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A Simillacrum Sep 2019
Start to dance,
maybe my bones break.
Start to chant,
maybe my voice dies.

Start. Stop. Start. Stop.

With this wand,
I waive rust.
With this wand,
I let blood.

Start. Stop. Start.

I don't want blood.
I don't want to buff
your sword and
your armor

I only learned
this trade
for the portal spells.

I only want to
A Simillacrum Sep 2019
I'm right
on top of
things can't
you see it?

Oh! It's Friday
the 13th?
Thanks Cné.

I'm right
on top of
it, just -- just
trust me!

(An ounce of ****
per week and sleep,
dreamless sleep.)

I'm up
to date on
pop culture.

Oh! It's August
isn't it? Sep - tem
- ber. That's

what I meant.

(An ounce of ****
per week and sleep,
dreamless sleep.)

   Why can't I live like
Oliver Tree?

(An ounce of ****
per week and sleep,
dreamless sleep.)

   Why can't I live like
Die Antwoord?

(An ounce of ****
per week and sleep,
dreamless sleep.)

   Why can't I live like
Mr. Rogen?

A Simillacrum Sep 2019
Someone like me told me,
"You have to get involved."

Someone like me told me,
"You have to use your voice."

Someone like me told me,
"You're a disgrace
      to your people."

I said back,
"I can't argue that."

I think, what's
the point of getting mad?
I've been called worse
than a delusional man

in women's clothes.

I think, what's
the point of the pitchfork?
I think, what's
the point of fighting language?

Someone like me told me,
"You're part of the problem."

Someone like me told me,
"You've been brainwashed."

I said back,

I think, what's
the word I'd use
to describe you?


And that's okay--
Funny even,
when you're angry.

You're funny
when you're angry.

Ha      Ha      Ha      !
they told me i can't be an identity politician.

whew! dodged that pie to the face.
A Simillacrum Sep 2019
I don't want no more
I don't want no more
            in - ferno.
Once upon a time I
held dreams as close
as I went on
to hold smoke
in my lungs --

   I don't want no more.

Yes: maybe Davey is right.
Which edge is the knife's edge and
which edge is. . .

Which edge is which?

Yes: maybe my Davey is right.
Complacency kills
the best of all intention.

My sleep's been in detention.
Maybe taking the easy downer. . .
Maybe taking
the easy upper. . .

I'll      take      back

      my dreams.
i'm in a 9 day fall
from the stratosphere.
i'll make it.
Philomena May 2019
Brown Hair
Blonde Hair
Blue Hair
Dye it every color of the rainbow
And some more in between
Honestly if I had a dollar for every color I've had my hair I'd have enough to dye it again
Gabriella Feb 2019
blue drops fell
onto the rug,

the hair covered
in what we thought
could cure the sadness

is only soaked
in our emptiness.
Nyx Sep 2018
Roaring with colours
Wonderful and bright
Filled with the people
Who bring me such light

Dyed with their colours
All the reds and the blues
Staining my heart
Creating a wonderful work of art

A little bit of each person
Some a little more
Mixing new tones everyday
As each day its like an all out war

The colors they contrast
Making me who I am
Though some overpower me
Destroying parts of who I am

Though in the end I'm still me
Influence and painted by the people
Even if some parts are grey, dark and black
The rest is beautiful filled with the light of my history

From the colors of the rainbow and everything unseen
A walking masterpiece of colors
Drenched with dripping paint
Leaving my own mark on many others

Adding my own touch to who they are
b Dec 2017
There are certain parts of misery
That never made sense to me.
I never caught on to the self harm thing,
I figured I already felt bad enough.
I never drank it away,
Because a hangover was just a reminder
That putting a coat on
Doesn't stop the snow.
DABDA doesn't make sense either.
How can you be angry
About something you haven't accepted yet?

I do now understand masochism.
I certainly don't practice it,
But I get it.

The thing with masochism
Is that you really have to love it.
You really have to let go.
My nerves are just nerves.
My skin is just skin.
My eyes just make drawings out of ****.
******* purple from the fourth wall
Letting the people eat a different truth.

My brain on a steady loop
Of Whose Line Is It Anyway reruns
Just waiting to invent the next thing
We all take for scripture.
I'm going to go to bed now, and if this doesn't make sense when I read it over in the morning I will delete it because I am too tired to tell if I've actually formed sentences or not.
Oluwatosin Jul 2017
When dirt becomes a dye
no one has to tell a joke
people will naturally laugh with the hyenas
Howling and hiccuping
before they tear into grimly flesh.

They’ll talk to one another
in fits and starts.
Spotting stains on mopped tiles
Their tongue, the hammer of the judge,
stripping the “sanitation agencies” off
their robe of service.

Their society gradually becomes an appendicitis
It's streets drowned in *******
But it won't really bother the people

Until the day the fat maggot chokes on sewage

Then they'll gather together
And wonder what just happened
Copyright ©Ogunmola I.O
23rd June 2017
Jonah Long Mar 2016
Artists paint with ink and dyes
Others sculpt with clay.
But only a poet paints with words
What never fades away
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