Josh Jun 11
People are flies today.
They swarm and buzz
and get in my mouth and nose.
They're like cigarettes
or biscuits -
Hard to quit -
inessential -
I have to try it.

People are everywhere.
Get out of my hair.
I retreat to my private lair,
not a care in the world
but loneliness.

People are like a cheese board.
They make me dream,
something else about biscuits
and go well with a few glasses of red wine.

So many cheeses to choose from
and not one of them is mine.
Myrrdin May 26
She said
"It's been 3 years
Without wondering
When you'd finally
Go too far
When you wouldn't
Wake up again
If I'd never
Hold you again
If you'd choose
Substances over living
Over me
Over everything
It's been 3 years
Without me
Having to be afraid"
I said
"It's been 3 years
Without a good
Nights sleep
Of feelings things
I spent a life time
Experiencing pain
Without an escape
Learning to love
And to regret
It's been 3 years
Of being afraid
Of being alive."
Shayn Powell May 8
Cold morning,
I roll over, sad
And mourning.
I just want to lay here,
But I need coffee,
Something warming
And something sober,
Like black coffee.
Stone cold sober.

Strong taste to my buds,
Bitter but sweet,
Without my coffee
I’ll roam around, lost,
Looking beat.
Listening to the
beans roast and
The drip in my pot,
It sounds exactly
Like the drops hitting
My window.

It’s ready.
Hearing the pour,
A small waterfall
Into a cup, the splashes,
The aroma, something
That I can’t get over.
My first sip, it’s hot and bitter
But delicious nonetheless,
It’s perfect for the early bird,
They always say it,
They get the worm.

Until next time
Empty cup. Half a day
wait and another cold
Morning on it’s way,
Sit here and wait
Until I wake up,
For another sober cup.
Everyone can probably relate.
Amanacer May 6
If I was still in Texas
I’m quite sure all my exes
Would still be banging on my bedroom door
Hitting this up and demanding more

If I was still in my addiction
I’m quite sure my predilection
Would still be spending time
Casting my pearls before swine

If I was still afraid
I’m quite sure my fear
Would paralyze my ability
And prevent me from this freedom

My addition was my jailer
My vices were the chains
That held me down
And kept me in constant pain

My addictions led me down paths
Too dark to recall
And my addictions nearly took my life
The greatest gift of all

And so here I am 5 years later
Battle scars well contained
The addict nearly decimated
And the goddess woman remains
I'm sick and tired
Of experiencing
This chaotic state of mind,
Yet I'm aware
That it's oftentimes necessary
To feel the Power of Love
In order
To let go of Hate,
Unfortunately for lovers,
With Real Love,
There are no guarantees.
Amanda Apr 23
My sobriety
In plain sight for all to see
Clean I have to be
It's easy to be sober when i have so many people keeping me accountable for my actions.
Ain't no reason
To think anything is gonna'
Get any better
Any time soon.
Ain't no reason
To believe
In the Future.
Ain't no reason
To care about Humanity
Too much
'Cause most folks
Don't use no reason
At all.
Millie Apr 6
I take the first sip
then take a deep breath
A sigh of relief
Reassurance of my comfort zone

My head is quiet
I feel alive
I feel everything
Everything feels great

It's a few sips later
I feel a pain, the pain
Just under my right breast
I am killing myself and I can't stop it
Millie Mar 29
I found myself
At the end of a bottle
It's been three months
Reluctant solemn months

I said it would be six
I lied
I am weak
The bottle is my best friend

I woke up thirsty
It was a short night
I wanted it to be short
So I found myself
At the end of a bottle
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