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Poetic T Apr 2020
I'm  missing some stiches,  
                         flawed genetic patterns
A Simillacrum Aug 2019
Fold for life, unfold for death.
Conscience coming on strong.
What are your regrets?
These bones would be between my
fingers regardless.
All good fun in tow,
but now your ghost knows.
You had a show to live,
and yes you did.
I see my feet fall
within your prints.
All good to blame,
when I'm doing this.
Martin Mikelberg Jan 2018
Everyone who naturally age and pass, the genes tell the tale.
Mazen Edlibi Jun 2016
Frowning in silence, gave me a personality of its own!
Childish face, surrendered me to leave things unsolved!
Shyness led me to keep million of things undisclosed!
After all that
I´m still looking for that fingerprint, that would get me
Paul Butters Jan 2011
Genetic engineering’s here to stay
Possibilities are endless, scientists say:
Men mixed with anything we can find:
Oak trees, wasps, ants and elephants combined.
Satanic horror armies sweep their enemies away
And Frankenstein’s monster’s little but child’s play
Compared with these.

Yet with Good intent,
And wisdom heaven sent,
Utopia or Paradise could be on its way:
Bumper bug-free harvests every day,
Giant fruit and docile, friendly beasts.
Food for all, and endless feasts.

All manner of
Or Evil
Is within
Our grasp.

It’s down to us.
(C) Paul Butters 2008. (Also used in biology lessons on genetics in Californian schools)!
Cori MacNaughton Jun 2015
Gene splicing recombinant E. coli:
What could possibly go wrong?
This is the 6th of fifteen 10-word poems I wrote this morning, 23 June 2015.  I posted them here in the order in which I wrote them.
Valo Salo Apr 2015
building up
a big mountain
then tear it down
give it to the clowns

for a feast
endless bottom
as a treat

it’ll likes get up
tear it down
it’ll likes get up
tear it down

trail of tears
chopped off
nail of thoughts
stopped short

ego invoice
taking drugs
fat berg sewer
horrible vanity

*it’ll likes get up
tear it down
it’ll likes get up
tear it down

— The End —