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A Simillacrum Aug 2019
Come, voice, back from the original black
Ness, Foot, Yankee Jim
I need a sign from a quasi mind not my own
Fiefallu dendress mazaiyato


my answers
lead to nothing

Call. Answer me.
answer you.

Not a compulsion
Never intended, just

Fiefallu dendress true.
Khoi Apr 2019
Blessed rice on rivers of love
confetti danced into the ocean
salt preserved the truth with consummate glory
Dean and Anthea and Dean and Anthea and Dean and Anthea:)))))))))))))))))))))))))) wise man say only fools rush in.........
purpu Aug 2017
Forever in trouble for arts sake
for people's duties and mistakes
but soft and pure the plan is drawn
with hands like feathers but mouths as claws.
Gabriel burnS Aug 2017
My skin can hear your colors
From the other end
Of happiness

But the line is folding in a loop
Closing in a circle
And the end is the beginning

Time is tesselating
Unto itself
But we have not the senses

There is no loss
Just continuation
Into the unknown

Relativity delays
The arrival of awareness
Consciousness is slow to form

The cooling of the mold
Takes a great deal more
Hence, the procrastination

Inert and habitual;
Words taking root
In everything

My end and your beginning
Collided into a freshly manifesting
Iteration of existence

The bud becomes
The fruit
A new cycle
ᗺᗷ Feb 2016
I’m spending too much time on the phone
Thinking about what not to say
Rather than just saying that
I think there’s not enough time in the day
To tell you what you mean to me
So my plan is to turn this day into a life
Worth living a thousand times over
And under, in front, and behind,
360 degrees of you on my mind
I mean 160 characters is hardly enough
To describe your character and
The only emoji worth sending you
Cannot be found on a backlit screen
Or on an x-ray for that matter
It’s found in the palm of my hand
When it’s wrapped in yours
Or on the tip of my tongue
Dancing on your shore
And sure I don’t mind texting you constantly
But I’m more of a primal lover
I need to give you my entire soul
Not just a piece
While returning the peace you leave in me
So don’t worry about reception because
If you think hard enough about me
That just means I’m thinking just as hard about you
And you feel it too
So if this call ever drops
And you haven't had enough
You’ll always know how to find me
Äŧül Apr 2015
I crossed another milestone,
I grossed 340k reads as a poet.

I was alone in the outside world,
I ain't alone in the poetry world.

I have no friends in reality,
I have several friends here.

I read & like lovely poems daily,
I write just for she-yes-her daily.

I had met her on Facebook,
I read in love on this nook.

I don't know the exact date but,
All the things will be fine and,
We will marry 6 years later.
And you all are invited in advance.
An old poem modified just a bit.
My HP Poem #831
©Atul Kaushal
Kagami Apr 2014
Connection to my
Mind, my rationality:



Touch me.

Help me, heal me.
Distractions are

                                     Keys are jingling, ringing. What is that

Sound is nonexistent, just white noise.
             The line was cut.

— The End —