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I was split into two when I was
I met a new me
He would cover up my feelings, his job was to fix.
I was split into three when I was ten
I met a new me
She put up a happier me, her job was to bring back the friends I lost back then.
I was split into four when I was thirteen
I met a new me
He was the smart one, his job was to get me out of troubles that I couldn’t have foreseen.
I was split into five when I was fifteen
I met a new me
He was the aggressive one, his job was to protect me from anything that was mean.
I was split into six when I was sixteen
I met a new me
They were the loving one, their job was to spread excessive love so it would keep me serene.

I was split.
I met a new me
They didn’t know who they were unlike everyone else.
Who am I?
gabriela Sep 1
our hands touched for a split second
but it’s all I’ve been able to think about for days
Annie Aug 25
je ne suis pas là
I'm nowhere
il y a des cordes à chaque extrémité de moi
I suppose I'll feel this forever now
parce que je ne vais jamais couper les cordes
no matter where I am, I will always be far from the other.
Split May 7
Ask me how I am
Text me when you miss me
Ride your bike to my home
And don’t ever let me be alone

Tell me you adore me
Shower me in love
Don’t take me for granted
Be who we’ve always wanted

Kiss me with your words
Hug me when I’m sad
Wipe my tears away
And tell me there’s another way

But before you do all that
We must cross each others paths
Search our street
To make sure that we meet

Yet for the time being
Promise me that you’ll
And respect
The idea of me.
Split May 10
a bean like no other
bitter and white;
a microscopic dynamite,
peristalsis using all its might
with such potent it broke through
into my cave.

my cave so suspenseful and hollow
ridges lined along its curves
churning to my so-called mental benefit
those gastric juices now released,
microscopic dynamite
simply had one more muscle to defeat

a match at last perceived
microvilli frankly yearning love ,
in, it took the dynamite.
yet confused it became as
micro relations only last a short while.

"Nutrients" absorbed,
betrayal on its way
the blood stream sent in shock
oh such bloodless atriums
oh such vaulted ventricles.
oh how my blood flow met its end.

Although deceiving it had been
no promises were riven
the dynamite exploded
and at last
no longer was I broken.
Split Jun 30
I'm confused
on how I feel.
why I feel.
on how I should feel.
and how to feel.

60 minutes on 60 minutes
should've been on could've been
1,440 minutes of numb eyes
on pointless screens

my heart now beats to simply beat
no motivation towards a passion
no passion to propel a motivation

my fresh flesh decays
beneath acidic tears
that crawl out of me
like termites with a notion
of my poison

my urge to improve is deeply missed
back when my heart was the sun
a star that gave a tomorrow
but all I have is right now
a still moment full of sorrow

I just wish I knew how
to not let my head bow
perhaps I'll make myself a vow,
and just say "ciao".
Split Aug 10
Don’t look.
Go look.
No. Don’t go look.

I wait all day
I wait all night
Once midnight strikes
I know it’s time.

You are my poison in disguise.
The reason for my lies.

Red streaks on white
Veins all aligned
I know now you’ll speak your mind.

Words like water in broken glass
Each ear a sponge that always lasts.

Four hours until alarms quake.
Vulnerable conversations
Now somewhere in a deep dull lake.

But this one must be our last.
As I no longer wish to be your hearts cast.
My mind must accept
That the shreds of your love
Are not mine to repair.
For her actions have damaged your soul
Now we shall take a step back
And learn to be on our own.
I watched her get onto the bus
I stood there in the rain
She was off to find her future
I'd not see her again

I watched them load her baggage
Like so many times before
This time I watched the bus leave
And knew I'd not see her no more

Fractured dreams, and broken hearts
Together fourteen yeas
The rain felt quite refreshing
Only raindrops, no more tears

Many times we'd played this game
She'd leave and then come back
If I had to give a number
I'd lie, 'cause I've lost track

She sat beside the window
Looking down, then straight ahead
She was leaving, not on her terms
But this time, my choice instead

Somewhere there's a waitress
I'll find her soon and grab a drink
A celebration bourbon
At least two, I should think

The bus went up the highway
I turned around and walked away
I took my phone out of my jacket
Found the trash, tossed it away

Fractured dreams and broken hearts
I was tired of the game
We'd fought and made up plenty
It always ended up the same

The bus, lost in the distance
In the can, the phone did ring
I laughed and sought that waitress
and the joy that drink would bring

Fractured dreams and broken hearts
The future now was mine
I know it was now over
And it was by my design

I found a bar and went on in
Ordered up two shots, then three
My past was on a greyhound
My future, was up to me
Aleyna D Jun 29
The pale sickly boy bursts through the thick foliage of the woods
His heart racing, face-blazing, eyes bulging out of their sockets
And then it begins…
The moon, the boy thinks slowing, It … It exudes
Magnificence in the palest of lights, every crater like ancient golden pockets
With a cry of anguish, he is no longer man

Body splitting, tearing at the line between two realities
Soft pink flesh turning into coarse fur
Teeth turning into razor-sharp fangs
The creature lies there panting; there is no need for formalities
The boy now knows the creature well, but his colliding memories become a blur
The wolf a feral rag doll as its beastly head hangs

Hunger drips down its murderous maw and the wolf feels nothing
Humanity has been ripped from his every vein
Bloodlust is all that fills the hole
The beast runs up a knoll covered in soft spring grass, ferocity still plenty
The red ferrous liquid invites the creature down making it grueling to keep sane
Instinct says it must pilfer souls, commit a theft, and break what was once whole

Treading menacingly through the village, a wild demon
Innocent people seal themselves into useless wooden homes, ready to repent
Their fear all-encompassing, like a lamb before the slaughter
The wolf’s ears prick with the soft thud of its paws, feeling the earth underneath weaken
A yearning, the creature drools at the thick scent
A thing of nightmares left alone with a poor man’s daughter

The inner war within the beast gains a new thunderous beat
The boom ripping at the soul
The boy had always felt that his human life was his reality
But nothing had ever felt more real than his nights as a beast
No longer able to tell the difference, he sinks into that endless black hole
Pondering darkly upon his morality  

Disgusted by his own attempt at brutality
The boy turns away from his panic-stricken prey, frozen in place, praying to blackout
He has to make a decision, to do what must be done
The next full moon, during his transformation, he experiences a sense of finality
They feel a change, a shift in power, no longer any doubt
The boy and the creature lay down their spears, let go of any fears as the forest goes silent with the sound of the shotgun
I thought you were my friend
I truly thought
Deep down you broke my heart
Your sly way
The carlasous eyes
I never forget that look upon your face.
The poison ink you dare to spread
It spilled  rotton words
The trust has shattered through a storm
I  sob alone
I can't go on .
But a breath of hope
Is my lasting light
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