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CIN Feb 8
Truly I often wonder
Can it be so wrong to love like this?
What was the harm?
in tasting her skin
When it was just a kiss
I could taste her ecstasy
But I cannot feast on her limbs?
Oh how I long to drown in her blood
And the taste of her lips

Could the finest of wines
Taste as sweet as her lungs?
Could I expel this desire
With illicit drugs?
I truly think its become too strong
Because I cannot replace my love
For her body
And how it feels deep inside of mine
I'm not a cannibal nor do i want to eat someone, i just like writing about disgusting or not appealing things in a pretty way.
Norman Crane Apr 2021
The British anthropologist enjoyed rare tribesmen.
But after seeing his article published in the prestigious Journal of Anthropological Research,
he kept the poor man on the coals a little longer,
thinking, "Well done, old chap."
morseismyjam Mar 2021
Is your food uninspired?
Is eating a chore?
Do you weep from lack of flavor?
Try BONE SALT! The new taste you didn’t know you needed!
Is it salty? NO!  
Is it BONEs? YES!
Are some of these BONEs human? Maybe...
It goes on anything, Savoury, sweet...
BONE SALT makes every meal a treat.
It comes in 5 cool colors: white, grey, light grey, [REDACTED], and blorb,
Each with its own unique BONE-y flavor!
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BONE SALT: the taste of the future.

The only taste.

No life, no death, only ΒΟΝΕ.
This was inspired by this polygon video:
Credit where credit is duel.
Piyath Nov 2020
Ah! You're already here
I've been waiting dear
This you have to hear
It's somethin' to adhere

It's tongues dried
and lungs fried
Not other way around
And I don't refund

So let's get down
to what you want
The tastes I own;
the ones you'll flaunt

Cracked bones
and hacked jaws
Charred toes
and bottled gore

From pickled hearts
to private parts
Just say the name,
I've got it all

Just take your time
and think it through
And when it's right
I'll come find you

It's been a while
Did you decide?
Just ditch your pride
and speak your mind

So it's 'crispy skin'?
'kay, I'll let you in
Let's taste your kin
Yes, it's not a sin
I don't support cannibalism, this is just a poem in the perspective of a fictional cannibal introducing the reader to it's darker depths.
SA Szumloz Jul 2020
You have such nice clothes
Sticking to your bones right now
May I try them on?
This Haiku gives me Silence of the Lambs vibes, oh no. That movie gives me goosebumps but it's so good. It's my favorite psychological horror movie of all time.
Raven Jun 2020
If I did not have to feel
I would like to peel
All my skin
As would a snake
Without to break

If I did not have to feel
A knife made of steel
Would slice through my flesh
Meat so fresh
How it would taste
Nothing would go to waste

In the end
It is my own
Nobody must condone
I shall do it myself
Getting undone

Maybe it will be
Well done
Though I prefer
Bard Jun 2020
Go out to the tarmac shove a pig into dirt
Listen to the squeal make sure it hurt
Hogtie'em smack'em on the *** into the van
collect'em off the street and can them in the tan
Ford Transit then we off to the chop shop
The ****** butchers gonna cut some cop
Drag them up feet first arms tied to the side
Hang em up to dry over a reservoir for the gore
Cut the cartery artery while they cry no more
Whats it all for, whats it all for, a long pig cookout
A hairless goat bled out now its time to get guts out
Bleed slows to a drip time to take a head simply twist
Off it comes like pop easy as a ******* croptop
Get your blade nice and sharpish cuz next on the list
Is skinning a cop shave off fuzz into the slop
Then drag a knife from the plexus to the ****
Tie off the **** and yank the excess its painless
**** up and you can try again pick another off the herd
Cut up  again and again plenty of pork to slaughter
Almost ready for the grill party just gotta get meat ready
Detach arms, halve and quarter, keep your hands steady
Time to get out the coriander and chili powder
Hammer with a tenderizer on the counter
Cuts of steaks without any guilt, all free range
As I bite into a roast I make a toast to my rage
That made this deranged cookout, pig liver on toast
With some grits and cornbread as the feds approach
Hundred cops'll will roll on the grillmaster
Hundred shots out swiss cheesed by the *******
Read in the paper a monster cop killer
Killed for fighting the terror with terror
I'm so tired, of listening to the last words of people as cops torture them to death. I don't condone ****** or ****** cannibalism, but I need to express my frustration.
Carlo C Gomez Mar 2020
It goes without say

marrying into a family of cannibals

is not a good idea

your first argument as a couple

might not go so well
Carlo C Gomez Feb 2020
Winter camp,
snowbound bunch.
Uncertain smile,
what's for lunch?

The forlorn hope is grim.
Mrs. Murphy says to
commence on Milt, and
unceremoniously eat him.
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