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Amanda Kay Burke Feb 2020
Every night I ask
"Is this too far gone to save?"
Knew better but still foolishly tried
Resurrecting love from the grave

We tried starting relationship over
Agreed to new blank slates
Neither of us anticipated
How difficult past would be to erase

We hold onto childish hope
Bond can be like it was before
Perhaps the time has come to accept
We are not those people anymore

Maybe spent too much time apart
Going different directions
We used to see only beauty
Now invaded by imperfections

We cannot forget mistakes that caused pain
Trust destroyed past restoration
How are we able to rebuild our lives
Without stable foundation?
Written 3-6-19
Midge Apr 2019
Can’t stop thinkin’ bout you
Here I am, making cliches
In my sweet haikus
Crego Nov 2018
I medicate myself
with fictional phrases
because I really do hope
that someday I’ll mean it
when I look into the mirror
and tell myself:

“It’s all going to be okay.”
Sarah Nov 2016
I started to try...
But latter regretted it
For my cheeks turned red
And my legs ran

Latter I tried,
To never
Try again

So now I slip
In a world gone blue
My nightmares come back
You renewed
Hahaha.... This makes zero sense, I'm not even sure what I'm trying to convey.
Janica Katricia Sep 2016
i've always dreamed of sleeping in your arms
from the day i was conscious enough.
i dreamed of smelling the breakfast you made
and the scent of the detergent you used to wash my clothes.
also dreamed of going home to warm hugs and

"how's your day?"

sometimes, i wished you saw me singing on stage
with the friends you told me to stay away from.

however, they became my family instead.

i wish i get the love i expected as a child.

but it never happened as far as i can remember.

never happened to get great hugs from you when i feel sad
never happened to get enough appreciation on things i sacrifice for you.

i never got the simple things a daughter like me
could ever ask for.

never did. *maybe
this is just a short note of things i want to say to my mom. i may appear as a bad daughter but all i wanted was to be treated like a good daughter too.
Nickoli Feb 2016
I’m sorry mom
Sorry for the times I pushed you away
For the days that I hated you
And for the tears I caused you

I’m not the daughter you wanted
I am sorry for the nights I made you hate yourself
For the lonely nights
All you wanted was to be by my side

I don’t know how to be what you need
I don’t talk about my feelings
I don’t show emotion
I promise I’m not heartless

I’ve learned to guard my heart
Not just from you but everyone
So please don’t take it to heart
I am just falling apart

Maybe my blood is too hot
Maybe I have a brain disease
Maybe I have a disorder
But for now you’re just gonna have to take my word

You tried so hard to be there
You were all in
But I wasn’t
I’m sorry mom for all the wounds I left on your heart.
Silence Screamz Oct 2014
Drowning in the sauce
I sink to the bottom of the bottle

Rage fueled inferno
Explodes with ever sip

Blacked out visions can't see a thing
Abandoned in the second and lost

Seven hundred fifty gone in an hour
Lives turned upside down and split

Total carnage and all my fault
Don't remember a thing

Lights flash, sirens scream, cries a plenty
Taken away and put in the tank

Two days past, five are dead
Sitting all hazed from all of the pain

Created a disaster, messed up lives
Hit the bottle. Why did I drive?
I lost a few friends from people like this. . Almost lost my dad as well
it's ok Jul 2014
It's not the way the problem is caused,
But rather who caused it
It's not the subject of the problem,
But if you're willing to overlook it depending
"Friend or foe" till you find a finite fiend smiling
May your conflictions rest, and leave yourself to figure out

Is the person you love, still the person you love?
or are you in love with the memories and a shell
of someone you once loved
*Is goodbye a little closer, now?
i May 2014
thunder is caused
by lightning,
lightning is
caused by *you.
you are my thunderstorm.
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