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Sep 2019 · 335
I love hot wingz
A Simillacrum Sep 2019
I love the scratch and sniff.
I love the body whiff.
I love the ****** and smash.
I love the mind crash.

Such a sweet and salty face.
What a beautiful place.
Single wide, double or?
What future sits in store?

None for me?
None for you?
Look at us.
Look at you.

Apache beard.
A. Patch. iieh.
Nn, so desu ne.
Butter bean.

Cream white dream.
But sorta pink.
Sep 2019 · 457
C. Gigas
A Simillacrum Sep 2019
May take a bit to come down from seclusion.
Climbing for a gain, knew what I was losing.
It's on the T that time is balanced,
and I've seen it cemented.
It's on the scene with all the extras,
and I've seen myself in the crowd.
A Simillacrum Sep 2019
Lose a tire? Tires,
they come and go.
Do you have a grip?

The wheel works, but,
what's the point
if the blue sparks fly?

Some words stuck
well inside this
sternum of mine
just need be said.

What's the point of
you and I, then?
Are we always safe?

What's the point of
this fear of life
when I'll soon be
nothing more than dead?

Hold your eyes, then,
til the heart arrives.
Sparks cannot fill
me up inside with dread.
Sep 2019 · 453
Mama Wanted?
A Simillacrum Sep 2019
I clean toilets
with no gloves on
my two tone hands.

I wondered why
I was born.
She told me this:

"So I wouldn't be alone."

I clean floors and
change a commode.
**** fills my nose.

I offer time
in an exchange
for my wage.

"I'm a ***** and
      I was born for this

I wondered why
I was born.
She told me this:

"I really wanted a kid."

Free agent, here.
I'm a bang for your buck.
Want a bargain?
Then you're in luck.

I can change a bed.
(Please take me in.)
I can tend a heart.
(It's what I was taught.)

I swallow.
(Oh, oh.)
I swallow.
(Oh, oh.)
A Simillacrum Sep 2019
Guile, come and get it.

Bison beef means
Bison bucks for everyone.

Bison's just:
Satan as he fell from Heaven


10/10 film
Sep 2019 · 390
That Longing Pain
A Simillacrum Sep 2019
Caught your long lost locks,
blonde through the silver fog,
flitting away or
could it have been toward?

Once, I would have thought
it's just a dream and not
real, warm flesh to flesh,
volcanic breath to breath.

Best not waste a good thing
in the face of your favorite catch.
A master of their craft
can't manipulate the longing pain.
Sep 2019 · 258
The Night Sky, A Simulacrum
A Simillacrum Sep 2019
I drank mine.
I smoked it.

Ill conceived &
My mind bent &
         snapped in half.

I can see your eye in every star.
Watching while I enter chrysalis.

         What's it like
         hoping I rot?
         (will do)
         What's it like
         at the past?

Sober, I have to force myself to laugh.

I can see your winking eye in every light.
I can see your winking eye in every star light.

Sep 2019 · 449
Fox Dye: Strange Deranger
A Simillacrum Sep 2019
Burn all the books,
bibles, effigies.
Halal the deities.
Eating never felt
this **** filling.
A Simillacrum Sep 2019
Start to dance,
maybe my bones break.
Start to chant,
maybe my voice dies.

Start. Stop. Start. Stop.

With this wand,
I waive rust.
With this wand,
I let blood.

Start. Stop. Start.

I don't want blood.
I don't want to buff
your sword and
your armor

I only learned
this trade
for the portal spells.

I only want to
Sep 2019 · 302
Fox Dye: Legajuana
A Simillacrum Sep 2019
I'm right
on top of
things can't
you see it?

Oh! It's Friday
the 13th?
Thanks Cné.

I'm right
on top of
it, just -- just
trust me!

(An ounce of ****
per week and sleep,
dreamless sleep.)

I'm up
to date on
pop culture.

Oh! It's August
isn't it? Sep - tem
- ber. That's

what I meant.

(An ounce of ****
per week and sleep,
dreamless sleep.)

   Why can't I live like
Oliver Tree?

(An ounce of ****
per week and sleep,
dreamless sleep.)

   Why can't I live like
Die Antwoord?

(An ounce of ****
per week and sleep,
dreamless sleep.)

   Why can't I live like
Mr. Rogen?

Sep 2019 · 542
Fox Dye: He - She
A Simillacrum Sep 2019
Someone like me told me,
"You have to get involved."

Someone like me told me,
"You have to use your voice."

