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Ylzm Mar 5
You did not choose your father,
Neither did your father knew you;
Your birthright was only seeming,
Never yours from the beginning.

As waters separated from waters,
So sheep separated from goats.
But there is no seas in the end,
And all tares burned and wheat gathered.
A Simillacrum Sep 2019
May take a bit to come down from seclusion.
Climbing for a gain, knew what I was losing.
It's on the T that time is balanced,
and I've seen it cemented.
It's on the scene with all the extras,
and I've seen myself in the crowd.
Tommy Randell May 2019
I have always wondered what next,
What happens if I now do this?
Or is life a series of random effects?

Are we part of some divine pretext,
Or a gaffe of misses and hits?
I have always pondered, What Next?

There is no way of course to check
As we follow Fate, twist upon twist,
Whether life a series of random effects -

Though I would indeed be vexed
If life itself was just a pattern of blips
And it was already decided what next.

So, work in progress being progressed
Or a continuing miracle of quantum shifts?
Life as a series of thoughts that connect

Or a notorious continuance of little steps -
Which reality comes from all those Ifs?
Is it our nature to conjecture What Next,
Or is life really a series of random effects?
A Villanelle in progress, or a mutation of form...?
Sean Jan 2019
The person you are
If moulded by previous experiences
Will die indefinitely the same
Indifferent to change

The present marches on a straight line
Delusional by unclear skies,
Believes in free will
And the power to create
So lost is this ship in your ocean
That even the amicable stars
Collude with clouds
—In the frame of the sky
To cloak the referral to my compass,
To keep me from my contrived destination.

Only after aeons thence do I value Earth's opinion,
And know,
'twas not collusion
'twas aspiration,
That I was being guided to my shipwreck
To go deeper in you
Be consumed by you,
O! My predestination!
gwenyvere Jan 2019
i dreamed i saw the hand of God
carefully plotting out the life i never thought
was either fate or destiny
i'm not quite sure, but is that the word 'Hell' i see?

we'll pray meaninglessly
for things we'll never find
and try desperately
to understand God's mind

i'll praise the Father, Spirit, Lamb
for saving my soul, though it's destined to be ******
that man won't fight to light his days
because he heard that he's heaven-bound anyway
predestination is a horrifying theology if you think about it too deeply
bakunawa Jun 2018
there was a
              perched in
                  my hand
                      and i was
      too afraid to
                           light it
                    yet the horrors
    in the road
        wasn't what
                terrified me,
            it was the destination ahead.
                        the light i held
              sought the
  road to
                 and yet
                       i just know
             it wasn't
                   the road
       i was taking
                nor could it be
          the roads
                     i will be passing...
                                it will be the road
              i take when
                            i finally decide
                                                to take a u-turn.    
with one foot down and a weary knee
                      thinking about
        every afternoon
             going to the 'right' garage
                      after strolling in the
                   wrong neighborhood
                             staring blankly
                                  at all the cities
              all the towns
all the villages
     all the blocks  
          all the intersections
               all the streets
                         in all garages
        that could've possibly been 'right'
                   and one that could've
              possibly been home
    possibly been hope
                         i park at the house.

          all i see is a
                             in front   
                               of me...
                               and the ride back home
                      so far away------
Francie Lynch Feb 2018
If I had a choice,
I'd say
I'm a fatalist.
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