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mia 2d
I hover over fractured water
the porcelain compels me to lean closer

"I am not lovable"
Tony Tweedy Mar 27
Are you raised or seated when you have to wipe your ***?
I feel compelled to ask you as there seems no rule of thumb.
Do you use your left hand or do you use the right?
Do you really scrub it or ****** it nice and light?
Do you scrunch the paper or fold it layered flat?
I hope I haven't intruded or offended by asking you all that?

My apologies but sometimes my brain just wont engage neutral gear.
Sorry everyone. Every so often I just have to get that stuff out of my head.
You didn't all really expect the "Bear" encounter was the end of it did you?
I run to my ceramic throne,
I feel it coming I groan.
I take my seat,
Try to ****,
To no avail,
I feel terrible.
I push more and more,
My face red, my  *** sore.
One last push,one last try,
A deep breath, a loud cry,
"Who let the dogs out, woof woof,
Out you come, you goof,
Something dropped,
It  worked,
Heard a large plop.
Gandy Lamb Feb 23
They says that he was a dead man walking
they says that he was gonna die tomorrow
But Heaven knows that he had the essence of chakra
The two streams of consciousness within his soul
They merge into one

In the desert, there is only sand
a glimmer of water
then nothing again
and then he lies down in the dusty volcano

Truly, life is like a toilet paper roll
we exist only to clean up ****
babygirl45 Jan 31
they look in the bowl
it is dark and and quiet
one stand alone
a poo is present
it glistens in the toilet water
the brown feels soft on my skin
'I didn't eat any corn'
I spoke to the poo within.
my poo
Your stream of thought pleases naught,
And swirls your mouth in toilet style,
In twisted humors,
It spouts your bile through your smile,
Where we all wish it would not
Joanne Russell Sep 2018
I painted a beautiful rainbow today
And then put it right on top of the toilet
But my friends told me to not
So I looked at them in dismay
For they did not understand me yet
That a rainbow should always lead to a ***
Joanne Russell Sep 2018
Today I write this
as I sit
Upon the commode
to take a ****
For at this time
my thoughts roam free
And anything can be made
known to me
Jack L Martin Aug 2018
I write these words
Whilst sitting on the can
Can you fold paper?
The paper man can!

He is sitting right next to me
Stuck to the wall
He's rolled up quite neatly
In a cylindrical ball

I'll pull a few sheets
Cause I'll need them for wiping
I'll do it right after
I finally  stop typing

I'll wipe once or twice
And turn around a check
I think I'll wipe thrice
To be sure, what the heck?

I'll flush it all down
In a brown yellow swirl
I'll wave to it goodbye
Then curtsey like a girl

Wash my hands, wash my face
I'll grab for Fabreeze
I'll spray it like mace
Smells like sweet island breeze

I feel so relieved
As I head for the door
That my ****** excretions
Are in me no more!
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