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Kai Aug 26
when sitting at your desk
you experience hypesthesia
from being to statuesque
it's called paresthesia

don't want to swear
by yelling out bollix
take it out with blare
or a string called grawlix

do you have that tickling
feeling on your niddick
don't know that christening
it's your nape to be specific

going into winter sun
that soft warm felicity
experienced by everyone
that is called apricity
Just a bunch of things people don't really know the names of. They have titles but we don't call them we describe them.
ever been a ***** or a ******?
i have. and other names
mostly given.

ever been a scapegoat?
i have. been a toy
to the hatfields and the mccoys.

any ink of brain leakage
taken to the sawbone
stitches over stitches
on my lips sewn by my own hands
the sands of time have passed, slow
as they can fall --

blood from rips goes on the walls
smear memories on the old ****
to make a little sense of the prison
in which i was living

make a little bit of sense of my enemies
apparently, i choose to ride the prisms
of a prison to the coffin, as i'm better use dead
but what kind of exit is a bullet to the head?

tell you, it's a mess, what it is
i hate punishing other people
for the hell you gave to me
all because they share your name.
i know they aren’t you, they’re good people,
but i can’t help but feel uneasy about it.
i hear your name and it rings in my head.
it takes me back to where i was
when i knew you, when i cared about you,
when you lied to me, when you ruined me,
and it brings the sinking feeling in my stomach
and the pain in my chest that i once felt
all over again.
i feel the familiar and dark shades of gray all over again.
i feel the dullness all over again.
i feel the fear all over again.
i feel the weight on my shoulders all over again.
i feel the pain in my soul all over again.
i feel the coldness in everything all over again.
i feel the putrid disgust all over again.
i feel the disconnection from myself all over again.
i feel the anger all over again.
i feel my guard go up all over again.
i feel the distaste in my all over mouth.
i feel the burning in my veins all over again.
i feel your radiating hate all over again.
when i hear those four letters
it takes me back to where i was
where my youth and sense of safety
was forcefully stolen.

- you forever ruined your name for me

// q.h.
June 27, 2019
Will Riggs Jun 17
Words words
Btch and whre
The girl runs away
She slams the door
She takes a knife
And cuts her skin
Remembering how f*cked up her life has been
She leans to the toilet
Throws up to be thin
At school all she has is a grin
She cuts cuts cuts some more
Screaming in pain, blood on the floor
People call her emo and laugh at her face
But they haven’t tried to be in her place
Her dad, just died, her mum had depression
Her brother has to go through a therapy session
Why can’t people see? That grin is a lie
Everything’s done for her, her life’s slowly fading by
Blood’s dripping on the floor, she’s screaming in pain
She can’t eat because that’s more weight to gain
She wishes to be perfect she says it’s not fair
She says she hears people always talking about her hair
She cuts it all off, her soul has been broken
But she never told anyone, her words were never spoken
She takes the rope, hangs herself in the dark
She no longer has a beating heart
Her friend fall to the ground
When they hear the words “She’s dead”
Her brother cries as he sleeps in her bed
She is gone
She is done
Just because of people making fun
She’s buried on a Saturday
People start crying

So before judging someone on their weight or their clothes
Their laugh, their talk, their hair or their nose
Just take a moment to realize and see
Everyone is not always what they seem to be.
Brady May 26
My heart beats around the word "mine"
Like it might explode.
Maybe "my own"
Could curl around your curls and
Name you safely.
annh May 2
Our names carved,
With a rusty penknife,
Into the bark of a random tree;
Just words on paper, really,
From me to you; and you to me.
‘I have an entire forest living inside me and you have carved your initials into every tree.’
- Pavana
Aa Harvey Mar 20
I will only give encores to an all female audience.

This is dedicated to all the beautiful women in the world;
Especially those I have had the pleasure of meeting.

Oh my!  Maya;
Would you be mine?
I am in love with you truly;
You are the light of my life.

Much love to the beautiful woman with the blonde braids,
To every beautiful face,
To anyone who ever thought I was worthy;
To red hair Rachel from the Surgery.

To Gemma; you are beautiful.
Much love to the Dark Night Girl.
To Vicky you know who,
I will always love you.
To the beautiful redhead who always has a boyfriend;
I’m over you at long last, so let’s just be good friends.

To every gorgeous woman who ever looked twice at me;
For the beautiful black woman, who smiled just for me,
As I turned back a second time, to defy love at first sight.
For Sarah…only thanx for saving my life.

For every woman who I have ever thought beautiful.
I love you all truly; I give you all whatever you wish for.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Kieran Mar 19
Remember that
From far away
Acne looks like freckles
And grossly feminine hips
Are just curves

Remember that
To strangers you are nothing
But your looks are everything
And hair is just hair
And twins are just sisters

Remember how
When you were six
The names of different trucks
And dinosaurs
Seemed so very important

Remember how
When you were sixteen
The names you gave yourself
And others
Seemed so very important

When you are sixty
That to someone else acne
Is no different than freckles
And your name is so very important
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