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A Simillacrum Sep 2019
I love the scratch and sniff.
I love the body whiff.
I love the ****** and smash.
I love the mind crash.

Such a sweet and salty face.
What a beautiful place.
Single wide, double or?
What future sits in store?

None for me?
None for you?
Look at us.
Look at you.

Apache beard.
A. Patch. iieh.
Nn, so desu ne.
Butter bean.

Cream white dream.
But sorta pink.
Stephen Moore Aug 2019
Drip drip,
Swarming silver drops,
Like rivets on cold metal,
But you are hot.

Crazy lady runs,
Chasing her own 24 inch waist,
Fighting fat.

Lycra leotard,
Fashionista fitness fetish,
Wanting every eye to desire her,
This is up. This has always been up!

The light, the flicker
Accompanied by buzzing fly,
Tided in a cobweb
A fluorescent tube light.
Lost in my Head Apr 2019
We're like chromatics
So close together yet not in tune
We're like fanatics
So busy looking we miss our June

We're so focused on future
We miss what happening around us
We're so focused on the past
We miss the gardens and the flowers

Don't abandon me
Don't leave me alone
Please don't make me
Sit here with myself

We are lonely nightmares
Haunting pasts that will not leave
We are mental warfare
My livelihood you like to reave

Don't abandon me
Don't leave me alone
Please don't make me
Sit here with myself

Sitting in the dark
Your embrace like death takes me over
Wondering where's the spark
Just to hear you scream and lose composure

I want emotion
to feel your breath just one last time
Of pure devotion
to give it all up for my prime

I will take off my mask
just so long as you take off yours
I will show you myself
and all that's kept behind closed doors
Sabbathius Aug 2015
I'm here to set all matters right!
For years and years I'll keep this fight!
To bring this city’s **** to light!
To strike them down with righteous might!

These parasites who live concealed
Shall never see their dreams fulfilled!
Shall dig them out, the hand of God!
Shall punish them, the holy rod!

Impending wrath will swiftly fall!
Undo mischiefs of those who crawl!
Defilers of the sacred code,
Are those who I completely loathe!

It is not late, although, to turn
To save yourselves from certain burn!
Receive the blessing of Our Lord
And He’ll put down His fiery sword

From now until the very end
To all of you, my help I’ll lend
The city walls I shall defend!
Be sure! They will forever stand!

*The High Fanatic Speaks... by João Massada is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.
This is merely a work of fiction. I am an atheist myself, and it is not at all my goal to turn someone to any group of beliefs.

I have a made a contest out of this poem in another community. In case you are interested:
Xyns Apr 2014
I trip
Then I fall

But it doesn't bother me at all
Upon my own name, I shall call
You think it's evil?
I'm just another kind of fanatic

It's ridiculous
Despicable me?
A little blood lust, maybe
Don't be so predictable

I'm only slightly insane
I'm still wondering why you came

There it is!
I hear the voices again!
They're screaming at me!
They don't wanna leave

Guess they're staying
And so am I
Oh, sweet child, don't you cry!
You're ugly with tears!

Can you believe it?
The demons chose me
It's wonderful really

Why are you running?
Do you think this is funny
It is, isn't it?
The sound of your sobs really cracks me up!

Twisted humor?
You're practically in a drunken stupor
Laughing, or are you dying?

I'm not sure anymore
But I see bodies all over the floor
Man, what happened last night?
Too bad I don't remember

See, you gotta know me
You can't just learn me!
Thought you'd been prepared?
Haha! Look what happened

You're trapped now
Never gonna get back there
Just stop screaming!
It's useless

Because I'm Satan, and I'm Ruthless

— The End —