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TomDoubty Jul 22
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The cupped hands,  the fat in the lamb
The fabled stories, the hook that stands
The shepherd's door, crossing a red dirt floor
Black Usk serpentining under
Table mountain, green with lambs
Licking at grass under peeling bells
That climbing call your dust to prayer
And to kneeling, on cold cushions
Under glass stained for sinners

Eli Eli Lama Sabachthani

Your fat in the lamb, your pink hands
Better to bury your rind in red earth
To cure your warts in whispering
Your sins to the dirt
Zywa Mar 31
Be responsible,

and legitimise nothing --

with a nice story.
The romantic illusion of folk culture and folklife studies

"Het Bureau - Afgang" ("The Office - Failure", 2000, Han Voskuil), page 188

Collection "Not too bad [1974-1989]"
Unpolished Ink Dec 2022
A harp that needs no fingers
no hand to pluck the strings
it speaks of love’s betrayal
and ****** when it sings
the stone had been left alone
to trek in search of a pool
that when a child offered the stone a floatie
the stone turned down the offer  
to drown
in the “stone’s special pool”
maybe the insecurity/pride/resentment
adding a extra ton or two
When I started hitting the gym, I had no trainer, friends and what not. Today I laughed how flustered I was when this other gentleman came up to me to give me advice.
Alan S Bailey Jun 2020
A million words, a million thoughts,
We've all been here writing till the end of time.
What new ones may have been brought?
It's all I can think of, did something happen?
Am I still original or am I out of line?

"Soon-to-be-victorious" you start the  song,
A dirge of memories past, till the very last.
The rhythm sounds like 'other time folk music,'
Played to an *****-like effect,
I guess you would be able to out-do my
Eccentric best.

Keep playing that well worn traditional back-days song!
You know I was here to **** you down all  along...
piper m Apr 2020
My baby
I don't want your leftover time.
Although I am sad that you are no longer mine,
You don't know what you want, babe
And I think that's alright.
But I know that I'm worth more than your leftover time.
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