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Meg Thompson Sep 27
I can feel your touch, flowing through me.
The air on my breath, cold as the winter’s air.
I can’t explain it.
I feel cold, but I feel warm.
Drown me with your touch.
Pour into me your thoughts, your every desire.
Melt into me, soak me in your love.
Bea Aguilar Aug 18
Don’t let that black cloud
Rain on you.
Don’t let it soak
Your hair and cloak.

Sometimes it’s okay
To experience the drizzle,
Most often times,

Don’t let that black cloud
Eat you up.
Don’t let it flood your mind
Of things that you can’t rewind.

That black cloud is inevitable,
Even I can’t stop the horrible
Droplets to land on my face.

Know that you can do something about it.
You can open your umbrella
Or wear your hat if you will.

Most importantly,
Remember that there will be a shining sun
After this terrible, terrible
Black cloud storm.
Tell me what to improve on.
kiran goswami Jul 19
Misogyny tastes like the sanitary pad that has been used by her,
over and over again.
So it is not stained in blood but
soaked in blood.
Knife through viewing eyes
Red dawn soaks through a clean lense
Vision blurs to pain
Red dawn sets early
Red eyes shut and dawn sets.
A M Ryder Dec 2019
So another for the writer
Another bottle all by myself
To soak my soul
And drench any dream or hope
Of a happy life
I might have had left
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
My dreams are heavy,
that I often wake up
gasping for air.

My dreams are dark,
etched with loss and heartaches
that I wake up searching
for happiness.

My dreams feel real,
that I often **** up
trying to soak in reality
when emotionally and mentally
I feel the residue of the trauma
of being dragged through those lands.
A Simillacrum Jun 2019
Shore up,
sure enough,
I'm coming for that ***.

gonna rest,
I'm coming for the soak.

That ***,
bare, backed up,
and we're coughing up smoke.

Always coughing smoke.
Always on the soak.
Words' Worth Mar 2019
Walk this way
Take it from the river down in the east
A place down the west
Taking the troubles of my mind
Johnny has gone south
With his guitar in the wind
The hearing's tomorrow Summer
Where's the bride
She's in court for the hearing
It's Bonnie And Clyde
And the sea of dreams
Turning upside down
There representation of something unique
A pleasant hook
Of reality
There is a pressure to create
And develop the time, I **** and feel
I know and breathe
Among Murderers And COnvicts
As one person among the dead
As many in dread
As many dread my exorcism
The hollow breaths
The ghastly sharp sensations
The terrible tools of simpletons
These ghosts just sift through your river Styx
Like me
Here's a song, my trending candidature.
Masha Yurkevich Feb 2019
All the towels
and all the
would never be enough
to soak up
my sadness.
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