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It might be said:

I stayed right there
I stood right up and stared,
I let my senses loose
And that became my excuse.
It's short, but defines quite a bit... at least when I read it.
And after all
You deserve
That close
Where everything
With a whisper
And ends
With a whisper

No excuse
A gift of life
The right one
Genre: Almost Romantic
Theme: Oneness
Note: Know your worth
Mari Feb 26
"I'm not okay"
an excuse?
Amanda Feb 19
A thousand reasons I should go
I should leave you behind
Know it's unhealthy
The way
I am unable to get you out of my mind

Believe when I tell you
In moments I could disappear
Wouldn't see me anymore
If so but I'd still be near

We are soulmates I am positive
Am drawn to your energy
Love is what we share
Friends is what we'll always be

Regardless of what happens between us
Always want to be part of your life
Are meant to be together somehow
Even if not as husband and wife

We will be there for each other
As lovers or best friends
Til the entire universe implodes
Time itself meets it's end

You will always have a place in my bed
As well as a place in my heart
You'll always be my first choice
Even if you decide to depart

The cruel reality of life and love
Is sometimes it doesn't work
It is tragic but if you care too much
Often you'll end up getting hurt

Something creates chasms between us
Or maybe thoughts
So tired of getting my heart broken
Just attempting to connect the dots

Consumed by dumb insecurity
Troubling my true perception
Causing me to worry about
Your possible deception

My fear drives a wedge between
As a result I only accuse
Both want to wipe slates clean
Tried but what is the use?

To keep living like this is madness
Punishing our hearts with pain
Friends warn me to be careful
All think I'm insane

Some might label me stupid
Foolish and naive
Just because I tolerate your *******
Does not mean that I believe

Different excuse each time you call
Letting me know you've let me down
You disappoint me over and over
Love is the reason I stay around
If you've been in love you get it
The Mirror, that lie
Let me see myself
Pardon, your eyes
Genre:  Minimalist
Theme: Reflection
One friend is depressed.
Yesterday was the greatest, and today seems an unwelcome guest.

One friend is afraid.
He writes of his struggles, but if you saw him, you’d say he’s got it made.

I am who I’ve always and never been.
Consistently inconsistent, pervertedly malevolent, and searching for something that doesn’t seem to exist for me.

I want to help my friends.
insert{[but statement]+[excuse]}
Everything seems to be an excuse for doing nothing. I can’t trust myself anymore.
Carl D'Souza Aug 2019
When I excuse
my faults
I lose the opportunity
to improve myself.

When I accept
my faults
and evaluate my self
I can then
improve my self
towards the wisdom and virtue
I need
to achieve optimal joy and happiness.
M Solav Jul 2019
I wanna make it simple
But it ain't
Though it is.

I thought it'd be easier
If I stopped
But I kept going.

I tried to correct the course
But no excuse
Could be admitted.

So I keep on writing
Just to seem
Like I knew it all along.
Written in July 2019

— Copyright © M. Solav —
This work may not be used in entirety or in part without the prior approval of its author. Please contact for usage requests. Thank you.
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