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Jack Dec 2020
there is no such thing as perfect,
try and try anyhow.
live selfishly by doing things that make you smile.
successful is something you make up along the way.
walk your own path, day by day.

the world is dark and frightening,
that's what music is for.
the Earth is made of the same dust you are, (stardust!)
      so you can't disappoint her.

there is no such thing as time,
we've got what we've got.
      say, "good morning" to everything.
      how amazing,
                to be.

dance, cry, hurt, make, –––  free.
sometimes i can't remember anything about my Pop and it breaks my heart, other times i can hear the things he'd say, clear as day.
OpenWorldView Nov 2020
mama and papa
i long for your warm embrace
but you both passed on
I miss you!
Martin Mikelberg Aug 2020
thank you Sixty Minutes on August 9th, 2020
Today as I try
I don’t have the words
Yet, can’t express
I call him and say
Happy Father’s Day
And wish him the best
As he has been to us
Thank you
Can’t express yet!!
Yash Feb 2020
Bleeding, missing platelets
Like a fountain, Exsanguination
Carcass, skin and bones left
Bury me, burn me, you better remember me.

Boy, get your paws right off me.
Growl, howl, gnaw, all you want.
Do not defile me. Leave, run for your life
Go face your reflection and scream, monster.

Snaked Nile, blue and white
carry the scratched Sarcophagus
to the end of the world.
Mummified monster.

Relic of the dark past
Monster of today
Destroyer of the bright future.
Don't let him escape, I pray to Horus.

Oh, the divine one-eyed one
heed my prayers.
Isis, guard him like Ra
Fear him like Apophis.

Otherwise, like ISIS
he will destroy your dreams, Mesopotamia.
Possessed by Set, blinded by red
Constrain him before he kills your Osiris.

Swamp, sudden snap. The jaws of Sobek
One monster to the rescue of the other.
Great Khnum, carry the golden coffin to the sea of chaos
destroyed by Isfet or swallowed by the black snake. Keine pflege.

Nephthys. Water, flood him
bury him deep within the death bed.
Vater, Moustached black man
Ich werde dich nicht vermissen.
Just to help understand this, this poem uses a lot of Egyptian mythology references and the end of the poem uses german words.
Tizzop Dec 2019
1+1 equals 2

pa + pa equals:

"Papa" means "dad" and "daddy" in German.

Today is a good day.
annh Oct 2019
Papa always said, ‘Parallel lives meet when love travels sideways.’
‘She didn't look at me and I didn't look at her. Some questions are so direct the only way to ask them is sideways.’
- Deanna Raybourn, A Spear of Summer Grass
8M Aug 2019
Cinders and ashes cover the ground
Mama and papa nowhere to be found
I scream out loud; no, there's no sound
Oh where, oh where, could they be

Mama and papa nowhere to be found
Could they be singing my lullaby
Oh where, oh where, could they be
Please, cry out that old melody

Could they be singing my lullaby
I shant go far from the truth
Please, cry out that old melody
The song that reminds me of you

I shant go far from the truth
I know they'll be sleeping with stars
The song that reminds me of you
That one last tune from afar
Another day, another pantoum.
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