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Selena 3d
I wore our relationship like an old noose
Because I liked the feeling of the heaviness , the feeling of my breath slowly escaping me
But it was always my fault.
Your words spit fire leaving my heart aching
Your hand print rests on my skin as a reminder that I was wrong.
I apologize that I keep falling apart before your glue has time to dry.
But I’m tired and ashamed
My glue doesn’t want to stick anymore
I have kissed boys
People in between but lately
I’ve been kissing bottles
Their lips are colder than yours
The blade that kisses my wrist reminds me that I’m not alone Because I would rather bleed to know I’m alive then try to pick myself back up for you, but , I apologize for my broken heart.
When you are blushing and hiding yourself, your beauty is reflected by your thin dress.

you are bowing down your eyes, and my heart is beating .

your eyes are like lake in which i want to sink .

your lips like leaf of rose.

you are not less than moon , like everyone want to see moon , like that i want to see you again and again.

by coming in my arms and let remove the veneer of shyness

Get so immersed in me that one body is two lives.

I want to behold you every moment, do not blink my eyes, let me see your such a spirit
This Poem for newly married couple at First night ( golden night )

It's touching the heart
I would rather live my life
Chasing my childish dreams
Then wait for them to pass by
Until they're too far away
For me to reach them.

I don't want to be like my parents
Who work so hard for the money
But not for their personal happiness
I wish they can look in the mirror
And meet their real selves again.

They say it's for the best
For the family, to be precise
Why would they believe
That their unfulfilled lives
Will benefit me?

I don't see a loving sacrifice in their eyes
I see a dark hole wanting to be filled
With dreams once more.
Laura May 11
I made excuses for you
Then I’m sorry.

Not to you,
But to me.

I didn’t deserve that sort of disrespect
From either of us.
Shadow Mar 3
Your sorry has no meaning anymore
It is no longer like before,
They're nothing but a simple sound
So speak less and act some more
For only actions open doors

It torments me every night
It is a thorn inside my heart
And your sorry
Means nothing
It's over used and clichèd
It's lost its meaning.

You've lost yourself.
Tom Fawley Apr 2
Can you feel it?
Can you fee the heat?
Can you feel the pressure in the atmosphere, or is that just me?
When did the calm disappear
and my palms get sweaty?
****, I'm unsteady on my feet.
I've been flipped like a lightswitch.
Cool and collected I am no more.
The words I pitch to you are already formed without thought
and will hit you full force.
Maybe I could've waited?
But angers never procrastinated.
It's instant and feroucious.
I know this, you know this, we all know this.
But it doesn't help knowing in these briefest of moments.
A flash and its done,
nobodys won.
Just two broken people with regrets of whats happened with a loved one.
What a shameful and painful time to be alive.
It almost hardens the heart,
It takes its toll on the inside.
It's something we can't plan for
We can only realise after the fact and apologise.
Even if the wound is still sore.
I'm sorry.
In that moment my mind was blinded.
Can you forgive me for that moment of unkindness?
Argument, anger, passion
will I ever be okay
when you break me down
and apologize insincerely
when I can't hold back my tears
and my eyes swell with sadness
when my pain is so relentless
I tire and break faster than each time before

will I ever be okay
or am I trapped like this?
cursed with this?
broken by this?
seeing your happiness
is burning a hole in my heart
slowly and painfully
until my tears sting
as deadly as a hornet
in my chest
and I cry out my last words
wrapping me up in your lies
choking me
forcing out my old apologies
the kind
I have never once heard
from your sorry mouth
Acina Joy Feb 23
Hey, I'm sorry
For not telling  you beforehand
I'm sorry
If I somehow make a mistake
I'm sorry
If I somehow hurt you again
I'm sorry
If I keep on loving you

But, you don't have to forgive me.
You really don't have to.
All my poems be about romance and stuff.
I never jumped over the edge took a chance on stuff.
But I may have peaked and glanced at stuff.
I may have needs like financing stuff.
I’m trying to gain profit on monopoly.
Not talking board game, not it obviously.
My reality is stuck on apologies.
Sorry, Forgiveness, Excuses, Yeah I abused.
If the words are free then I won’t refuse to use it.
I’m not advertising but that symbol said, “Just Do It”
So I’m going to do it and try to get it done.
Pray for a brother my sister nun.
God is the father, I’m just his son.
Raised by the church but not from birth.
We’re all born of sin, God lift this curse.
We all want to win, Quench this thirst.
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