A Apr 27
The world we live in,
Just isn't the same,
In the beginning,
Before Google came,
We paid attention,
To things that were there,
There were no distractions,
We truly did care,
About people's meanings,
About what they said,
Do you have feelings?
Or believe what is read,
We judge but don't know,
By posts on twitter,
We follow the show,
Leaving us bitter,
Who's body is best?
Skinny or fatter?
Who's better dressed?
Like it really matters.
Don't care about you,
What lies deep inside,
We judge by your shoe,
We judge by dress size.
So please take me back,
Cos society is shattered,
Oh please take me back,
To when things mattered.

M Manese Apr 24
You are fire
                           getting close means
                           getting burned
                           I'd douse myself in
                                  just so
you surround me
wrote this back in 2016, maybe even older.
M Manese Apr 22
loving you is
like                 that moment
                        Icarus flew too close
the sun
another twitter musing. @michellemmanese
Douglas Goins Apr 21
Nobody's perfect.
At least that's what they tell me.
Which is funny.
Because all I see.
Is society showing us how we should be.
Showing women.
That no matter the mind.
No matter the smile.
No matter the respect.
If you are anything more than a size two.
You might as well just disappear.
Showing men.
That no matter the chivalry.
No matter the drive.
No matter the love.
Anything less than six figures.
You will never be successful.
It's sad really.
To be controlled by a number.
To feel accepted by a "like".
To feel relevant by a tweet.
Just wanting to matter.
Which I believe, is nothing short of torture.
Torture in the most sadistic way.
Because the society you want to appeal to.
Wouldn't care enough to save you from drowning in the shallow end.
Let alone have the common courtesy.
To tell you that all you have to do is stand up.
That's the irony of it all.
The classic line of they want to see you doing better.
As long as you aren't doing better than them.
That's the best way to describe it.
The minute you try & be different.
That's either the day society forces you to comply to the norm.
Or you are copied to the point where you aren't even an original anymore.
I'd love to give society a big "fuck you"
But I'm ashamed to say I'm just another percentage.
Feeding the hype by snapping, re-tweeting, & loving things that really don't matter to my well being.
I know I can't destroy it.
Hell, we probably couldn't destroy it together.
But we could weaken it.
By being flawed to the best of our abilities.
While rejoicing in every flaw.
Because being imperfect is the most beautiful thing you can be in this world.
Technology is a speck in my eye that I have to address
If I have one more thing to check I’m gonna get upset
This speck is growing - it’s causing me undue stress
My mind is swirling, but I’m still obsessed

I want to take a break from this mess
Social media porn addiction
Life is a mirror I’m just a reflection
The real I isn’t found in this prism

How many accounts do I need?
How many times should I tweet?
Why do people not like me or my posts when I post a selfie?
How come people don’t comment when I say help me?

Countless minds all kept at bay
Wrapped up like gifts on Christmas day
Follow me, says Steve – love Technology
Just don’t do like I do - because I don’t believe

Buy what I’m selling you, it’s called peace of mind
Here, take another hit, it will blow your mind!
Jobs is a dealer we’re all buyers
But damn it, I’m done feeling so dire!

Stuck in the mire, weird desires
I want my mind back - I want to re-acquire it
Psychological bullets rain their gunfire
I just want to be free – just want to be me

How do I get out of the tech penalty line?
Which course should I take which number is mine?
Never immune but I want to dance to a different tune
So, goodbye tech, goodbye world, goodbye “life”, hello soul!
Jeff Gaines Mar 20
I guess I'm too intense.
I guess that I'm too nice.
People are so on guard these days
they return it in kind
with ice.

People have become so afraid
of other people.
I can't say I blame them at all.
But it's not just others they are afraid of ...
They are afraid of dropping the ball.

Everyone is so judgmental.
Everyone out for themselves.
What does it say about us as a race
when we put others lives on shelves?

We seek "followers" and "likes"
just as if they were gold.
What happened to the friendship, kindness and generosity
we once shared in days of old?

"Look at my dress!"

"Look at my dinner!"

"You're such a loser ...
And I'm such a winner!"

"I heard that his Dad don't have a job!"

"I heard she's too poor to come on spring break!"

Is this really who we have become?

We bask in bragging and showing off,
but to empathy we have become numb.

Why should I care about somebody dying
or relationships ending?
It's not my problem ...
"Oh look, I'm trending!"

Everyone is playing
one big video game.
It is destroying who we are
and nothing is quite the same.

And it's not just that this problem
is addiction systemic.
This nightmare of our age
has become epidemic!

We seek approval from those
who could actually care less.
We scold and scorn upon any perceived weakness
and only praise on success.

It's bullying enablement
brings children to kill
or to kill themselves
in a hopeless loss of will.

We outlaw drugs
when for fun we all use.
The same must be done
for this scourge and its societal abuse.

Glory and popularity have taken a whole new meaning
where, to have them we'll take things all too far.
We've lost sight of the forest because of the trees
and lost faith in just who we are.

Letting someone help you or you helping them
brings questions of motive and suspicion.
If we won't trust our friends and our family
how will higher consciousness ever come to fruition?

We upload and post our lives
into a new consciousness they call the "stream".
I know that pride cometh before a fall ...
But what happens when we cease to dream?

I have never engaged in these practices.
I am way to private for that.
See, the friends that I have, have been there for decades
and they always have my back.

These little flat screens have become our alters
where we willingly offer our souls.
All in search of feeling better ...
turning blind eyes to all of its brutal controls.

Smash them I say!

Ground them right under your feet!

