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Ken Pepiton Jul 2021
When do we ever learn?
Ever started, some time ago,
that is how you know,
you know, so
you ever did learn, once
this, at last. Just now.
Pollan says CA legalized acid -- now, it gets interesting
dearly beloved
Kagan only
to brighten
robe in
La Jolla
with Saint
Mark there
on the
Square when
Harlem was
despair yet
Georgetown there
made this
legal parade
mirrored in
this Fall
of 2020
Lil Moon Moon Jun 2020
On the edge of seventeen,
And on the brink of eighteen.

Wow ain't that a scary truth?
Growing up is such a funny thought;

You're a carefree kid once upon a time,
And then a mature adult on the clock's next chime.

Turn eighteen, they said,
Join the big boys, they said.

But truth is, adulthood is a serious business,
One that comes with bills, and debts, and losses.

It may be my one ticket to freedom and legality,
but it sure is hell carrying all that responsibility.

So thank you sir for the nice offer,
But I don't really want to get involved there.

I'm comfortable here in my naivety,
Where my childish whims are the propriety.

So let my eighteen candles burn bright up ahead,
Cause I'll douse it out without an ounce of dread.
Kathleen Jul 2019
The bills you get from an ATM located in a Headshop called the Refinery in the Valley are not going to be the same that you cash out of your local Wells Fargo.
They've been used before.
You can almost imagine the staff feeding the all-cash green you give them back into the machine (once a day when things are slow).
These are just facts.
When you say you don't want a 3:1 you want a 3:0... They show you a 3:1 anyways.

You know, the marketing system has really changed.
I get a discount for bringing in two newcomers.
My coworker keeps saying we are buying 'drugs'.
I tell her 'it's not "drugs";
even before the legislation passed, all you needed to say is that you had cancer and they would drive away ashamed for asking'.

I tell the staff I want something that will get me through the day,
nothing too crazy and I don't want to fall asleep.
I end up with a 3:1 CBD hybrid again.
I pay my 101.00 for the hybrid and a bit of gummy 50/50 Sativa and indica hybrid 'for the road'.
She giggles.
I remind her we have a whole department dedicated to this **** now,
she should act more professional as she selects her joints.
My other coworker gets a salve because his joints have their own problems.

Just another day with the work-family.
A Simillacrum May 2019
Ever seen a list like this?
Nothing in a name that's not in me.
Want proof?

According to you, I was so, so loose,
I would have come undone.
I'm floating now, aimless, as loose
as I ever was in youth.

Ever seen a list of names
so long, you thought, what's so bad they must

Hear me now, I'm amalgamation.
Reminder that you can change your mind
as much as you like and not have to hide
the rush of your wave from the water at large.

You're in charge.

And when the trolls come along, as they must,
just trust the pull of your lungs to take
a deep, deep breath all up inside.

And say,

"Yeah, it exists in others.
It must be all up in me, too.
Yeah, I **** them off, cause
it exists in me at all --
But I'm just as much
a piece of glass.
Does your reflection
off of me make you mad?
Not much I can say to that."

I'm Gnat.
a mayflower
is please
the art
of law
to pursue
investigator of
its pill
when a
foothill is
mother to
triumph of
ill while
you are
nature's force
here but
taken true
elegant again
ah traverse
the towns
with mine
along and
together and
where deep
pants shrill
only alarm
regulatory enzymes
and my
quill with
butter would
still lease
the peace
with total
abandon and
apartheid outlawed
Maria Etre Feb 2019
I copywrite
to copyright
Reserve all rights
Broadsky Jan 2019
It's 4:18 in the morning and everyone here at home is asleep, they can't hear me tossing and turning in my bed, the squeek of the springs are keeping me awake.
It's 4:19 in the morning and I'm packing a bowl wishing you were here next to me.
It's 4:20 in the morning, I flick my lighter and inhale, hoping you feel a little buzzed too.
Can't help myself.
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