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Shakytrumpet Dec 2019
"It's nice to take a
couple of shots to clear your
mind", -John Kennedy
JFK is my favorite president
Shakytrumpet Dec 2019
Amputees are left
out, some don't even have
the right to bear arms
Ummmmmm, yeah sorry
A Simillacrum Aug 2019
ever been a ***** or a ******?
i have. and other names
mostly given.

ever been a scapegoat?
i have. been a toy
to the hatfields and the mccoys.

any ink of brain leakage
taken to the sawbone
stitches over stitches
on my lips sewn by my own hands
the sands of time have passed, slow
as they can fall --

blood from rips goes on the walls
smear memories on the old ****
to make a little sense of the prison
in which i was living

make a little bit of sense of my enemies
apparently, i choose to ride the prisms
of a prison to the coffin, as i'm better use dead
but what kind of exit is a bullet to the head?

tell you, it's a mess, what it is
MisfitOfSociety Jul 2019
You like to **** in the wind,
But get upset when your clothes get wet.
You're not going to like what I have to say,
But I am just going to say it anyway.

A barking dog in high heels,
Stops my voice from raising above my breath.
Changing channels to change our minds,
You should just go ahead and off yourself.

You tell me what to say,
You tell me what I should listen to,
You tell me what I should play,
I can do what ever I want to do.

******* invertebrate!
You can't stand by yourself!
MisfitOfSociety Jun 2019
Don’t read this poem!
It is disgusting!
Hide the kids!


Lady of the drains, children of the ****,
Have been taking your **** for far too long.
Her once white bridal dress is now brown,
Stained by the **** and **** you flushed down.

Death came from every open window.
Unexpected rain fell down to the streets.
You waited for the weather to carry it all down,
For Venus to take it and cleanse it all underground.

This is how the world ends!
Engulfed by your own tithes and offerings!
The prisoner of Cloaca Maxima!
Is sending every prayer back to the sender!

We are the **** and **** you thought you flushed away!
We are coming back up to drown you today!
Out of all the ways to go this had to be it!
Drowned in your own **** and ****!

You caged Venus below your cities,
Punished her with your iniquities.
You thought we were gone when you pulled the handle down,
But we are coming back up and bringing a **** storm

Venus gave us a conscious,
She weaponized us.
All little things add up over time,
Surely you were prepared for this?!

Like the bud of a tossed away cigarette.
You didn’t think much of us then.
The bud hatched open a forest fire.
You are thinking alot about us now.

Trying to build an ark when the flood has already come.
You never learned to swim so you are going drown.
Next time you shouldn’t leave your armbands at home!

You plastic wrap your stink hole,
Hoping not to add more to us.
Your chocolate starfish bursts open,
You’re gonna add more to us.
It all has to come out eventually!

We're coming out of every faucet, pipe, plug hole, shower head and toilet!

***** rising up around you,
Surrounding you,
Covering over you,
Suffocating you!
Out of all the ways to go this had to be it!
Drowned in your own **** and ****!
Love it, or hate it. You have to admit is is a pile of ****.
MisfitOfSociety May 2019
Hair stands upon jolted skin folds.
You never could eat a salad.
You look pregnant with a fat pig!
Large enough to eclipse the sun!
Large enough to cause nuclear winter for everyone!
Grass ceases to grow with every step that you take!
The earth weighs a percent more whenever you ingest!
Your rolls could warm the Eskimos!
An orchestra of clapping flesh fills the room with every movement you make!

You don't seem to care about the people you run over when rolling in the street.
You say it is their fault for getting in the way.
They all look like Indiana Jones trying to outrun a boulder.
Too many happy meals can make a lot of people unhappy.
Man sized pancakes dot the side walks that we all used to tread.
Skinny people no longer exist, they are all dead. You mistook them for French fries.

You are just as imperfect as me,
So who are you to point a chunky finger.
You think you are so big behind that screen. Lecturing me about body standards when you look like you washed up on the beach this morning.
Stop crushing your high horse and come down just a little bit.
Time for you to get a serving of your own medicine.
Gape those ears wide and give a listen:
I don't live to look good for some fat ***, greasy, disgusting pig on the internet, jerking off to ******* **** while his mother makes microwave pizzas upstairs!
So jam that finger up you ***!
nd Jan 2019
I know that feeling,

When you're angry
    but dont want to hang up.

He makes you mad
    but still, you dont want to hang up.

He says something that annoy you
    yet still, you don't hang it up.

We tease each other
     and still, you dont want to hang up the phone.
Brent Kincaid Dec 2018
I don’t call you crumpet
I doubt you taste very good.
But you fit the name strumpet
Like I was sure you would.
A better name would be porcupine
The pork part fits you so much
But it would be so very awful;
You’re a thing I’d hate to touch.

I’d call your crew a clown car,
But, while you are surely on wheels.
You are more of a slow train wreck
Based on the looks and the feel.
Some fools call you Robin Hood
But I reject that whole twisted pitch.
Robin Hood did not rob the poor
Just so he could give to the rich.

You think you’re a smart cookie
But, you are nothing but a crumb.
You think we are all of us stupid
But only your supporters that are dumb.
You’re a ****** cake that has fallen
With a poisonous coat of frosting.
You are not worth a penny of what
A disaster like you are is costing.

You leave a nasty taste in the mouth
Of those who have to be near you.
There is nothing about you at all
That would serve to endear you.
It really would nice if you would go
Live for decades in a prison cell.
That color of orange, for once
Would suit you so very well.
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