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A Simillacrum Sep 2019
I don't want no more
I don't want no more
            in - ferno.
Once upon a time I
held dreams as close
as I went on
to hold smoke
in my lungs --

   I don't want no more.

Yes: maybe Davey is right.
Which edge is the knife's edge and
which edge is. . .

Which edge is which?

Yes: maybe my Davey is right.
Complacency kills
the best of all intention.

My sleep's been in detention.
Maybe taking the easy downer. . .
Maybe taking
the easy upper. . .

I'll      take      back

      my dreams.
i'm in a 9 day fall
from the stratosphere.
i'll make it.
Zero Nine Jun 2017
Some of my idols don't do drugs
With blinders on **** your idols dead by dawn
Being the case I **** mine with shame
Reagan would have loved their hatred of me
Being the case he would hate me, too

Bring me your disdain, bring me
Baskets overflowing, ***** apples and oranges
Mess of accidental fruits of unaware labor
I guess malice blesses my innate behaviors

We alter the stars to outcry
We alter time, ascend, divine
We alter time of death
Design last breaths
Next in line.

— The End —