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Zywa Mar 2023
Be responsible,

and legitimise nothing --

with a nice story.
The romantic illusion of folk culture and folklife studies

"Het Bureau - Afgang" ("The Office - Failure", 2000, Han Voskuil), page 188

Collection "Not too bad [1974-1989]"
Unpolished Ink Dec 2022
A harp that needs no fingers
no hand to pluck the strings
it speaks of love’s betrayal
and ****** when it sings
the stone had been left alone
to trek in search of a pool
that when a child offered the stone a floatie
the stone turned down the offer  
to drown
in the “stone’s special pool”
maybe the insecurity/pride/resentment
adding a extra ton or two
When I started hitting the gym, I had no trainer, friends and what not. Today I laughed how flustered I was when this other gentleman came up to me to give me advice.
Alan S Bailey Jun 2020
A million words, a million thoughts,
We've all been here writing till the end of time.
What new ones may have been brought?
It's all I can think of, did something happen?
Am I still original or am I out of line?

"Soon-to-be-victorious" you start the  song,
A dirge of memories past, till the very last.
The rhythm sounds like 'other time folk music,'
Played to an *****-like effect,
I guess you would be able to out-do my
Eccentric best.

Keep playing that well worn traditional back-days song!
You know I was here to **** you down all  along...
piper m Apr 2020
My baby
I don't want your leftover time.
Although I am sad that you are no longer mine,
You don't know what you want, babe
And I think that's alright.
But I know that I'm worth more than your leftover time.
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