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yasmin 4d
in the middle
of the crowd
is where I feel
most alone.

they ask me
about the weather
and I tell them
of my storm.

theres a tornado
in my head,
a wildfire
in my heart.

they look at me
with regret.
i'm an alien
in their eyes.
A Simillacrum Sep 20
May take a bit to come down from seclusion.
Climbing for a gain, knew what I was losing.
It's on the T that time is balanced,
and I've seen it cemented.
It's on the scene with all the extras,
and I've seen myself in the crowd.
It is all about how we think
We fall towards what we lose
We love the one who is unreachable
We tend to forget who stays in front of us
We regret the chances we don’t take
We met the people who didn’t mean to remain
We touch the sky and hit the ground
We stand up again and lost in a crowd
I am yours in the first month of fall when the trees begin to dance their autumn song.
I am yours when the sun smothers your cheeks and I envy the way it kisses you.
I am yours when December air pulls against your lips and sends shivers down your spine.
I am yours in the crowd of a million people and I am especially yours when the silence of your solace drives you mad.
I love you.
and I am yours.
Hemlata Roy Aug 4
They go on searching in Kingdom of happiness
Trying to find a place of

When they realise that it is a barren field
Unexpected failures break their dream.

They are not searching for castle and king
But a crowd of dreams that they're loving .

Wearing a crown is not the only source of a beautiful smile
It is a strange heaven where nameless happiness lies.
'Strange heaven' one of the best poems written by me. It is my favourite poem.
xxx Aug 9
I stay at the payphone long after you’ve drunk yourself to sleep.
I tell you everything I want to hear.

There’s a lot I can’t say to your face.
It’s getting harder for you to find mine in a crowd.
Alexis Jul 13
the people
the.. bodies
the humans..
the faces,
too many
too many faces.

I thought maybe I would be okay,
that I can do this on my own,
but my mind betrays me once again,
my lungs and heart go faster than I can carry them.

there's no way out,
I'm in too deep
yes I'm drowning

but nothing
can save me .
This wicked world,
Is where I grew up.
Hated the crowd,
But I don't give up.
People stab me right in the heart,
And act like they are hurt.
Feeling this for ages,
Been living in the cages.
arian Jun 21
who am i to wish for the moon
when i'm just a part of the crowd?
and you say aim high?
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