I once was glib
now I hang out in my crib
but with Instagram
she'd wank my home
if Blondie is my babe
and I act like John Wayne
still way out west
when today is where it's at
but Sonny sounds the best
for the record in time  alas!
How many times will a poet
about writing



"You must be very proud of yourself."
Vanessa Evans Jun 18
Today I walked to the city,
because the cat pissed on my bed.
I think my punk phase looks pretty,
and it helps to clear my head.
My work thinks I've gone insane;
I can't help but to agree.
Oh, but they don't know the pain
that's overwhelming me.
My lover packed up and went home,
leaving me here alone to mend.
Using my time to think and roam,
the solitude has become my friend.
Smile and nod at those who pass,
I wonder who I am.
Life seems to fuck me in the ass,
peace comes at $10 a gram ;)
Aa Harvey Jun 15
The Big Finale

I spit my lyrics out loud,
To make them hear it so shout:

I wrote this simply for you
So you could all sing it too:

I made it easy to sing,
So just sing along with me:

I wrote this song for you all,
For each of you I adore

I had to write you these words,
And say thanks for letting me hear the

I want you to seize the day
And go and do it your way

So give yourselves an applause
And let me say thank you for your

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
julianna Jun 1
Sometimes wearing a choker is
A sign of weakness, a cry for attention.
But mostly, it's a token of strength.
I've walked through hell and back,
so know it.
sammy Apr 23
your hair’s so damn distracting
it’s gorgeous, yes,
slicked back or even gelled up into the punk rock staple
of I hate my parents
but it pulls me away from your face
like a sucker for half-assed romance novels
your doe like hazel eyes
draw me in
your bumpy nose
rocks against mine and makes me giggle
your lopsided grin
makes it so easy to get lost in kisses
but when you’re screaming at the top of your lungs
about how much fucking hairspray you need for the next show
it gets me wondering
and wondering is always bad, but,
did it ever occur to you that girls will still love you even if you don’t grease your hair up
did it ever occur to you that I will still love you
but then again,
you’ll eventually just get a haircut
written in 2014
Rapt by prognosis, sterile elocution
Acute halitosis, banal delusion
Digital notice of distant retribution
Thrombosis will move you before revolution

Brash adolescent right-side part,
Strand obsolescence, abstract art
Pinstripe filaments, two turned backs
Bowed in benevolence, borrowing slack

Hieroglyphic ruminations,
Plastered protestations.
Muscle memory incantations,
Aquifuge of patience.

Future shock, feminists ride-centaurs
Skin-tan hedonists reside-indoors
Tin-can telephone spinal chord,
Sings-an injured semitone final word

40 years since you were a punk
Ryan M Hall Feb 22
T-shirt soaked in blood,
Throbbing pain in his nostrils,
He needs a doctor.
Bobcat Feb 2
Put on my pants
Put on a show
Fake a smile
No one will know

Don't show weakness
Fake my emotions
Bury my anxiety
Just go with the motions

I gotta play fast
Need to sing out of tune
Because don't you know
Punk Rockers Don't Sing The Blues
M Jan 25
Look to your right                                                                                            

                                                                                                            Your left
Shake their hand
Say your name

Lace your arms together
Hold on

Shakes your body                                                                                            
                                                                                             Shakes your soul
Shakes your hand
used to write poetry as a kid on this site-- now coming back as an English major in college studying poetry to share my growth -- share some words
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