Someone like me told me,
"You're a disgrace
      to your people."

I said back,
"I can't argue that."

I think, what's
the point of getting mad?
I've been called worse
than a delusional man

in women's clothes.

I think, what's
the point of the pitchfork?
I think, what's
the point of fighting language?

Someone like me told me,
"You're part of the problem."

Someone like me told me,
"You've been brainwashed."

I said back,

I think, what's
the word I'd use
to describe you?


And that's okay--
Funny even,
when you're angry.

You're funny
when you're angry.

Ha      Ha      Ha      !
they told me i can't be an identity politician.

whew! dodged that pie to the face.
A Simillacrum Sep 2019
I don't want no more
I don't want no more
            in - ferno.
Once upon a time I
held dreams as close
as I went on
to hold smoke
in my lungs --

   I don't want no more.

Yes: maybe Davey is right.
Which edge is the knife's edge and
which edge is. . .

Which edge is which?

Yes: maybe my Davey is right.
Complacency kills
the best of all intention.

My sleep's been in detention.
Maybe taking the easy downer. . .
Maybe taking
the easy upper. . .

I'll      take      back

      my dreams.
i'm in a 9 day fall
from the stratosphere.
i'll make it.
Sep 2019 · 141
Character Building: Sexless
A Simillacrum Sep 2019
if I'm being honest, it was with virulence.
what did i do to myself that may have
caused the relationship to change?
well, she stopped doing.
most things.
well, what did i stop doing?
and did i stop doing?
i can't expect many things to make
any sense at all as a ******.
Sep 2019 · 205
Character Building: Shame
A Simillacrum Sep 2019
Blessed from birth,
knowing the grit of dirt
between my teeth,
Living the dream
where money means
Is it a paper cup, today?
Is it a ****** there
in the dirt with ***** in it?
My mom says if I could save,
I could make it work, easily -
but she's using my name
to evade her debts,
and when I finally
get gone, to get electricity,
I have to implicate
her as a criminal.
Sep 2019 · 428
Meta Manic
A Simillacrum Sep 2019
staring once more
into myself
dregs staring back
me, "nothing more
than a character"
then close, it follows
staring inside
from the outside
what do you see?

can't escape the
sum of my parts
smoke signals sent,
nothing returned
need to ask those burned
"should i burn myself"
hurting inside, toiling
the trivialities.

what's the good word?
i'm making sense
time wasn't lost,
the time was spent

every once in a while
i can act out certain scenes
in ways my words
could never say

my worst qualities crack the best of my plans
my worst qualities crack the best of my plans

there was a point,
the recent past,
this act had meant
feeling concrete
the cast has since
let the pour pool
up here, set
around my feet.

my worst qualities crack the best of my plans
my worst qualities crack the best of all my plans

i'm split, i'm split, i'm split
A Simillacrum Aug 2019
Fold for life, unfold for death.
Conscience coming on strong.
What are your regrets?
These bones would be between my
fingers regardless.
All good fun in tow,
but now your ghost knows.
You had a show to live,
and yes you did.
I see my feet fall
within your prints.
All good to blame,
when I'm doing this.
Aug 2019 · 331
Form Factor (1)
A Simillacrum Aug 2019
There was a bang at the door, but it wasn't the pizza.
Marcus revealed himself to a man standing a head taller, who was buttoned up in a well fitted suit.
"Mr. Williams?" the man asked.
Marcus shook his hand.
"Marcus. How can I help you?"
The man introduced himself as Daniel ***, a representative for Eris Save States, LLC.

     "Wow." Marcus stared down at this kitchen table.
Daniel gathered his papers, and bowed his head.
"I want to make it absolutely clear," Daniel said,
"You're under no obligation, whatsoever,
to take any action with this information.
I understand this may be overwhelming news."

     Only muddy images came to Marcus's mind. Her light brown hair. Her green eyes. Her umber skin. Out of touch, out of reach. Running from mom, running from school. A ghost, ghosted him, and that was that.
A Simillacrum Aug 2019
Come, voice, back from the original black
Ness, Foot, Yankee Jim
I need a sign from a quasi mind not my own
Fiefallu dendress mazaiyato


my answers
lead to nothing

Call. Answer me.
answer you.

