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Sobriety has never been your friend.
Friends for you may have come, gone, and returned,
But "Sobriety" isn't a word you even recognize.
You might as well be staring into
A swirling whirlpool of
Misspelled words,
Languages you never bothered to learn,
And unspoken truths
Whenever you take a look at the word
Trying to find your unknown meaning.
Maybe you're just not meant to be clean.
And that's okay.
You're just like
She was
Before the end.
Josh G 3d
Gracefully sliding down your silver skin
It leaves a waste of blackness
That zig zags like a corn maze
A flame sets you into motion
Giving off your sought after euphoria
Our bond is one not saught after
Yet its a connection I yearned for
Nights spent on the bathroom floor
With desperation and a fiendish itch
You were there as my comfort
With tears in my eyes and a stain on my pride
We floated off into a temporary retreat
Wrote this looking back to a time in my life where I felt the full weight of the world on my shoulders. The weight became unbearable and I searched for every way out I could find. The door I opened was one of immense pain to myself and the ones I cared about. I'm proud of the man I've become now.
Nobody said it would be fun.
Nobody said I couldn't run.

Run away from memories.
Dive into the bottle.
Drinking at full throttle.

Throttle pushed past her limits.
Jumping hills - watch me fly!
Faster now I'll reach the sky.

Sky dark and heavy.
Trapped away from sun.
Why have I yet to run?
Allison Wonder 2019

The back and forth battle of sobriety and why. I drank today hence the title.
The Dybbuk Jan 13
It's hard to live without *******,
Tied to powder by a chain.
"Help," I say, but no one knows:
I'm bleeding lifeblood from my nose.

It's hard to live without some *****,
Liqueur up and start to cruise.
"I want to die." I flip a penny,
Rev the car and hit one-twenty.

It's hard to live without some shrooms,
I liked my life as a cartoon.
"I'm broken inside," I tell my friends,
They laugh along, the world bends.

It's hard to live without some ****,
It helps to balance out the speed,
"I'm in danger," no one cares,
Buried under thoughts and prayers.

It's hard to live with conscious mind,
I need poison, make me blind.
Roll me, smoke me, snort me up,
Pipe, spoon, ****, or cup.
It's two weeks sober tomorrow.
Ammar Jan 2
At one point, reality was observed
With a revered gaze
Unfortunately, now
I would trade sobriety
For white lines.
All messed up in the head.
Ammar Dec 2018
Downing hard liquor is easier
Than swallowing the truth
Marla Holbrook Dec 2018
Poem and mope
Are the same word
Built differently.
Jul's Dec 2018
I have been through **** an back, for a very long time I was lost an confused by my drinking an drugging, for nights & days I would hide behind my drinking because I wanted to feel more pain,
I would sit an wonder where my life is gonna go an then I would cry tears of my pain an sorrow
Then I came sober an realized what I was doing to myself an other's
I have faced my demons an worked them out
All because I got sober
An now I can actually I can look in the mirror an see a beautiful woman who loves her self agin
Elena Murphy Dec 2018
What makes you feel lonely, lost in a dark place? What is making you feel trapped, that you feel you can't escape?  What is it you don't have, that you feel that you need? Or is everything okay, you just feel you can't breathe?
Is it worth the pain & guilt it brings you in the end?  We all love you, not that awful friend, pushing all this evilness into your head.
How long does it make you happy& feel free from the pain?
Is that what it is, pain that your dealing with?
what is causing you to do this? All my questions, forever unanswered.  Maybe one day they'll be heard. Youll have a clear mind & the answers to them all.
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