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You were like the brightest star I saw at night
Your smile was like the sunrise I saw as I woke
You moved like the ocean smooth and unstoppable
Everytime we met we were like ying and yang
Your eyes saw through me like a mirror to my soul
You were to me like the air I breathed but yet
you were poisonous like the apple of eve
Why did you scowl when I smiled at you
How could you betray me when all I showed was loyalty
All I wanted was to be with you but you didn't want me
With your face like a fallen angel so beautiful and decieving
All my love you threw away
All my kindness you laid to waste
Everything I cherished you burnt to a crisp
Even from my heart you stole a beat
How could you leave me to rot in sorrow
You were the reason I yerned for tomorrow
My love for you was the death of me
But even in my grave I will brave this sea
Perhaps one day you will meet with me
Until then my love will flow as the ocean breeze
Allegorique- You were a star that shined brighter as the night darkened
Metaphore- A sun amongst moons
Metonymie- Your brown skin had won my heart
Synecdoque-The power of love
Hyperbole- 1000volts ran thgough me as you touched me
Pleonasme- This ancient ritual, from long ago
Personnification- Your eyes spoke to me and conveyed your intentions
Gradation- You were dangerous, so dangerous and threatening
Anaphore-  Breaker of hearts, breaker of love, breaker of lives, now you've broken me  
Exclamation- Liar! deviever! Traitor!
Anacoluthe-with all my love, you decided to...
Hypallage- Your beautiful face was so decieving to the world
Antithese- Your mind was with me, but your heart remained elsewhere
Comparaison- You poisoned me, like the apple of Eve did Adam
Inversion- The death of me was my love for you
Question-  Why was it me ? Why was it us ?
A little project I worked on in French & Eng Lit. I used the opportunity to make this. I will add the complete version as well. ( in Eng only)
Bruce Demos May 26
I will live, not just think, what’s just
I will give my soul to the poor
I will guide, hand in hand, the lost
I will strive, no I’ll act, for more
I will
I will.
I will!
My Life Management teacher asked me to write my life "Mission Statement." I chose to express it in a poem.
StoryTallinn Feb 13
You have to start somewhere
You have to start somehow
At rock bottom
You cannot go down

Just do something
Forget the pressure to be successful
This fake exceptionalism you see on social media
Meaningless influencers and food for ego

Listen to your intuition and forget the noise
The bird that tweets the loudest is not the most productive
You just need to be the one with the strongest wings
Resilience is key
1:47 AM

My eyes lay wide open, conscious won’t let me sleep.
I’m new to this silent killer,
Before I shut this world off I’m seeing,
                   I'm already soaking up the pitch black,

Yes. It’s my dirtiest pleasure creeping up again.

One more attempt to connect with my subconscious,
But the hatred within is so beautiful!
Born with no voice,
Words is the only choice I have.

… Her Words… Birthed my soul.

Project story in the making, please let me know what you think and feel free to message me!
Steve Page Jul 2018
Life is a workshop
and you are the project.
Listen to the tutor,
expect messy
and have fun.
Life's not a picnic.  It's better than that.
Penny Rhode Jun 2018
I'm just a project
Something for you to work on
I guess i'm useless
A W May 2018
***** girls with lousy guys, drives me crazy
Maybe you shouldn't feel too sorry.

Old Sally, so **** good-looking but a pain in the ***.
                 "Oh, darling, I love you."
                 "You're probably the only reason I'm in New York right now"
I told her I loved her; it was a lie.
    felt like five hundred thousand years, looking at all the phonies.
Ivey League guys with ****** voices,
a witty bunch of actors drinking their tea
and rubbernecks stand around to watch.
    I was a ******* wolf, just wondering for intellectual conversation.
                 Someone, Anyone!
    Just give old Caulfield the time to spoil your evening
                 because he's not sorry at all.
"A small project I did for the Catcher in the Rye where we were to make poems with words from chapters 17-19. They are suppose to be about his relationship with Sally or the feelings he has about her. Enjoy!
Arcassin B May 2018
By Arcassin Burnham

The outside of you maybe gold but your heart is a black mist,
putting your friends before your family is in every since a diss,
dismembered the brain you possess in world that is so tamed,
I don't need your time , don't even remember your name.
in a failed generation that you provoked , only shines through some quick tempers,
if you know about peace , love and faith then that's something that you can't deliver,
somewhere always losing your soul due to all the fortune and fame.
I don't need your time , don't even remember your name.
Louisa Coller Mar 2018
From a poet to another, here is my proposal.
Both a poem, yet offering, and I'm not joking!
Imagine your words written on screen,
well let me tell you my friends, it's not a dream.

I am offering you a 'Little Letter', to share your talent far and wide,
for today I'm starting a brand new project for all of mankind.
We write a poem for someone we knew, or something we hold dear.

Then montage flashes, an actor still, saying your words with passion.
For I ask you, hand in hand,
would you like to be a part of this?


If you have read this far, congratulations!
I just wanted to say, as someone who loves poetry and starting to get into the love of filmmaking. I want to combine our two interests. I am creating a visual, slam poetry montage short film series called 'Little Letters', this series is about poems dear to you, about someone you knew or know and of course topics or objects you treasure dearly.

If you want to take part, feel free to email me at: [email protected]

If not email, feel free to send me a facebook inbox:

I can't wait to start working with you amazingly talented people.
I am accepting poets to come and help write the series (you will be credited), as well as any potential actors (West Midlands location).
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