We talk about Political Correctness
And Propriety
And Appropriateness
And it's too Sexually Explicit
It might offend the children
If we talk openly
About Genocide,
All this Censorship
Is not designed to "protect" anyone.
It's just the way we,
Avoid Taking Responsibility
And Growing Up!
Sexually Explicit Content
Offensive to the Establishment
You can't say That here.
By the way,
What were we talking about anyways?
Sara Fielder Sep 2016
Up and down
up and down
up and
like that homo with OCD
turning off and on the light switch
10 times then stepping backwards to
do a pirouette in reverse
before he leaves the house
you were my buttercup
I wanted to saw off your head
and bury it in the backyard
next to the hamster
I forgot to give water to
I want to saw you up
my little buttercup

Written by Sara Fielder © Feb 2012
Somedays are good,
Somedays are bad.

Others will leave you,
Feeling quite sad

But never forget,
At the end of the day.

You're just a fuck up,
**No matter what you say.
Gul e Dawoodi Aug 2015
Everytime when I cry
I ask myself 'why?'
Why it all have to be this way?
Why I have to be a part of this play?
Why someone has to be a joke every day?
Why don't people just stay away?
Why I have to be strong anyway?
Why everybody here always says
'It's okay'?
They tell me to stop being so over sensitive
But nobody  understands what's going on in my head
They tell me to forget and move on
As they don't seem to care
Every night I give up
Give up before this emotionless  society
And close my eyes while hoping  for a good  **day
Now I know why I don't like people.
Arlo Disarray May 2015
For every follower I gain, I lose three
And it's so sickly hilarious to me
Sometimes I guess the honest things I say
Scare some folks and make them run away

My filter is broken, so run if you must
Only time will tell when yours too will bust
But my words just flow freely, I don't let them hide
I unleash all the rotten things I hold inside

Fuck, shit, cock are just a few words you might read
And if you're offended by that, then unfollow me, indeed
I hate on lots of things that other people tend to love
Like the imaginary friend you call your Great Father Above

So if you don't like the things I write, you'll feel so much richer
When you click the "Following" button across from my picture
Do You ever get a bad feeling of
Being ignored.
Well I do.
Its horrible
Not quite sure if I have done something
*To offend ...or hurt them *
Nothing to hand I can think of.
The other niegbour ignored me too.
Its bugging me ..
Don't know what to do .
Confront her ..
We have been friends for years
She really cared for me ..
Nicole Bataclan Jan 2015
Was that offensive to you?
I was just pointing out
Something obvious.

Oh dear,
If it were clear
I am sorry to disappoint
It was so smart I missed your point.
Raven Sep 2014
I depend on you
The way my oak tree
Depends on
A dead branch.

I hope she
Doesn't become
Dead weight,
In the way you
Emily Tyler Apr 2013
You tell us to

But you mean the word

And you think it's mean
Because of
Mental retardation
And how it hurts
Their feelings.

Stop that word.
I won't mind.

Just don't turn around
And call

— The End —