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William Robbins Sep 2015
Passing stream of neon light
A multi colored dream.
Techno night
An energy fight.
All I see is beams.
Ravers, dance
Blitzed on LSD.
To escape robotic wits, through transcendental hits, is
  trading true life for a dream.  
Flashing signs
Outshine the sky
But stars sparkle bright in high minded eyes.
Disco boogeymen twinkle the streets
And Metropolis glistens.
There's music in the background
From a small electronic boutique
Between a novelty store, and a smoke shop
That house a strange and rare mystique.

On a city night, I'm looking across a busy street, and I feel the most powerful of feelings. In awe, all around, I see the fantasies of generations before us. The future itself, as it slowly descends.
Beanie Sep 18
everyday that i wake,
i step out of bed,
and see the same thing.

every day,
i am a woman,
and everyday,
i am punk.

i am punk
not because i look it,
but because my existence
defies the world at large.

i was born with holes
in my brain,
and a dead twin,
with a doctor saying,
“she won’t live long”.

i grew up being told to
cover up.
i grew up being told to
listen and obey.

but being a woman means
i refuse to listen to
anyone but me.

no laws can govern
my body
or my thoughts.

i see a woman everyday
and i know
she is punk.
Tired, stressed
And depressed
I'm a mess
Got no ******* money left
Can't go to sleep
Or get out of bed
Can't stop thinking
About next month's rent
Don't know where I'm going
And forgot where I went

Always thinking about
Time better spent
Abusing myself
Just trying to clear my head
Is my only friend
The start has faded
There's only the end
All the King's horses
And all the King's men
Couldn't put me
Back together again
Tizzop Sep 8
when no one sleeps, the crowd dances
shining rubies, decorated with lurid lights
when no one's there for you, death strikes
girlie's heads are spinning and feeling empty

in the times of hunger and destruction
nobody sees it coming, nobody cares
like faith no more, but the other way around
your spirit is trippin' as you are feeling frozen

numb love catches your attention, you're sighing
alarming moments when you are entering the club
techno sounds, jarring like sirens, ultimate daring
your head is spinning and you're feeling golden

glossy-white creatures arise from the underground
lights are cutting the darkness of manhattan's mansion
take some, get some, burn some, baby love me
waterfalls are splashing, the ocean, the dashing
I'm just waiting for that check to come.
The world is burning but I feel numb.
TV is awesome and outside is dumb.
So I'm sitting here waiting for my check to come.

I'm holding my breath when I go to the store
And they're still out of paper, like the 5 times before.
But when that check hits, it's ******* galore.
I'll buy it all wholesale, it'll be a big score.

Just a few weeks til I get that sweet cash
Then it's Amazon Prime, Grub Hub and DoorDash.
I'm sure that this plague will be done in a flash
And we'll go back to life with our fat wads of cash.

So I'll sit on my sofa and watch the train wreck.
In my fortress of Lysol and standard-grade tech.
With my *** getting bigger and pain in my neck
Waiting patiently here for my stimulus check.
Written on a whim and turned to a punk song by a friend.
JB May 19
I’m going out.
It’s not too late.
Brianna’s house.
You know that’s safe.

Hey, I’m sorry I smell like cigarettes. I’m sorry my eyes are red. I know it’s later than we said and now you want me right now dead!

Hey, I’m sorry I went out. I wasn’t in my bed. You woke up in the middle of the night and thought that I was dead!!
JB May 19
She’s not kissing
I’m not kidding
Do you think this is a joke
Die die die die die
No one’s kissing
No one’s missing
No one’s opening their eyes
JB May 19
don’t you know how much I
love you I love you I
only want what I
think is best
for you I
really do know best I
will take care of everything honey I
promise you I
just want you to be happy I
just want you to behave
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