping only
half a foot in the ocean
thoughts like simple
one sentence answers

you would have
liked me normal,
seeing black for black,
grey for grey

(on second thought,
grey is probably
just a darker shade of white)

you would have liked my soul
just as dull as you
but i'm a spark of colour
in a monochrome set of walls,
i am green life in
a concrete jungle

you would have liked
our discussions
to not even be discussion,
just small talk
half-assed thoughts,
lukewarm effort

but poets just don't think
like that.

our minds are
more like trees,
branching out in every
possible direction
landing on the moon and
settling for the stars
when we don't.

a/n: thankyou so much for reading! here's to the poets and to the few people that aren't shallow-minded.

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