Not a compulsion
Never intended, just

Fiefallu dendress true.
A Simillacrum Aug 2019
the readout simply showed,

    i am the brand name.

it was the ubiquitous, and as

     was i.

production and consumption

     are protected.

i am the being from which the experience is squeezed.

     i am the experience repackaged and sold.

altered by demand, altered again by experience.

     then squeezed, then sold, then squeezed, then sold.

hyperreality affords the assurance of eternal life.

     i am information, in its creation, in

its propagation. the plot has been tossed

     in favor of the house of character,

atlantic, and pacific.
A Simillacrum Aug 2019
Why, is the superfluous one.
What, is unnecessary, too.
How & When & Where, then,
are inescapable.
     If you act on instinct,
how far will you go to self preserve?
When will you break?
Where will you turn?

Is it your self you'd extinguish,
or is it the other flames?
There can be only one,
but the prize is: death comes
down the path of least resistance
to take a multitude of shapes.

     As for my body,
nothing much to lose,
nothing left to save.

As for my body,
nothing much to lose,
nothing left to save.
Aug 2019 · 345
access is the great leveler
A Simillacrum Aug 2019
who am i to say if the mozzer's lost touch?
what does my rough draft have
that is missing from his manuscript?
nothing. so, i'll sit down here
before the microphone and say,
A Simillacrum Aug 2019
ever been a ***** or a ******?
i have. and other names
mostly given.

ever been a scapegoat?
i have. been a toy
to the hatfields and the mccoys.

any ink of brain leakage
taken to the sawbone
stitches over stitches
on my lips sewn by my own hands
the sands of time have passed, slow
as they can fall --

blood from rips goes on the walls
smear memories on the old ****
to make a little sense of the prison
in which i was living

make a little bit of sense of my enemies
apparently, i choose to ride the prisms
of a prison to the coffin, as i'm better use dead
but what kind of exit is a bullet to the head?

tell you, it's a mess, what it is
Aug 2019 · 207
the tuning
A Simillacrum Aug 2019
all this time, i've yet to come to terms with certain words
for instance, design, and all of its nuance
how do i design in true
when i am a shard of
azure experience in the
endlessness of midnight blue?

all this time, i've yet to call my good form to return
for instance, my designs, and all the nuances --
the water drains, shallow now,
from my composition,
as if i'm the desert, when once,
i was my own oasis.

reflection is a given. still,
how can i reflect this ill
in good faith, when the
poisonous sick saw my
leg up ascend into ruins?
A Simillacrum Jul 2019
portal space is open,
in a purple swirl,
and I'm
****** back into a world

on the brink of an advent
toward some higher mind,
with a blessed perspective,
this recollection's wretched.

Levity was a given,
for mortality ignored.
What to do with levity,
with mortality accepted,
and endings implored.

last laugh always wins
(where are your friends?)
have been deemed unnecessary
everlasting grin
(how off have you been?)
have i?

no. have i?

what's it gonna take to get this bad brain
back on the right of the left hand black?
nothing will. nothing will.

what's it gonna take to get this bad brain
back on the right track to get connected
with the rest of them?

nothing will. bad brain bad.
A Simillacrum Jul 2019
take a poor, fat, spiced chocolate kid
from its welfare house
put it in a program with rich kids,
tell it it can be just like that,
if it learns critical thinking,
logical reasoning, communication,
and problem solving.
can it?

[falls asleep in a dumpster]
no one accounted for the rest of the hillbilly family.
school officials build a false sense of equitable hope,
and wear their badges with a flair of pride.
guess what i learned at school today!
not now, hon, we're watching dr. phil.
then, it's my 600lb life.
then judge judy.
then house hunters.
then the price is right.
Jul 2019 · 342
The Utter Dregs: scrape
A Simillacrum Jul 2019
this ******* thing came to this:
two brains, sever and split.
two pigs, top of the town,
made marquee marked on the ground!

i'm smothered, but
the fourth wall's
done getting scraped!

version one point one was nothing new,
these scrapes make room for version one point two.
Jul 2019 · 274
The Utter Dregs: 245
A Simillacrum Jul 2019
die 2 try?
try n Try
try 2 die
A Simillacrum Jul 2019
that feel when you crawl out of your dumpster, and see your **** neighbor in a bikini at the community cesspool
Jul 2019 · 595
The Utter Dregs: Pig Beast
A Simillacrum Jul 2019
for all my preparation
this project begins to slip away
what if my great fantasy
hinges on a banal happiness?
the ink of ballpoint pen
takes me as far as sorrow's edges
i confess best to myself
wetness skin to skin, with sweat's sweet and
sour accompaniment is as close to happiness
as i can steer this sinking ship
as of late there's nothing left
of the sweat to cleanse my dead palate
Jul 2019 · 282
The Utter Dregs: Clue
A Simillacrum Jul 2019
n if you have a clue
pork who watches you move
will be taking notes
this ***** knows how it goes

