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A Simillacrum Sep 2019
Lose a tire? Tires,
they come and go.
Do you have a grip?

The wheel works, but,
what's the point
if the blue sparks fly?

Some words stuck
well inside this
sternum of mine
just need be said.

What's the point of
you and I, then?
Are we always safe?

What's the point of
this fear of life
when I'll soon be
nothing more than dead?

Hold your eyes, then,
til the heart arrives.
Sparks cannot fill
me up inside with dread.
JT Nelson Jun 2019
My tire was flat...
But only
on the bottom.
ms reluctance Apr 2019
If I open my eyes, I will be awake.
I am awake; I don’t want to open my eyes.
Even though dawdling in bed is unwise
it is a bad habit I have yet to break.
If I were a morning person, I would shake
off sleep’s sluggish cloak and arise
fresh as a daisy; my arms open to the skies
and greet sunrise without the bellyache.
NaPoWriMo Day 20
Poetry form: Octave
Jean Jul 2018
My heart is on fire
My eyes admire
They called it dire
And I must admit, this plan has backfired

For my body has tired
And I am forced retire
To the fact that I cannot be a liar

For I am sick
Love sick for you
my yellow
basket went
mash and
my tissue
twinges thee
there on
ring but
bard in
mine 'twas
graft that
mud came
a peace
fulfillment that
didn't regret
intake of
grizzly and
movable feast
a sweet
young thing
now fine
young cannibal
but least
theirs feast
of image
while beast
is fair
in whether  
still foregone
in yesterdays
why there's
peace of
mind again
in wiles
of me
a Girl Scout season
Chloe Chapman Mar 2017
people bore me                               loneliness bores me
people drain me                             loneliness drains me
people tire me                                 loneliness tires me
people misunderstand me            loneliness means I misunderstand myself
people ignore me                           loneliness is the epitome of being ignored
Colm Jan 2017
Cold caffeine
Warm room
Rain outside my windowsill

Quite chill
Somber tune
Waterfall which turns to snow

Hissing heat
Truth until it’s known to me

That underneath
Every tire
Grinds the morning words to speak
agalwithwords Sep 2016
We were flying across the valleys,
Searching the way through the alleys.
Suddenly out of no-where,
It came along with a loud bang!
Pulling the car in front of the house,
Two of us started getting into the rouse.
Luckily you knew how to fix the situation,
Changing the tire was a fun exploration.
You never know when along the way,
You will get a flat tire right away.
Stopping you along your life’s path,
Making you suddenly stumble across.    
When a flat tire actually happens,
Nothing it is just a way to toughen.
Having a spare is always handy,
Change it and move ahead in a jiffy.
This is not literal but metaphorical,
Life is like the road and we are in a vehicle.
You will never know when the curves will hit you,
A flat tire is the block anytime you can fall into.
Instead of crying and throwing a fist,
Give the time and make it all fit.
There will be many flat tires along the way,
Always buckle up and give your best to the day…
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