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grace Feb 2
I have two best friends
That my boyfriend doesn't seem to like
They have my attention all throughout the day
He only gets me in the night time
I choke all day
And don't breath until the night
Am I real around them
Or my boyfriend
Time will find out
Whether I'm honest with myself
J B Moore Jan 28
I am torn in two, divided yet whole.
Split in half, I hold both parts of my soul.
I thought I knew the answer— I don't know.
Don’t count on it— It’s decidedly so.

I should make the choice— we can never choose
Let’s flip a coin, heads they win, tails we loose.
—We lost— Let’s shake the ball for counsel
With out a doubt! —Or is it quite doubtful?

Yes or no, or maybe so, we will see.
Yes, I know, just let it go, we are free.
Are we wrong, or right, is it day or night, tell me.

Am I torn, divided, or split in two?
There’s a difference?— Oh if only I knew.
The voices in my head say they know what to do.

Melancholy Jan 28
Each passing day
Is like a dream
And not in a good way
Like you think it may be
Dream as in blurry
Like your eyes when you cry
Muffled sounds, numb parts
As if you're on drugs
My brain is getting foggy;
I cant write. Stop.
The voices are saying I'm not good enough
The voices are yelling, they're deafening now
They're saying I'm crazy
What are you on about?
You're ****, and ******.
They can see it from afar.
Nobody likes you.
You're not how they are.
You're weird and you're sad.
You often get mad.
You lash out the most,
At the ones you love.
That's why they leave you.
Please, just shut up
I'll always be with you.
I am you.
Well, ****
The "Self"
J B Moore Jan 17
I am torn in two, divided yet whole.
Split in half, I hold both parts of my soul.
I thought I knew the answer— I don't know,
Do I dive in head first or take things slow?

We should try being friends first— her smile.
She laughs— a half of me sees an aisle
I’m too quick to jump— no, too slow to move
I’m too sick —Make a choice!— Will I ever choose.

Yes or no, or, yes and know? We’ll see,
Or maybe we never will, please, tell me.
Someone, anyone, will I be set free?

Am I divided, split, or torn in two?
Is there a difference? I wish I knew.
Oh, for crying out loud,what do I do?

Sir Douz Dante Oct 2016
Her calm face hid the enchanting smile i was used to,,
Her indifferent face hid the emotions i had come to know,
Her eyes, cold and calculating, hiding the paradise i enjoyed,,

I never intended to hurt her.,
Her fragile heart,,
Her pure emotions,,
If only i could turn back the hands of  time,
But i know better,
Its no use crying over spilt milk,,
I can only wait for her wrath.
Fraternise with shadow
It will never split you solitary.
Better be alone
Instead of believing in fakes.
Shadow Dragon Dec 2018
Im split between two,
good and evil.
Sitting one each shoulder
kissing my neck.
Caressing my brain
one more than the other.
But I will not let the devil win,
I'll hold on to the good.
Until happiness decides
I no longer deserve to be happy.
Kee Nov 2018
somehow i had started to bleed
my wrists and their scars were open
pouring into the river
eyes cry red drops of blood
falling down my cheek, lips, and chin
yet i can't feel a thing
if anything the regret lifts from my shoulders and sets me free
but i still feel the little bit of blood stuck in my one side of my heart
that i can never seem to get rid of
and the other half never seems to fill back up
so i wait
and wait
until it's a full river of blood
Alfa Oct 2018
I am                  split into
People. Speaking up           /or stuck in a box
          I will                         never be(ing)
me                                      .
Three poems in one that speaks of my confused identity.
Read as: 1) I am split into two people. Speaking up and/or stuck in a box I will never be completely me.
2) I am two people. Speaking up and I will complete me.
3) Split into two, or stuck in a box and never being complete.
William Troup Oct 2018
I lost my heart sometime ago;
   why did I fall? why did I fail?
It was the whitest of years,
   the darkest of nights;
      why did I run? why did I hide?

I lost my peace sometime ago;
   why did I fight? why did I try?
It was the clearest of skies,
   the cloudiest eyes;
      why did I go? why did I side?

I lost my love sometime ago,
   why did I fly? why did I stay?
It was the longest of flights,
   the sharpest of knives;
      where am I now? where is the tide?
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