n if you have a plan
pork who watches you move
will catch it, understand
this ***** is stealing souls

keep it under the knife
surgeon and patient
ship and astronaut
in E.V.A.
Jul 2019 · 811
The Utter Dregs: Lightbulb
A Simillacrum Jul 2019
i know well the fear as it manifests
in the dampness come night
dollar bills burn hot in pocket
the reddened skin of my inner thighs
fights to fray the cloth, but i
i'm better off sleeping in my pants
and my shoes, as to evade
then this thing clicks and the misfit
cuts come to fall into plan
by design, without fail, buy and sell
then there's me, this thing replete
with confidence in its destruction
by its hand, or on demand, its a
matter of course                  lightbulb!
Jul 2019 · 853
The Utter Dregs: Junktown
A Simillacrum Jul 2019
clearly, the days slip past
i nearly lasted, keeping track
tags and descriptions, each one placed
as if a benefit falls upon the lot
for drawing connective lines
god's dead, god's not dead,
i'm god, the god of sand,
ephemera at my command
but what's it mean? these things
take time, but not seriously, because
the sun hits the wax on a paper cup
and it blinds us from the bushes
and so low, can't care
so low, lone, done dead
can't care for upsides
but asides and sideways
Jul 2019 · 360
will rush
A Simillacrum Jul 2019
someone else?
someone same?
a person, still?
a person, sane?

dry me out
critique is that
which denies
tangential arcs

do you
see me

if a meat
will be a meat
i will be
wet as i can
watch it become itself
watch it destroy itself
A Simillacrum Jul 2019
do i get points for wearing makeup,
or taking it off? i don't want to be
just another cookie cutter taking up
space on the shores of lake cresva.
Jul 2019 · 294
A Simillacrum Jul 2019
he took a cialis pill,
disappeared that day
4. destroy
nothing much to lose
nothing here to save
A Simillacrum Jun 2019
just a little bit more, i said
looking at myself in health
but wonder now is it wealth
if the utter dregs
living now, too, never dead
living with no overhead
1:1 butter bread, just a little more
then i can ******* afford
that little bit more affordable
life extension business
which is it then, idiot,
social suicide or death by
getting left behind?
survival of the fittest? ****
then, i'm unfit as ****, cheap,
fit to ****, fit to ******, ****** fist
visions or is it not a dream?
deep as deep in the joke gets
A Simillacrum Jun 2019
It's not enough to be sharp, is it?
I launch my heart
at the walls of the crumbling world,
a thought in it, but,
your heart is despondent, isn't it?

Move your mouth you failing ****.
You glued the glass to the wall, as well,
so you can't stop, can you?

Sell it as it is. Nothing makes sense.
Seeming like a thing you've seen
once or twice before in your life?
Jun 2019 · 259
A Simillacrum Jun 2019
Shore up,
sure enough,
I'm coming for that ***.

gonna rest,
I'm coming for the soak.

That ***,
bare, backed up,
and we're coughing up smoke.

Always coughing smoke.
Always on the soak.
A Simillacrum May 2019
Ever seen a list like this?
Nothing in a name that's not in me.
Want proof?

According to you, I was so, so loose,
I would have come undone.
I'm floating now, aimless, as loose
as I ever was in youth.

Ever seen a list of names
so long, you thought, what's so bad they must

Hear me now, I'm amalgamation.
Reminder that you can change your mind
as much as you like and not have to hide
the rush of your wave from the water at large.

You're in charge.

And when the trolls come along, as they must,
just trust the pull of your lungs to take
a deep, deep breath all up inside.

And say,

"Yeah, it exists in others.
It must be all up in me, too.
Yeah, I **** them off, cause
it exists in me at all --
But I'm just as much
a piece of glass.
Does your reflection
off of me make you mad?
Not much I can say to that."

I'm Gnat.
A Simillacrum May 2019
Philip K. What The ****.
It's here. Has been. In a fad.
I sit in a slit.

The calm of industrial evenings.
Back to the industry?
I never left.

You get clean. I get stuck.
Not that I never did want.
Cracks exist in everything.
Brief gaps in taken space.

Every crack leads from toe to head.
Every crack feeds on dusty crumbs.
Go Getter
May 2019 · 2.2k
Acquisition: "Memology"
A Simillacrum May 2019
Dark, play with the pants down.
Tell all, invite hell, I
took it for basic.

