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Grey Nov 2020
One day, I’ll stop writing
One day, I’ll stop dreaming
One day, I’ll stop believing
One day, I’ll stop hoping
One day, I’ll stop trying
One day there will be no more poems written by me
And there won’t be anymore pain
One day I’ll be gone
Maybe it’s today
CROW Sep 2019
Skin them alive,
leave none to survive,
Shred them to pieces,
I am as phantom as cold summer breezes,
Lapping up blood like a good cat,
Eating children rather than a rat,
I can take flight like a bat,
Beat you to death from behind,
Eat your bones fresh from the grind,
Cut your throat pull out your tongue,
Can't find your body its so far slung,
A lil here a lil there,
ThIs MaKeS Me HaPpY
A Simillacrum May 2019
Nameless, near dead.
Aimless. In the stead
of a key to a kingdom,
I believe I received
the hand me down mess
of a life before my own.

How do I live?
Carpet to back,
eyes cast at the ceiling,
desperately loosing
my dreams and my feelings
in tears?

Drawing stick figure pictures
in the sands of my past, alive,
if not wealthy or well, I'm still
not sure what to tell you when
you ask how to survive.
Glenn Currier Apr 2019
I seem to lean
into my shadows, failures and faults.
That ***** too natural
and my downward leaning too easy.

What darkness have I learned?
What sullen seed has
merged into the deeper passages
to transform
into thorns?

Is it my repeated stumblings
or the sin of another
inflicted early
but now forgotten?
Maybe it’s so terrible
my mind has stashed it way way down
now a fungus still alive in the dark?

I feel too at home
dwelling in that cave
and I am in need,
I am sorely in need
of light,
enough lasting exposure
to **** the blight
scorch the itch
and set me leaning
into an upward pitch
to thwart the dark

jenna Jun 2018
i am the “beware of dog” sign
and you are the dog
you are behind me
on a chain
loud and angry
i am there
so the next person that crosses your path
cannot be upset
as there is a sign
that warns
to beware of your tendencies
Jessica Jarvis Apr 2018
Funny how easy
Loves appears to be, until
It laughs with the other easily
Reconcilable "maybes"
That devalue your first "hello".

First, it began as "hello".
Little did you know how
Interested he would be in you, but
Reflecting on it now, you see how those
Tender tendencies weren't exclusive.

Finally, all you have left is "hello",
Like every other girl he knows.
Inevitably, you're one of many
Recycled pretties that thought
They were more than another "maybe".
Azrapse Mar 2018
My feelings faded away
Now all I feel is blue
I wonder why I’m so down
I’m always high
It doesn’t make sense
So I try some **** that’s more intense
I live with a bottle glued to my hand
And I have bottles of pills on deck
These drugs I self prescibe
Just to make me feel alive
The liquor helps me smile
But it makes me feel more numb
This **** helps me think
But it makes me more dumb
This yay makes my whole life feel A’okay
But it’s really ******* up my brain.
Bella Kiilani Feb 2016
Even if they hand you the scissors.  Even if everyone tells you, "you should."
You can't truly severe the ties, unless you make the choice that you want to.

And the thing is,
I don't want to.
Sam Yarbrough Jan 2016
At times you will tether
yourself to another
And pull hand over hand
just to discover
you've woven every strand
but all you are holding
is a rope made of sand
Am I inclined to believe,
Or required to deceive
Another trick up my sleeve to make you pleased
With emotions I've presented you with
Contagious like disease
This love I'll infect you with
See how much I can give
See how much you can receive,
*I'll make you believe you can't deceive
What can see right through you
Practicing Flow
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