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Lou Feb 18
When did I become disposable income?
I was so poor,
I know I must of seemed like a steal.
My bones are made of dehydrated milk and skin of a mothers welfare.

Support came with regrets, you know.
But how you managed to squeeze a penny from a SNAP of my belly-

You must be good with money
How you,
Leave pockets empty with no change
not even a wallet with a memory to care

Eat your heart out through an ***, Jeff Bezos.
Silver spoon deeply exempted and certainly a love affair.
Don't choke on *** of cold hard ****
It's free of charge,

I can't even save a seat for my fathers cooking;
(also dehydrated and distant in taste and substance)
let alone read a book written on saving money for someone special.

I had a bid in those texts you invested in
I hope you are rich and get all the love
Certainly someone must.
Cause I feel I am getting hungry
And you are getting,

Carl Miller Jan 15
Good fortune is gone, and with it our hope
The children are dying, held tightly in our arms
Mothers mutilate, unable to cope
Fathers partake in their children, like pigs in their barns
I'm not entirely sure when I wrote this one. This poem was written to describe, in short, the horrors of war, as well as the hopelessness and depravity of the mind. God bless

Chris Jan 4
Skin is but a thin, thin leaf,
Flesh is meat, and meat is good,
Bone is hard, but bone is sweet,
Under that, who knows, who could?

Blood is sour, blood is blue,
Veins are stringy, tasty too,
Heart's a muscle, not the soul,
And I don't mind even lungs at all.

Nerves are tender, tender things,
Pluck them, and make for spicy meal,
Play them as they were guitar strings,
And see how gourmet that soup would feel.

Eyes, oh eyes, exquisite blue,
(Brown and green as well will do,)
Look if what they see is true,
Look before I eat them too.
About human tendency to destroy others and enjoy.I am no different.
Someone-Alone Aug 2018
Body count arises,
The cause leaves little survival,
***** and barely breathing,
My home gone to the destruction,
Calling my demons,
My nightmare induced voices,
Ironically keeps me sane,
Though it drives a nail,
A rust ridden one of ****,
Repeatedly screeching a noise,
Scraping of demons claws,
Digging deep within the edges,
Will a satisfying thud,
Along with a soft *****,
The soft outer skull,
Now was spilled,
Similar to an egg,
Pushed ever so slightly,
Into submission of revealing the yolk,
The grey brain matter is shown,
It barely hanging by the stem,
Blood pours by the gallon,
I sigh in relief to have calmed them,
The people upset the voices,
For the voices to not hurt,
Their whims must be heeded,
Punished the ******,
For you can be forgiven,
Human flesh taste of victory,
While the mind does of love.
***** and barely breathing,
But we are alive none the less.
Late night and racing mind.
Daisy Jul 2018
In the blackness of night,

When all the birds are sleeping.

In the absence of daylight,

When my hungriness is creeping.

I am hunting for my prey,

like a cold blooded animal.

I know you won't have anything to say,

Because i am a cannibal.

I crave to eat,

Your flesh and meat.

I want to bite,

Your heart tonight.

Please don't hide

i will never get satisfied.

I want to chew

Come on give the devil his due.

It seems like you are freeze

And scare to death.

I will devour you with ease

And feel your every breath.

I will drink your blood

In this journey of heaven.

Oh you untrained young blood,

And will cut you in pieces seven.

Will eat your heart and your liver,

Use you to make my dream recipes,

Oh! All credit to the giver

I love our chemistry.
Deep Thought Jul 2018
From the moment I walked in,
I felt the piercing eyes.
Same eyes that nailed Jesus to the wooden cross.

Jesus said, by this,
all man will know you are my disciples,
if you have love one to another.

Pharisees, Pharisees, Pharisees.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen into apostasy.
Like the Nephilim which came & has yet to come again.  
Surely heading back to the beginning, the Days of Noah.

The entire time I sat in those fold-up chairs,
my heart couldn't stop racing.
Perhaps it was the spirits aligning to seek whom they may devour.

Heard many vain repetitions today,
didn't Jesus say that's what heathens do?
For they think that they will be heard for their many words.

We all crucified the Lord Jesus Christ.
We have all blasphemed.

One perfect Godman died on our behalf,
then rose 3 days later to break the curse.
Sacrificial love.

Let us not break bread & drink grape juice.
Guess you never knew that's symbology for cannibalism.
In which He never commanded us to do.

Simply two commands were left.
Love God with all your heart,
with all your soul & with all your mind.
Secondly, love your neighbor as you love yourself.
This is for anyone who's been oppressed by churches.
Brandon Conway Jun 2018
The deliverance of life echoed into that of pounding death
This frozen tower metamorphosing into a coffin sealed and fated
That gorgon’s gaze did I meet and uttered not a breath
Lost in those frightened eyes, thoughts left me sedated

“You stare so... Father, what is it?”

There I sat, day circling into night
By the dawn light through a reflection
I caught through their tragic sight
Left me gnawing at my hands, objection

“You put this wretched flesh upon us and now you may ***** it off!”

Calmed my soul and silence we sat, another moon waxing

“Father, why don’t you help me?”

Left your lips while your languid soul seeps
Blind now with no words to offer
One by one perished but never did I weep
In the end
Hunger proved more powerful than grief.
How do I make text bold?
Danielle Mar 2018
You’re silent and still.
Chocolate bunny eyes
The only thing in motion.
Will they start with the ears?
Or go straight for the heart?
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