I don't mean your phone ... I'm using a metaphor ...
for these soul-crushing apps that you must delete!

We must escape this death
driven by vanity.
Rise out of it all
and lose the insanity.

There's a great big world out there ...

Go out in the sun!

Snap out of this hypnosis ...

And go have some fun!

Stop staring at a screen

And KNOW that you LIVE!

Their judgments mean NOTHING!

You've PLENTY to give!

Leave that laptop behind

Get out of the house.

You just may find a real friend or even a spouse!

Talk with them ... using your voice.
Listen to them ... using your ears.
You just might find a kinship in a soul
that actually lasts through all of your years.

But above all else ... feel this person
Relish in all the moments that you've seen.
Laugh with them, cry with them and always remember ...
You will never get a hug from a screen.
Kinda speaks for itself. I have a "MySpace" page ... somewhere. Haven't been there in years. I NEVER did FB or ANY of the others. And now ... watching it's destruction of our social structure, I am glad I listened to my intuition.

All of the goings on (suicide induced by bullying, SHOOTING rampages in Schools, etc.) have somehow inspired me to coin the phrase "(Anti)Social Media". Feel free to use it and maybe it will open some eyes.

I hope the world wakes up.

See also:

Jeff Gaines Feb 25
I once aligned with a band of gypsy thieves
and we worked so well together.
We stole and we robbed …
and we robbed and we stole …
Perfection … as birds of a feather.

Each and every time they'd wind up in my town
our villainy grew greater and bolder.
I did my best to keep up with them,
as I was quite a bit older.

I don't see them 'round the block these days …
In fact, as of late … I've heard nothing at all.
No “Fuck you” … No letters … Not even a “Goodbye” …
No emails, nor a text or a call.

And so here we are … in our brave new world …
where convenience dictates the theft of once-sacred-kinship.
“Friend” … “Unfriend” … no effort whatsoever …
You simply crack your mouse like a whip.

And oh, what a painful hole it's made …
This hole in my heart that it leaves.
There is seemingly no honor left anymore …
Not even honor among thieves.



Picayune at present … It's all about “I, Me, Mine”.
And why feel troubled by this death of communication …
when all in your world is fine?

What a sad and vacant lot some newer souls seem to be.
Heartfelt closeness, now a tradition-turned-folklore from the past.
Weeds and leaves slowly covering them up …
with no real love ever built there to last.

And still … my heart … dictates that I miss them.
This is my generational piece about the sad state of affairs that (anti)social media has brought upon the youth of today. I am appalled that the politicians and bureaucrats would rather make gun laws than address this horrible scourge. IMHO, THIS is the REAL root of the problem causing these mindless shootings.

And NOBODY is addressing this!


If in the name of commerce, then we have slipped into a very much darker time than even I am imagining right now ...

Their obsession with this mindless, empty lifestyle has made them all but sociopathic. They engage in whisper campaigns and organized, yes ORGANIZED, bullying in order to keep themselves and their "followers" in some sort of twisted and depraved "pecking order" on a scale the likes of which no generation before has EVER witnessed. It has, and continues to, cause the victims of this pack mentality to commit harm to others in backlash  and even SUICIDE to be freed from its hateful and tormenting assault.

Their starving search for acknowledgement, recognition, validation and respect has led them to posting "shock"-type behaviors, like showing their "junk", or some ill-gotten loot or another person in a compromising or embarrassing situation ... and even threatening (and now carrying out) SHOOTINGS! All in their screaming request for attention.

BUT ... this need can NEVER be fulfilled by a cold, glass screen. The very thing they are seeking these desperately needed things from IS, in fact, the VERY THING that is, and will continue to, KEEP them from it!

They are losing touch with their own feelings and sadder still, what it means to have a real life and a real friend!

I've YET to see a screen that can reach out and give you a HUG!

Also, this work has NOTHING to do with the Band called Company of Thieves. They are good friends of mine and I speak to Marc, the guitarist all the time. I simply "stole" their moniker (and the very idea of that phrase) and a few trivia's about them, mischievously, to use as a vehicle to tell this tale about how the youth of today don't HAVE friendships, they STEAL them, literally AND figuratively!

I LOVE the way it turned out. It was perfect.

If you've never heard of them, you will. If you don't wish to wait, just Google them or better still, search for a playlist or their new EP "Better Together" on YouTube. They are one of my all-time favorite bands and just NOTHING short of AMAZING!

You can (and will) thank me later!
One day the devil was admitted to hell's main ER
All because of a desperate prayer to God from me
The devil was struck by the Holy Ghost fire, said his Doc
Omg , I tweeted ..what a pretty big shame!
The demise of the devil just went viral on twitter ... WOW !
Yes, I survived and escaped his deceptive little evil snare
It's sad when the devil suffers a knockout blow
This is for him a hellish news to bare ,
And for twitter and all my followers to relish , a great moment !
And so I reckon that this will be a great testimony to share
Through a tweet about the devil's torment .

twitter @ivanclappers
The devil follows believers on twitter ...he just read this !
Chris Neilson Dec 2017
Trump's vocabulary stops at 140 characters
how would he govern without Twitter?
truncated puerile soundbites of idiocy
consigned to a political bin of litter

A puppet headed caricature
on the greatest of power trips
a fake tanned, fake news President
from the cup of Narcissus he sips

He'd retweet he's bringing the crackers
if tweeted Britain was made of cheese
he's dumber than dumb and dumber
as welcome as a hive of pissed off bees

Oh Donald you have got a few new fans
Britannia's fascists may be your friends
if that makes you happy then so be it
you care not providing it trends
The ever popular topic of Trump
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