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8M Aug 5
Cinders and ashes cover the ground
Mama and papa nowhere to be found
I scream out loud; no, there's no sound
Oh where, oh where, could they be

Mama and papa nowhere to be found
Could they be singing my lullaby
Oh where, oh where, could they be
Please, cry out that old melody

Could they be singing my lullaby
I shant go far from the truth
Please, cry out that old melody
The song that reminds me of you

I shant go far from the truth
I know they'll be sleeping with stars
The song that reminds me of you
That one last tune from afar
Another day, another pantoum.
Ronnie Ronnie
Yes Papa
Entering Politics
No Papa

Telling a lie
No Papa
Show me your flag
Ha Ha Ha
Lets Cherish Childhood
Papa sat
on his porch
smoking cigarettes.
Papa sat
on his porch
drinking black coffee.
Papa sat
on his porch
watching history
repeat itself.

Would he have lied
about this life?
What did he do?
Do I care?
He's dead. He's done.
He's my black bread.

Would he have lied
about this life?
What did he do?
Do I care? Do I care?

Papa said,
Don't lie.
Don't ever cut your ties
on accident, with some
accidental psychosis.
Kid, know your mind.
Kid, live your life.

Papa said,
Don't break.
Don't snap yourself in half
folding for other eyes,
Keep living, Kid.
Learn to bend.
Hozefa Apr 8
Meri paidaish k waqt woh khushi aur fikr ke mix emotions mein kho raha tha....
Mujhe janam to meri maa de rahi thi, par usse dekh inhe bhi dard ** raha tha.

Jab main bol nahi pata,tabse meri khawahisho ko pura karne ka zimma uthaya tha...
Kandhe pe bitha kar duniya dikhayi aur ungli pakad ke papa ne chalna sikhaya tha.

Bhale khud,hindi medium mein aathwi kaksha tak ki thi padhai....
Par paise jama kar kar, seher ki best English school mein meri admission thi karwayi.

Office mein over time kar ke, mere future ki planning mein paise bachate the.....
Khud eid pe purane kapde pehente, par humare liye naye kapde silwate the.

Par tab zindagi mein, papa ka balidan aur pyaar kaha samjh mein aana tha.....
Papa ko thank u, i love u baad mein keh denge abhi to sirf paisa kamana tha.

Phir ek raat dosto k sang, madhoshi humpe chahi thi.....
Par waha fikr k maare papa ko neend kaha aayi thi.

Papa ka phone aaya to number dekh pehle phone kaat diya.....
Jab wapas call aaya to   "kyun pareshan kar rahe **" keh kar papa ko daat diya.

Phir agli subah phone aaya to socha, papa ko baar baar phone karne k liye naa kahe....
Par samne se awaz aayi "yeh jiska phn hai, unhe raste pe dil ka dora aaya, aur woh abb nahi rahe"

Aaj raat hai par sulane wala nahi....
Dost aur party hai par phn kar haal puchne wala nahi.

Aaj kehne to bahut kuch hai, par koi sunne wala nahi...
Abb bol sakta hoon, phir bhi khawahisho ko pura karne wala nahi.

Jab keh sakta tha tab maine kaha nahi....
Aaj paisa to bohot hai, par thank u, i love u kehne ko papa nahi.
You are my Pacific soul,
situated, enlightened, deep within.
You are my light,
that showed me way to grow in the womb.
You are the nature for me,
inevitable, inherent, indeterminate and infinite.
Dad! How should I lay you out before the world?
When you are me and I am you?

I am your son, you always cried in my pain.
I am your son, you always held my hand to walk.
I am your son, you enthroned me in a kingdom.
Dad! people may call me your king,
But I am blessed to be your queen!

Cuz, I am your son to protect you ,
and I am a daughter to be protected by you.
I am your son to sleep beside you,
But I am your daughter to keep my hand on your heart.
I am your son to listen to your worries,
But I am your daughter to wipe off your tears.
I am your son to thank you for giving me birth,
But I am your daughter cuz you are a womb for me.
I love you dad. No word, no description can ever match my love for you. Thankyou for bringing me in this world. I am your son , yet I love to be your daughter.
allure Feb 3
When you left
I was shocked and dismayed
without your jokes and foolish claims
our lives will never be the same
so suddenly you went away
I didn't get to say
to those piercing blue eyes
and that handsome smile
I'll be broken for a while
yet on the mend
to my best friend
this isn't the end
my dear papa,
I'll see you again

I wrote this poem for my papa, who passed away suddenly on 11/29/18. I read this at his funeral.
Taijitu Jan 16
Cientos de estrellas contamos juntos cuando era niña
y jamas imagine que un dia te buscaria en cada una de ellas
Tu ausencia hoy me acaricia como la brisa de aquellas noches
en las que llena de historias me dormia junto a ti
Tus memorias son aventuras que se vuelven mi refugio
Tus dulces palabras, la unica melodia que me hace sentir bien
Se que el tiempo jamas podra curar el dolor de tu partida
Pero se que tu sonrisa me dara las fuerzas para continuar
Donde estes, te extraño, te pienso, te amo Papa.
Viktor Vincent Oct 2018
To recollect my memory of you, Father
will be the greatest triumph I will gather.

Your comforting gaze will always be the one I long for
I had my share of quarrel with you, and yet you would always welcome me in your arms with this grace that you had.

These waves I ride today without you will always be remembered with great sorrow.

This life I have now Father, gives me the purpose to create things with these hands that you gave.
You will always be my greatest treasure, in this world full of maps to an unhidden treasure.

No caverns, caves, nor dark places will make me fear this life.
For Father you are with me.

Father, do not fear my existence.
I will give my life willingly to grace.
For this world carved me to be damaged.
But I remember you telling me to walk hard.
Thus, I will gladly jump into the fray with you by my side and spirit.

As I remember you on this 21st.
Know that you Father are my Prayer.
My soul.
My sanity.
My everything.
Let me be your reckoning.

I miss you father. With all the pieces of my heart.
Today, finally the sun appeared, and oh it appeared brightly blinding all of us in this part of the rural country, and everyone is happy and *** as we all sing praises to its scorching rays, and we smiled for we have been sad these past few days for the rain did not leave us... and the trees and the beasts and all the insects smiled with us for today we will play and be merry under the sun, until its time for the rain to come again... and we will be sad... again
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