Like the stone that strikes the floor
Like the petals that gets torn apart
Like the withered bouquet
That got tossed away.
A quick poem I wrote, not my best but thank you for reading it, anyway. I highly appreciate it
12 Aug 2017
And you ask yourself, “who would choose to be part of something that only seems real because you were the one that lived it.”
D A N E Jul 2017
How are you?
Nice meeting you.
I like you.
You are everything.
I love you.
Forever and always.
We are happy.
We were happy.
But then again,
You left me.
You hurt me.
What went wrong?
You got bored?
You broke me.
I was broken.
And then suddenly,
You are here.
Out of nowhere,
You came back.
I am sorry.
I was wrong.
One more chance.
Words you've said.
Words I've heard,
from your mouth,
full of lies.
Mischief and deceit.
I'm not stupid.
I am strong.
I am healing.
Slowly but surely.
And I replied,
You should leave.
Let me be,
Finally moving on.
Starts with Hey.
Ends with goodbye.
I saw you

I saw your brain spilling out its cerebellum, medulla oblongata, etc

All over- unrecognizable


I saw

I thought those were some kind of pink pulses

Lord knows, weirder things have been found

and seen

I saw

I saw

I hope there is justice for you

I will pray for your soul

My soul will meet yours
when the knell rings for me

I hope you find peace

I hope you know that I called

And called and tried and tried

To help you even though you were already gone

I saw your friend- his eyes, his expression

I really did try
Please find yourself another life

I hope your friend finds peace
Knows it wasn't all his fault
I hope his eyes lose the haunted shocked expression
I really wish he can drive again

I hope he can continue working
- he looked like one of those people
you know those ones?
working hard to make it out of drudgery?

I hope he makes it through this
And I really really wish you guys hadn't had a fight before this

Find peace
Go safe
Go softly

Your death was sudden
Ripped out of this earth
Like you were never meant to exist
That was meant to be me

I hope it didn't hurt too much

And those bastards that did this to you?
I hope they didn't mean it
I wish they hadn't been high before this

Your death shouldn't be meaningless
And although
You might be simply another obituary in tomorrow's newspaper

This poem will say

"I saw you.
I prayed for you.
I greeted you.
I witnessed your existence.
You meant something
Just as your death did.
I wish you peace and that you go
Safely, soundly
Wishing you that your loved ones
Remember you with love
And maybe some heartbreak
But they find strength.
s   a   w
The only way I know how to cope and deal is to write it out.
Jamie Jun 2013
Am I the only one
I adore

Say it to me
Say I never mattered
Amanda Kyara May 2014
For a brief moment
just a second

I thought I mattered
I thought you cared

I felt alright
I felt whole

Only to have the thought torn away by you
like I meant nothing to you

and then I realized

I never mattered
you never cared
and I certainly was not alright
Daylight 4U2C Feb 2014
Sleep child,
til' the light overpowers the darkness inside,
where I secretly cried.
I secretly tried,
but no one would guess,
and I never put my cards face up.
It's only ketchup.
Used to patch up,
the cut and scratch ups,
caused by the dull
of my pencil,
and my soul.
I fell,
but I dragged myself up again,
back into my daily skin,
and I'm that burden.
That one whose not fully there,
told by everyone, "you just don't care",
with a random shudder scare.
The words I despise you all think,
even the shrink,
and it drowns me to the sink.
I'm that disaster,
everyone's after,
maniacal laughter.
"Am I losing my mind?"
"Is this mind really mine?"
"Would dying be fine?"
I'm not so refined :)
I can see the things in perfect imagery,
things I don't want to see,
always worried everyone hates me.
I can't see,
I'm not me,
I'm not even a somebody.
Maybe inside is some other ghost,
I'm the host,
at my death let's just have a toast.
Til' death do we part,
take it as a new start,
buy the roses to my grave from walmart.
I didn't think I mattered anyways,
sleeping through these pass-me-by days,
my mind playing simon says.
I always secretly try,
but I am still I,
and now simon says ".....goodbye."
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— The End —