Malak S 5d
I’m sorry
I’m sorry you weren’t courageous enough to fight the war against my thoughts
I’m sorry
I’m sorry my ship sunk faster than it could sail
It seems that my heart is flailing and the numbness has yet to reach my finger tips, but it’ll surely give in any second now
And I hate the way the stars aligned against us,
But what I hate more is how I thought you wanted every part of me only to realize you wanted the diamonds that came to being because of the overwhelming fire that continues to burn within me.
I’ve built walls to keep galactic beings like you out, because I knew the black sky would never look the same.
The moon was mine and now, it no longer is;
The moon hangs across my night sky, rotating in my solar system, existing within my galaxy, and fills my universe
The moon is no longer mine
And it hurts.
It’s like a needle pricked my skin and I’m watching the blood ooze out but I’m hoping my skin refuses to clot because then all I’ll be reminded of is the pain
And it’s always better to feel something rather than this void that eats me up for breakfast and leaves me drained for lunch until I’m starving for dinner.
I’m sorry
I’m sorry
I’m sorry I showed you parts of me you didn’t truly want to see
sorry these words are all I have as a form of honesty
The world continues to light match sticks and spark my house on fire
I’m unfortunate enough to realize that I’ll never own a home, most importantly not one within you.
All good things come to an end, yet it’s still not the end of the universe.
Sayer Feb 16
how do I say sorry to someone who is dead
how do I get right in the head
how do I nail the final nail in the bed
how do I learn to respect those about to be wed

how do i raise my pup
how do i stop throwing up
how do i not spill from the cup
how do i grow up

how do i begin again
how do i forget about my end
how do i turn around the bend
how to i  burn the money I lend

how do I forget about you
how do I know what I am supposed to do
how do I blend in with the blue
how do i something something mary sue

how do i forget what's real
how do i remember your deal
how with the dead do i seal
how did i forget your meal

how do i remember the warmth and the tears
how do i get rid of my fears
how do i not cut myself on the shears
how do i consult your seers

how can I get you to fall in love
how is it you can fly like a dove
how is an angel sent from above
how have you cursed me with pain thereof

how was i supposed to feel this way
how was i supposed to know i would waste away each day
how do I know this is the right bed to lay
how do i know what i am supposed to say
My name after a soothsayer except not
Ashley Lingy Feb 4
You look at me and
your smile
It should.

You left us.
I’m left
in disbelief.

What did you mean when you said
Now you snatch that word with cruel fists,
crushing it beyond recognition.

I glance away.
I’m standing in rubble,

Maybe I can handle a
S l o w
S t e a d y
D  e  c  a  y,

Can I handle the
thoughtless detonation
of my one sanctuary?


I sift through the debris;
we are lucky.
Everyone survived.
But you should suffer
for every bruise and wound
your twisted apologies left behind.

You know what the worst part is?
Every time I
see your face,
hear your name,
remember your embrace,
I miss you.
Em Jan 31
I'm sorry.
If that's what I'm supposed to be.
My mother always told me
I need to increase
My humility.

I'm sorry.
Truly painfully.
But I'm stubborn
and can't afford
to be

Because my ego is
built like a house
That I live in
and breathe for.
I worked
for this house.
For this roof that covers my head
and no one else's.

I'm sorry.

For who I know
and who I do not know
how to be.
Fuck me.
I'm Sorry.
Your words are soothing, your voice even more
So when I become terrified I run to you and let it pour
Into that ever patient smile, those oh so gentle fingers
Tapping cryptic messages into my shaking spine
Erasing any tensions and fears that might linger

My eyes walk a line, my mind level tenuous
My speech and my smiles, to put up are quite strenuous
It seems every time that I become unhinged
I hold onto your reassurement, but my claws dig in
In efforts to not harm you, I scar my skin
And with every struggling effort, it seems I’ve infringed

The rules you laid down and the promises I spoke
But you of all people should know there’s lies in my speech
So if you don’t like when I’m hurt, cover your ears when I screech
Sorry, that was unfair and rude of me...
I always speak without thinking clearly
Or even worse, I’m inconsiderate and hurt the ones I love dearly

And you! I promise I hold you quite close!
You’re lovely in my mind, a first and foremost
And yet for all my lovely words, and unabashed claims
It seems you’re affected by my hurricane state most
As I waltz on your heart and lay it to maim

You have a precious heart of gold
And yet despite that, the one you hold
Is my quivering, worthless silver one
I don’t understand how you love someone like me
Or in my silver heart, can find beauty

I don’t know which way I love you, what to say, or what to do
But I do know with everything in me, I most definitely need you
(directed to the one I care for most, my beloved golden heart. )

And so the real question is, do I ever let you know?

on a weird side note, lines 15 and 16 should be combined, but with the hp formatting, they didn't fit sooo
Maddy S Jan 25
The day we broke up,
I thought you would just be mad at me,
And then you would help me with whatever I was going through,

Were you scared,
Were you worried that I would cross a thin line of skin and blood,
Why did you break up with me when I needed you the most,

You knew I needed you,
But you left me in the dark,
Did you not think about how bad I would feel,

Apparently, I was wrong,
You were right,
You aren't like anyone else,

Because you knew I would do anything for you,
You knew I would help you through any and every situation you dealt with,

It makes me so angry that the person I needed the most on December 6th would walk out on me,

So like I said before,
Were you scared,
Or did you just not want me anymore?
This is a poem about how I felt on December 6th of 2017,
I never got an answer to why she broke up with me until one of my best friends talked to her,
She was planning to break up with me after our one month anyways...
Guess it was a good opportunity to break up with me...
skyler Dec 2017
mean nothing
when the action

I said I didn't want to talk
so I ignored you
Too long

I said sorry
You said it's fine

Ups and downs is what we had
The fifteen days with you were nice
We are over it now

You give me balance
Yet your surroundings are in chaos
I am my own chaos

I think of you at times
Hoping that you are safe
In the turmoil of Catalonia
worry for a friend
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