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A Simillacrum May 2019
I have no perspective, I
bring nothing new.
I absorb everything, I
am pressed to consume.

I consume. They press me,
to consume me, to imbibe,
to savor the flavor of
the fruits to their labor.

I'm impressed you haven't
yet guessed my game correctly.
(. . .rebranding. . .)
I'm impressed you haven't
yet guessed my game.

If I'm alive, then we're ******.
If I die, then you're ******.
Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die.
ConnectHook Feb 2017
♪ ♩ ♫ ♬♪ ♪ ♩ ♫

[for Snare Drum]

Client-centered, data-driven,
yet their sins are unforgiven.
Tweaking the assessment standard
while the Word of God is slandered.
Current practice (science-based)
meanwhile, souls are laid to waste.
Evidence-based evaluations
fail to stall abominations.
Power slideshows, bullet-pointed
bypass Christ, the Lord’s anointed.
Titled expert: talking wraith,
buzzword-based, devoid of faith.
Sources cited, praxis theorized.
Mankind’s plight ignored, unrealized.
Humankind enthroned, enshrined,
entombed in shadows yet unshined.
Branding, marketing, organized crime:
brother – can you spare a paradigm?
one of the basic rudiments of drumming, consisting of four even strokes
played in the order L-R-L-L or R-L-R-R.
♪ ♩ ♫ ♬♪ ♩ ♫ ♬♪ ♫ ♪ ♩ ♫ ♬♪ ♪ ♩ ♫
Go on;
swallow yourself whole.
force each tasty piece of *******,
each lie you tell yourself.
Open wide and fit all in.
Gorge on;
your manufactured nuance,
shout the praise of your “brand.”
don't let the real you out;
crush it in your hand.
Jayanta May 2014
She is tourney,
Everyone is pat by her,
Masked man and women are in hasten
For her ………
Under the mask everyone is afraid
But their mask portrays the valour….
A chimera, a phony intrepidness……
Implore for cupidity, majestic   canard …..
….. through branding …..!
Everyone is cover-up by masked branding and
skirmishing in the name of tourney !

— The End —