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A petition for forgiveness
Filled with happy lies and conniving rights
Sourcing change from numerous why's
Oh my, what a life to hide.

Building hope from where the past has been
Only to grieve from what has been
But never have I dream't of love so divine
Until I met you, and it all came alive.

But why do I cringe at all that I have
Only to weep to have it all back in mind
I'm sorry, isn't what you desire
But my love, its all I own in this life.
21st NOVEMBER, 1999
It’s not easy going crazy on your own
Praying for insanity to find another home
Hoping courage would heal all wounds
But breached by the reality of being lost
I need you
More than I should
How have I become so unknown
Stitching memories up
It’s not easy going crazy on your own
And I have tried all there is
I need you
More than I should
clever Jun 6
one day, i hope that i'm so good at writing apology letters
that i never have to write another one.
Gnat May 7
These days, the sun sleeps against
a wistful twisting of violet blue.
Pretention? Brake pad. You
told me that
my cadence is lyrical,
so, which is it, Mister?

I know myself to hell.
The mistake I keep making
is letting another tell
me they know me
just as well.

I mean, maybe.
I mean, maybe.

-- though, the more often you say it,
I can't help but think that the odds
come up in your favor ever less.

I know myself to hell.
The mistake I keep making
is letting another tell
me they know me
just as well.
Nava May 2
A sour soul
    with clever strategies
To use another.
With fake apologies
A shiny new role   
An attempt to feel less
You'd waste a brother
                      to never confess
Your words, like chess pieces
You change the rules
        Secretly as you wish
To steal the attention of fools
            A character become absurd
                 With only feces
                     Leftover in your dish
Pulse Apr 19
why can't we just be friends?

(why are you doing this? why can't being friends be enough? i don't have anything more to give you why do you keep trying to tear me apart, why are you looking for more. why am i not enough)

you're worrying me

(i don't know how to help)

please talk to someone, anyone.

(i can't be your therapist, you don't listen to me, you don't care, you just keep throwing me into the horrible reaches of my psyche and hurling words shaped from barbed wire and sharpened steel, expecting me to take every hit and then take all of yours.)

this isn't healthy and it might be more than i can help you with

(i can't help myself how can i help you?)

wait, i'm sorry, please don't leave

(god we both need so much help.)
Ray Dunn Apr 14
My apologies can never
be as loud as they should,
apparently I must die
to show I’ll never be good.
I’m so bad w apologizing idk why
KE Apr 4
we talk, but we’re not saying anything; we’re
just tracing circles with our tongues and hoping
it somehow it says enough.  maybe if we say
the same things over and over again, we can
make something out of our endless nothing
--but darling, i don’t think it works that way

we write, we teach ourselves to talk in tongues;
reciting words we cannot say out loud, twisting
them into some sort of meaningful display of
the truth.  maybe we’ve been dancing around
our lies too long, making fires out of matchstick
promises. apologies are hard, sure, but it’s even
harder to mean them, darling.  

you can ask me over and over again:
“what is it that you long to hear?”

and i’ll keep saying:
“if you don’t know by now, what’s the use?”

we talk, but we’re not saying anything.
we exchange apologies like handshakes
--and darling, i don’t think it works that way

Written for NaPoWriMo 2019
Ray Dunn Mar 31
I’m so sorry that
my apologies
could never be
Oh gosh I’m all over the place haha
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