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One long endless night passes yet again,
Never mind counting sheep, I’m now counting flocks.
The days blur into dreams of classics...
I am Ahab, and sleep becomes my whale!

Countless twinkling lights mock me through the open window
Judging me from their perch in the night sky above.
I eat another bowl of meaningless carbs,
Hoping the article on my Twitter feed wasn’t just fluff,
I load and reload the harpoon, as I miss my shot time and time again.

I fade again. Woozy now. Eyes slow blinking...
The whale is smiling, it's tail flipping, and mouth all grinning, stabbing teeth. I fire and miss.
He laughs, ignoring this, and drenches me in ****.
He flashes me a toothy grin as he disappears underwater.
He isn't coming back.

My bed becomes a porcupine.
My pillow becomes a stone.
My blanket becomes a sheet of burs woven by the Norns.
My eyelids become coarse-grade sandpaper.
My back becomes a banshee screeching in pain.
My legs become restless deer who sense a nearby wolf.
My hair begins growing perversely inward.
My bladder becomes the Trevi Fountain in Rome.
My thoughts become the last horses running the Triple Crown.
My heart becomes a double bass playing Skeletons of Society.

He appears again, far away from my ship, head turning in the distance, pity on his face.
He turns back toward the open sea and is gone.
I perform a complex horizontal maneuver
That CNN’s Dr. Gupta said soothes "The sleepless body at night".
(He’s a ******* liar!)

The melting white whale becomes a series rectangles above me,
They form a drop ceiling,
With sprayed-on popcorn, and unexplained little holes
That provide me with a giant connect-the-dots ceiling!

WHEN suddenly a shrill, repeating, soul-crushing
Cacophony wracks what little sanity remains within me, trapped in this never-ending, soul-crushing trap of mind-numbing numbidity...

It's that God-forsaken, three-inch square, , ***** capitalist *******-of-a-red-blinking-*******-of-a-heartless-mother telling me it’s time to start a new day...

******* alarm!

I still haven’t finished the last one.
If you don't know what I'm talking about, you don't know Insomnia.
This Poem
Is Rated
For Do
Not Read

This At Work!!!

I read the following
Tweet today while
On my NSFW
And I litterally
Had to stop and
Pull over so I wouldn't


"Do you want
To be
For me

I love
When you
Start to slip

Just knowing that
I can put
Into that
Head space
Makes my heart


You're such a

Do you know


How about I get
You your paci,
Would that

9/2/18 12:10
You could turn
Your whole
Life into
A simple
I mean that's just theory though
No way
To know if
We could do that
In actuality;
I studied game theory at BYU
Carl D'Souza Jul 21
Sharon posts a photo of her new baby
on social-media and
Nasty-Jim comments
“That’s an **** baby!”
Sharon feels shocked, insulted, appalled.
She hugs her baby protectively,
feeling hurt.

Sharon posts a photo of her new baby
on social-media and
Civil-Sheryl comments
“Congratulations on your beautiful baby!”
Sharon feels joyful and happy.
She hugs her baby warmly
kisses him on the head
and says “I love you little one”.
someone else?
someone same?
a person, still?
a person, sane?

dry me out
critique is that
which denies
tangential arcs

do you
see me

if a meat
will be a meat
i will be
wet as i can
watch it become itself
watch it destroy itself
In ancient woodland
this child roamed,
lost in nature,
briar & loam.
Mapping clearings,
badger setts,
the places where
the deer had slept.
Picking berries
hops & flowers,
lying under
stripling bowers.
Until evening's
amber gloam,
with twiggy hair
racing home.
Joined Twitter and began trying writing prompts with vss365.  Challenging for me not to expand on the story and my adventures in our wood as a child.
S Smoothie Apr 11
You’re a snake waiting in the grass to strike
fangs dripping with toxic anticipation
your false concern does not deceive me
you are exposed
your hightsned sense ominous
I watch your ears ***** as I enter the room
i anticipate your strike
again and again you will fall short of your target
underestimation is my calling card
the time has come to twist your neck into the mirror
before I rip it off
I am welded in truth, in Christendom
take your beedy eyes and small puppet mind out of the hive;
and what have you got?
The scales on your eyes
are firmly planted in
its time to scrape up all the grace
hold my head high

im giving your **** right back

return to sender is the email
and ******* is the reply.
Author's Notes/Comments:
so ****** you don’t deserve capitals
Grantland Mar 7
Strike keys like matches
Posts like sparks on dry kindling
Set the world aflame
I wrote this little haiku shortly before I left social media.
Pretty little birds
Leaves and light shadows on ledge
The morning twitter
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