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I watched you die
Wasn't there next to you
Nowhere in your site
Just on my cell phone
Watching you die
While the next meme follows in the timeline
I saw your family cry
I've never met them
Don't even know anyone who knows them
Saw them on a YouTube
While going through recommended videos
I tuned in to your hashtag
Followed for a few minutes
Liked a few tweets
But didn't retweet
Hit the arrow on the top left
And went back to my timeline
After I watched you take your last breath
You lay lifeless
Not fortunate enough to die in the energy of love
Immortalized in the death of many
But many isn't enough for change
Ever a hashtag
Sustained by newsreels and half­hearted court cases, likes and retweets
Until I watch the next you die in my timeline
Worse yet, I'll read of their demise in a headline
Just last week a man lost his testicles, teeth, and life after a routine stop on the highway, the story
didn't trend or make it into my timeline
I watched you die
Wasn't there next to you
Nowhere in your site
Just on my cell phone
Watching you die
What the f*ck is this generation called?
It is WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook generation
All these are messaging app
Yes! This explains the mess age
The age of social mess
We call it #MESSAGE...
Jack L Martin Aug 31
There you are
pretty as a picture
the perfect life
you eat amazing food!

Thank you for sharing
Your private thoughts
Your personal contacts
how you shop
where you travel
Where you work

You gave me permission
To control you
when you signed up
to play that game
the game that tells you
which Brady Bunch Kid
Is most like you

a small price to pay
for your ignorance
you are not alone
two billion idiots
myself included
You can download everything you've ever posted on Facebook. It is shocking when you come to the reality that you gave all these companies permission to spy on your "private" life.
Haylin Aug 16
Millennial is what called in this generation,
Everywhere here and there,
There are always youths who really never care,
And never been worried about their future.

In Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Messenger,
Are contents of follower, liker, reader and including seener,
Loitering and using fake accounts just to gain a wholesome money,
Even though that it is notorious, they still embark their blunt journey.

Most millennial are undisputedly addicted to social media,
Their lives depends on likes they are going to gain,
They don't care if their faces might be inside of multi-media,
And they don't even care if it will give them a pain.

Some truly go beyond their limits just to have a lot of likes,
Perhaps they are fame *****, but they don't care if someone strikes,
Strikes every part of their body including their faces and such,
Yet they don't care if it will hurt them too much.

However, seeking attention in the cyber world isn't a good thing,
Instead they should focus on things that are essentially free like a king,
Because in this generation, too many people are unaware and careless,
And some they didn't even noticed that our environment is already full of fraud either hypocrite and genuine people are less.
Haylin Aug 16
I despise social media.
It's ****, to state the obvious
Our lives are posted, re-tweeted, altered, re-blogged, perfected, and photo shopped to exactly how we want to be perceived
We have the freedom to be exactly what they want us to be.

It starts with a few edits doesn't it,
pigmented our skin to seem smooth and sun kissed,
that would seem most acceptable right?
Maybe an extra like for the skinnier waist.
More reassurance for brighter colors.
Some more filters will hid the emptiness you feel with your friends
   Another like
Flashier clothing, phones, shoes, cars, other simple words our eyes have latched on to
     Another like
We urge ourselves to portray the life of leisure and effortless beauty, happiness, success,
       Another like
But what are we enjoying?
         Another like
Views of our changing world through a 3 by 8 view.
           Another like
Events pass by swipe
             Another like
and swipe
               Another like

And when we managed to unlock ourselves from this grasp
We always come back
Like flies to light, more like scratches to a scab
Festering we find ourselves getting ****** back in
To an imaginary world, that if destroyed, would have no physical effects on their fictional beings
For without this world, maybe eyes will open
We will step past the boundaries,
and start to love our beings
A tweet takes form:
     He tweets, retweets,
     Tweets & repeats.
He tweets up a storm:
     He tweets, retweets,
     Tweets & repeats.

A birdbrain is
     (He tweets, retweets,
     Tweets & repeats)
A birdbrain his:
     He tweets, retweets,
     Tweets & repeats.

May it be quiet
May there be no light,
For May is quite tired
Tonight Last night Next night

Sleep tight,
Shall not one bird shout
What with doubt or delight
Insomnia-blue sky sounds out

May May fess up, call-self-out?
May I, Shall I, Am I?
What only a **** could spout
Burnt bridges, Eye melting an eye

This milk's rotten, I won't cry
Peace is all I dream about.
The birds sing, another fight
Goodnight cry out Be alright
May is a pseudonym I sign artwork with, my "internet artist persona".
Fleo Mae Jun 18
This might not be a poem or any sort
But I know this is something that I've made
Been Tweeting about certain things
But I can't fully tell what's inside

Thinking that people will see
And knowing what they will do about it
I've become afraid of sharing
I've become afraid of people

All my life
I never saw myself to become afraid of people
Oh, I was wrong
I've been afraid as long as I've lived

Everyday, I talk to myself
I say, "You can do it"
I say, "Don't be shy"
I say, I say, I say and so I do

I seemingly live like a normal person
Just like them, as they see
But they don't know that it took a **** out of me
To be out here with you
A Apr 27
The world we live in,
Just isn't the same,
In the beginning,
Before Google came,
We paid attention,
To things that were there,
There were no distractions,
We truly did care,
About people's meanings,
About what they said,
Do you have feelings?
Or believe what is read,
We judge but don't know,
By posts on twitter,
We follow the show,
Leaving us bitter,
Who's body is best?
Skinny or fatter?
Who's better dressed?
Like it really matters.
Don't care about you,
What lies deep inside,
We judge by your shoe,
We judge by dress size.
So please take me back,
Cos society is shattered,
Oh please take me back,
To when things mattered.

M Manese Apr 24
You are fire
                           getting close means
                           getting burned
                           I'd douse myself in
                                  just so
you surround me
wrote this back in 2016, maybe even older.
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