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π™±πšπ™°π™Έπ™½: π™²πšžπš!! π™²πšžπšžπšžπš!!! π™²πšžπšžπšžπšžπšžπšžπšπš!!!
Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β  πšƒπš‘πšŠπš πš•πš’πš—πšŽ πšŠπš’πš—'𝚝 πš’πš— πšπš‘πšŽ πšœπšŒπš›πš’πš™πš.
Just scared of love.
Β© snoW
Ken Pepiton Jun 2021
Where I live, you see, is the future
which nobody saw coming but me,

and I guarantee, its truth,
I consider ants sentient, indeed.

I cringe for my imaginary Jain friends,
I just smashed another dozen scouting sugar ants,

and I sang to them as I did,
hoping their tiny antennae
knew the deal,
we throw ant-edibles in rodent safe containers,
out past the edge
of the motion sensors,
ants of all common sorts are welcome.

- because our fire ants have some how mellowed
- since arriving from Texas
on waves of dread… fire ants,
maybe that kind never got here. any way
- now, we live with them and all the others
- on the edge of the eastern pacific
- super colony that has no war
- on its inner or outer edges.

But one must consider ants
as sapient sentients,
senders of signals, wireless radio,
wee-tiny antennae vibes,
to sing a song ants can translate that says,
This human says: I shall **** all you send to my kitchen.
It is a thought song, you think it, as you ****.
You might try it if, you consider
ants are not just pests, but
interesting life tools, for living in dirt
with no screens, lack so obvious it is
noticed by any with attention to antennae
as intense as
that that of Everest Pax, who in April began his sixth year…
Now, who
can hold the ant mind
long enough to imagine the queen,
with Ender-vision?
Through the eyes that watched me **** the scouts,
and signal boundaries to the Queen.
Home alone with the next generation. Peace on earth is a location problem, we can fix if we send the right signals in time.
Left To Rot May 2021
The dress was blue and black,
life is really short,
I don't always get drunk
but when I do I go to church.
Is Keanu Reeves a vampire,
or is he a time traveller?
They told me to change my ways
and I don't remember what I did then.
Juliana Apr 2021
Tearing out the floorboards
in a rabid frenzy,
feeling the need to find it,
to find the source of the beating,
the pounding, the thumping.

Ripping out my hair
because it’s buried.
No, not in a graveyard,
it’s home, but here.

Trying to find some peace someday
but it’s loud and I need quiet
and I can’t find it but the thump
and the thump and the thump

But no one seems to care
that he is missing,
that this home of mine
reeks like a putrid veil
attracting birds and rats and vermin

Yeah, no one seems to care
as I descend into madness,
and the red of his heart
causes red in my eyes,
the world protruding into fire
as I take a deep breath, two.
As I try to convince myself
that everything is fine.
She sets down
her very large glass of Malbec
sighs and lights
a poorly rolled
******-like cigarette
the look on her face
bothers me deeply
I open my mouth
with good intentions
and probably should have
said something like
"Are you ok?"
but what came out
went something like
You are nothing to me
just an **** potato
there's almost nothing
that you could provoke
within anyone
except for the cats
I'd bet you could start
the feline revolution
with your poisoned toenails
and mashed carrots
not even seventeen vats of ****
could make you more slippery
I don't want your wet cake
just bees,
endless mayonnaise
and cherry flavoured toxic yoghurt
"you can only pick 2" except I took all 9 pills and wrote this
take that Facebook
JoyAndPain Nov 2020
roses are red
my name is not dave
this makes no sence
this is not my own. search memes about poems on google and click images and you should find it.
Norman Crane Sep 2020
an idea blows
across a global garden
cities shake like leaves
sankavi Apr 2020
I hate you, I hate you so ******* much
but somehow,
you're the only person who can make me smile so bright
the only person who I can just sit there quietly on call with
the only person who's jokes I actually find funny
I hate you so **** much, but somewhere along the lines I started loving you too and I really,
really wish I didn't
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