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What if stars were
Giants so large we couldn't see them walking
And voices so loud we can't even hear them talking
Beings so high we only see them spin
Yet we only find the truth within
Breathing in the spectrum while waves pulsate in tempo
To the patterns heaven plays with the weather and its reflection
I could contemplate the motion of the sky
But it wouldn't take the ache away that wakes the soul inside
A moment in desire will wake the egos fire
And the way this system was designed if we temper we’ll burn higher
I try to Stay away from gains that make us consumed by currency
Because it only makes everything feel like a sudden sense of urgency
May a Blade be sharpened by the still and patient warrior
Complacent expectations makes the act laborious
So practice makes perfect, its been said a thousand times
Yet somehow we only remember after opportunities arise
You can say you know
Have you felt it in your bones?
That pure electric feeling coming from experience alone
Step back and observe the trails walked before you
Maybe the path you seek has already been laid out for you
Or maybe it was never there, no steps to see no sea to fare
Perhaps your destiny is to create it and bear the duty to share
A Simillacrum Jul 2019
this ******* thing came to this:
two brains, sever and split.
two pigs, top of the town,
made marquee marked on the ground!

i'm smothered, but
the fourth wall's
done getting scraped!

version one point one was nothing new,
these scrapes make room for version one point two.
Masha Yurkevich May 2019

March 4th


the only date that encourages us to
go on.
I know it's not March 4th today, but I just thought of this.
March fourth(forth).
Fullfreddo May 2015

not a fan of reality TV,
plenty of "unreal" episodes
of my own direction stored,
available for further review
in the storage units of
neuronic black and white prison brain cells

which is why I have free~will chosen
to enumerate my poem~videos;
for easy retreat retrieval resurrection
of the travelogue of mind own insurrections

a garage of mobility devices,
car, rollerblades, cross country skis plus,
a potpourri of escape methodologies
that by definition are all round trippers,
returned to their storage unit after use

and I count them Noah~like,
two by two, as they come on board,
and when they disembark for days of
rest and recreation

this one, #4,
is born
among headstones,
just anther memory storage unit
flag decorated,
but different

This is a one-way,
no return,

it can be viewed at anytime
by those who care to be users,
by speaking this:

Read to me poem number four,
on a day we celebrate,
about free men of every color and persuasion,
who are calling out to
open the door to storage unit four,
so we to can perform
our once-a-year
Tour of Duty
to the those who called,
and answered with limb and love,
for by their glory,
we are
free too

to remember in any way we choose

memories of a veterans parade,
on a May Memorial Day
time , what time?
first, i asked

my neighbor at sit answered
the time passed

my wait annoyed
second, i asked

he answered with anger
i waited

third, i asked
he was annoyed

he answered
fourth, i asked
he shouted and answered
sixth, i asked

he threw his watch
he ordered," take

asked it much"
the patient has limits, do your look to get the good
Isaac Aug 2018
If a fourth wall did exist
Like in the fictional stories you know
How different would you act?
Would you smile and put on a show?
I believe there is a fourth wall
A person who lives outside time
Watching and studying us all
Aware of the thoughts in our mind.
His name is Holy Ghost
He fills this world to the brim.
He waits for people to break
The fourth wall and talk with him.
Written 8 August 2018
Danial John Jul 2018
A friend
An end
Over extend
Do it over again

More than glances
Is it magic
Mental dances

The hurt
More than you deserve
Such a flirt

My love
You're a drug
Squash me like a bug

No longer in flight
Future bright
I'd make it right

Too soon
Not human
What am I doing

Please trust
Things rust
The deepest cut
Wouldn't stop my love
So many chances waisted
Elizabeth Zenk Jul 2018
Paralyzed with fear on a Fourth of July
Fireworks popping like explosive kernels.
Thunder booming like the loudest engine
The lightning cracking is the worst of it.
Shaking with fear as a lightning storm approaches.
Salty liquid pours down my face as watch countless strikes slamming against the otherwise calm tranquil lake.
I couldn’t do it.
Just like the lightning, I crack in a blaze of charged energy.
Sprinting away from it all.
Sprinting away from you.
June-July 2017
My last match lights a small flame of hope
I still am trying to protect it to this day.
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