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A Simillacrum Sep 21
I love the scratch and sniff.
I love the body whiff.
I love the ****** and smash.
I love the mind crash.

Such a sweet and salty face.
What a beautiful place.
Single wide, double or?
What future sits in store?

None for me?
None for you?
Look at us.
Look at you.

Apache beard.
A. Patch. iieh.
Nn, so desu ne.
Butter bean.

Cream white dream.
But sorta pink.
I look back at my poems
And I laugh to myself

How sweet they were
My feelings then

Only lasting a moment
An hour and a day

A time so precious and dear
And he told me
He saw me there
In the room on the bed

And we played pillow fights
And wrapped ourselves in blankets
Rolling around pretending to be worms

And then you exited the room
And then I wondered
How detailed you relayed that encounter
That was more than ten years ago

And I wondered
What your thoughts were
How you saw me
At that moment

And I wondered
How you felt
Remembering those details
Of the memory of our first encounter

How you remembered it
If there wasn't something there
Childhood friends.
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