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Raven Feels May 3
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, sometimes strangers can become the holders of our deepest secrets:>

awaited so long so vast to confess a blurt out a must say

that my hopes came to the ultimate settle to the unspoken overwhelm of this May

hurdled in my lap like a shiny relief anticipation

hidden doors under that rag to a whole new brilliant creation

never have I ever came to express to redeem a share

in a chaotic crowd in a room for that daemon monster flare

bare me the tears

been shed been dear on the angel

on that blanket that saint of the painful

don't get this wrong it was a cry of surreal

of a friendship that I dreamt of a cherish

for those pure souls to come to an emotional peel

Raven Feels Apr 26
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, I stopped for a glare--then regretted the unfair:)

up on high

still feels they glide

inflicted on the mind

no fear no mercy in the blinding neon stinging light

already alone summoned my end

no upon that seat I nursed I wish to bend

look for far in the eyes that chaotic that ray

a crowd I leave in its uneven may

on my finger tip

a better fate for them to sit

The crowd always controls you
and you will feel lonely
because you do not know who you are.
Indonesia, 12th April 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Ylzm Apr 9
we each walk our paths, many did not find theirs
rushing here and there, heeding voices and examples
the company of others comforting but void
and without you becoming the whole is marred
deadhead Mar 3
I can't help but
search for you
in every crowd
even when i know
you're thousands
of miles away
toleomato Oct 2020
Her last glimpse of me
Is of the dark tones of my shirt
Smudged into the shades
Of a busy crowd.
Namita Anna Givi Oct 2020
In the crowd, I feel alone.
The eyes looking at me -
They pierce through to my bone.
In them looks, I see their raw thoughts.

In the crowd, I feel alone.
The hands that reach for me -
No longer do I trust. For every time
I reached out, they were but a mere mirage.

In the crowd, I feel alone.
The words they say -
Their praises bounce off like raindrops on a gamp
Yet their criticisms - they stink me like a bee.

In the crowd, I feel alone.
Each time, a battle of them v/s Me-
I feel their weapons; I feel my adrenaline rush
Yet I am the only one on the battle field.
The battle rages on somewhere within me.
Bhill Aug 2020
who belonged to this heart
beating all alone
alone in the middle of a crowd
was it a he or she
how can you tell when striped of all protection
all coverings gone and naked among the masses
we can tell that this heart is alone
invite the heart to join in and welcome its independence
we all need
we all need to belong

Brian Hill - 2020 # 229
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