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toleomato Oct 12
Her last glimpse of me
Is of the dark tones of my shirt
Smudged into the shades
Of a busy crowd.
In the crowd, I feel alone.
The eyes looking at me -
They pierce through to my bone.
In them looks, I see their raw thoughts.

In the crowd, I feel alone.
The hands that reach for me -
No longer do I trust. For every time
I reached out, they were but a mere mirage.

In the crowd, I feel alone.
The words they say -
Their praises bounce off like raindrops on a gamp
Yet their criticisms - they stink me like a bee.

In the crowd, I feel alone.
Each time, a battle of them v/s Me-
I feel their weapons; I feel my adrenaline rush
Yet I am the only one on the battle field.
The battle rages on somewhere within me.
Bhill Aug 20
who belonged to this heart
beating all alone
alone in the middle of a crowd
was it a he or she
how can you tell when striped of all protection
all coverings gone and naked among the masses
we can tell that this heart is alone
invite the heart to join in and welcome its independence
we all need
we all need to belong

Brian Hill - 2020 # 229
annh Aug 21
Lost in the empty crowd,
Searching for your eyes,
Questing for sweet recognition,
A face to call home.

‘In spite of its romantic frisson, the position of muse is very vague and largely thankless for the muse herself.’
- Katie Roiphe, In Praise of Messy Lives
Skyward Aug 18
Water, water everywhere,
Nor any drop to drink.
People, people all around,
Nor any word to speak.

The vastness of the ocean blue
Alludes to greater things.
The pleasures offered by the crowd
Are never what you think.
Kanika Chugh Jun 25
Brushes of Golden spark,
Igniting enigmatic eyes….
Bringing out the beauty inside out.

Often they say “you’re beautiful”,
Seldom they mean…
Invariably unfailingly they match beauty inside and out.

Capricious souls, always on lookout
Claiming to love roses with thorns…
Petrified with inside beauty if blown out.

Malignant steps attempting to curb the blaze
Demanding normality…
For they dread the glowing light shining out

It’s time to oppose the crowd
Leaving those hollow soothings unanswered…
Use that helpless wonder for the fears to break out.

As the sun sets to rest
Glorious reality checking in…
Take that burning desire to shine from inside and out.
Riley Jun 6
Numbed & dumbed
Into a void of oblivion
So far beyond the grasp of reality
My face is not my face but a doormat

Numbed & dumbed
A skull left to frighten
Watching you dance through little mirrors stuck in the eye socket
Peering, admiring
But who, admires who more?

But the skeleton, oh he stares, stares right back at you
With eyes crooning and booing
And me boohooing
The crowds tough
I’m looking for your face in the crowd
It always seems like I saw you
I cherish the memories and my dreams
The only things left me by you.

I follow your voice inside my head
It judges, it laughs, it whispers
The things I forgave
But need to forget
In order to take my life back
From you.
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