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Bhill 7d
the cowboy slowly enters town riding high on his horse
the town had no name, he just knew he would find what he was after
townsfolk seemed to stop in time and stare at his rugged face
the desert had stolen his youth and good looks
he was a renegade cowboy looking for what seemed, a friendly face
not sure this town had such a person
this town was not real
this town was a ghost
these folks were in the wind waiting for departure into the next
he had found Middletown
was he real, was his horse real, where is he
he thought he knew

Brian Hill - 2020 # 281
Chad Young Sep 28
O to be prejudice between the visible
and invisible Baha'u'llah.
When moving out of nature becomes moving by the Will.
Therefore, divinity becomes a shuffling of
the attention away from all things, words, senses,
forms, and starts to receive instructions from
the personages that visit me.
She stared at me as if I was the sole
expression of her day,
tossed the blouse covering her beauty.
Her waist was perfect and made
mine perfect while sitting.
She caught sight of Baha'u'llah,
and her spirit dispersed.
Angels of Prophets parted ways,
by means of Names.
He unfolds a general saying
to tell me of His hidden power.
That woman, Ray, of the Force
looks at me with tears in her eyes.
Baha'u'llah always leaves me
to have no sign or description
of the divine.
He came and left, and though seen and felt, left no remaining
of His
Moth Sep 14
one that is not my own
one a skin I no longer fit
one all my own but older
one new and fresh faced
one that no one ever knows
a list so long I could never find me
a list of them extending beyond all
Khoi Aug 2
I wish I could call
Everyone beautiful
there is dignity
in a simple thing like names
Rose Jul 28
Walking down the street, flaunting like I own it
Every head turning my way, my way
Pink heels on my feet, daunting like I grown into it
Dancing like it’s made my day, my day

It’s like you’re that boy I’ve only read about
The one who ends up with my red lips on his cheek
That one boy who I’d die to have
But the one who rips my flowers and calls me weak

Yeah, you’re definitely that boy

Never felt love before and I’m probably failing
But can’t you see I’m desperate to make this work?
It would be amazing if you just cooperated
Ugh, boys, aren’t they just the worst?

It’s like you’re that boy I’ve only watched in movies
The one who all the girls pray to like a god
That one boy who plays stupid games just to win
That kid who’s got his own cheerleading squad

Yeah, you’re definitely that boy

Yeah, you’re definitely that boy

You know what, I changed my mind
I don’t want you after all
You’re that bad, bad boy who’s pretty, so what?
You’re just that stupid glass doll
Take your stupid games
Take your stupid names
Yeah, you’re definitely that boy

That boy
A poem about how the most popular people are sometimes the most obnoxious.
Khadeja Jul 26
sticks and stones may break my bones,
but words can't describe my pain
they can break me down,
leave scars in my tender mind

they stab my battered soul
they leave psychological hurt
they your best weapon
and my worst enemy

so, just,
please use rocks next time?
at least bruises heal
Amanda Hawk Jun 28
I still felt their hands
Upon my skin
Their names tattooed
Upon my tongue
And my love life
Flash art
Plastered in peripheral gaze
Each man
Holding a tattoo gun, waiting
To tease at my skin
I heard it in the morning
Instead of the birds
My body, a canvas
Possessed by each man
That whispered I love you
In my ear in error
Katie Jun 9
****, when did we get like this
Seems like everyday we add few more names to the list
The innocent don't stay alive
The children are desensitized
And to be honest I'm scared I'm the next one that they'll hit
I need a bit of love
Need a little trust
Need some love
Lotta love right now
There's been pain from the start
Lotta pain in my heart
Need to change but I don't know how
My name; to be loved.
By two gentle arms and hands.
Uncovering the New.
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