Dark, loose lips sink the ship.
Yell all you want. I
took it for granted

You knew, the line between
a miserable joke,
being a successful joke,

is in your grace toward the product,
and your ability to bottle it,
for your audience,
with confidence.
May 2019 · 404
Necro Haste
A Simillacrum May 2019
At once, coffee and tea,
next second, scans.
Sweet, to hints of saccharine.
Burned bread is one
thing to dunk-- but diagrams?

Tunnel to the light, here
is the night. All
fall prey to life.
Tunnel to the light, here
falls the night. All
fall prey.

Now, you hasten.
I am still slow.
What will I do,
though, when you go?

Let's find out.
May 2019 · 611
Acquisition: "IP"
A Simillacrum May 2019
Where's this abject
anger come from?

Is it innate or
is it
an acquired trait?

Who owns these lips
grinning at gains?

Out comes the wolf?
Out comes the hominid.

Who owns these tongues
dripping silver?

Produce and consume.
That's how it is.

What an art it is
to dispel doom.

Tried selling concepts?
That's where it is.
May 2019 · 164
Good Company
A Simillacrum May 2019
Nameless, near dead.
Aimless. In the stead
of a key to a kingdom,
I believe I received
the hand me down mess
of a life before my own.

How do I live?
Carpet to back,
eyes cast at the ceiling,
desperately loosing
my dreams and my feelings
in tears?

Drawing stick figure pictures
in the sands of my past, alive,
if not wealthy or well, I'm still
not sure what to tell you when
you ask how to survive.
May 2019 · 387
Beast of Burden
A Simillacrum May 2019
I am many things.
a beast of burden.
I am everything.
painful consciousness.

I am pain.
I am detriment
to my own health,
as well as
I am detriment
to my others.

What do I want?
Alexandria fell.
For what more could I want?

Then, may the flame
burn, ad infinitum,
inhale human conquest.

What do I want?
To keep grandiosity
from obtaining starships.


Just turn to dust,
As is the prophecy,
Happy the motes
ever did arrange.
May 2019 · 471
FCK 666: "The Brand Name"
A Simillacrum May 2019
I have no perspective, I
bring nothing new.
I absorb everything, I
am pressed to consume.

I consume. They press me,
to consume me, to imbibe,
to savor the flavor of
the fruits to their labor.

I'm impressed you haven't
yet guessed my game correctly.
(. . .rebranding. . .)
I'm impressed you haven't
yet guessed my game.

If I'm alive, then we're ******.
If I die, then you're ******.
Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die.
A Simillacrum May 2019
These days, the sun sleeps against
a wistful twisting of violet blue.
Pretention? Brake pad. You
told me that
my cadence is lyrical,
so, which is it, Mister?

I know myself to hell.
The mistake I keep making
is letting another tell
me they know me
just as well.

I mean, maybe.
I mean, maybe.

-- though, the more often you say it,
I can't help but think that the odds
come up in your favor ever less.

I know myself to hell.
The mistake I keep making
is letting another tell
me they know me
just as well.
May 2019 · 520
FCK 666: "Short Line Home"
A Simillacrum May 2019
Papa sat
on his porch
smoking cigarettes.
Papa sat
on his porch
drinking black coffee.
Papa sat
on his porch
watching history
repeat itself.

Would he have lied
about this life?
What did he do?
Do I care?
He's dead. He's done.
He's my black bread.

Would he have lied
about this life?
What did he do?
Do I care? Do I care?

Papa said,
Don't lie.
Don't ever cut your ties
on accident, with some
accidental psychosis.
Kid, know your mind.
Kid, live your life.

Papa said,
Don't break.
Don't snap yourself in half
folding for other eyes,
Keep living, Kid.
Learn to bend.
Apr 2019 · 403
FCK 666: "Great"
A Simillacrum Apr 2019
I do regret my mistakes,
can't let my regret take away
my drive to do great things.

I do strive for steady strides,
can't let my impetus subside
behind the crashing waves.

I do regret my mistakes,
can't let my regret steal away
my drive to correct myself.

Oh, baby, I
have so
very many
to fix, to mend
the marks
on display,
I'll start
with the one who

made the

I will bridge the past
to the future and I'll use
the present as the sling
with which I'll send my self.

I'll be great.
Apr 2019 · 378
FCK 666: "Moorland"
A Simillacrum Apr 2019
You wrap around
me, like a fog.
Haze of bitter
sweet miasma.
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