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I changed all my passwords to


so when I get it wrong
it says:

Your password is incorrect

Just something I read somewhere that stuck in my head.
Decided to share it with you, my friends.

Hope you had a laugh :)
Ira Sep 22
Here I type and placate a plan.
"Should I ask for people to give me a hand?"
"No," I say, leaning in my chair,
"Begging for reads on Hello Poetry is too much sadness to bear."
God gave us the stars to shoot for
so we would have ***** other
than our sister or brother
eager to reach the shooting range we slammed the shuttle door
on our captain’s silver crown
in a sea spilling from His ichor
sack punctured by our hubris we drown-
memes and cat videos worth dying for

We set fire to the shuttle
gasp as our air begins to leave
Amazon(s) choose to scuttle
trees land and humans need to breathe
a musk most putrid rises as we cannibalize our space ex
who’s so far gone as to not come back
her zombie bridezilla tirade wrecks  
our plan it removes futures from the trajectory track

God gave us the stars to shoot for
so we reduced our target to soot
we revelled in our high score
not feeling the pain in our shot foot
and the cats still in secret revery dance their funny jig
sardonic wit stuffed still in every blank screen -small or large-
on the skeleton of our ghastly ghost space rig
reduced to rubble by a friendly depth charge.

God gave us the stars to shoot for
it was we who chose to use a gun
we chose to ram through the door
not checking if it was open
God gave us the stars to shoot for
leaving the details for us to decide
rockets to be built to make war or explore
as shuttlecraft for a human slingshot ride
an arching advance into the beauties of
our Creator made for us to enjoy in love
Ken Pepiton Sep 15
The Logic of the Toad
at the bottom of the slough of despond
ping ping rain drip

the very elixer of feistiness, they say
make us make use o'the stuff

muscles are best for,
but virtually

estivation is our pre

we wait on geotime for rain
and rise, toadish

to be kist orange by gaseous
exposure to

you, dear reader, a breath of fresh air,
if you cared to even try

to get understanding with it,
as wisdom tickled your

fancy fashionable meme chain.
A bit of something so long that if I were to post it here I fear seeming meme envious wishing for rain
A Simillacrum Aug 15
the readout simply showed,

    i am the brand name.

it was the ubiquitous, and as

     was i.

production and consumption

     are protected.

i am the being from which the experience is squeezed.

     i am the experience repackaged and sold.

altered by demand, altered again by experience.

     then squeezed, then sold, then squeezed, then sold.

hyperreality affords the assurance of eternal life.

     i am information, in its creation, in

its propagation. the plot has been tossed

     in favor of the house of character,

atlantic, and pacific.
The Vault Jul 21
Love me deep
Love me true
And maybe I will give you coconut
From my hips too.
Mitch Prax Jul 6
I went to tag her
in a meme but she is now
gone without a trace

5:49 PM
A Simillacrum May 23
Dark, play with the pants down.
Tell all, invite hell, I
took it for basic.

Dark, loose lips sink the ship.
Yell all you want. I
took it for granted

You knew, the line between
a miserable joke,
being a successful joke,

is in your grace toward the product,
and your ability to bottle it,
for your audience,
with confidence.
Justin Zheng Jan 11
bad leads to okay
okay leads to good then great
this is a haiku
my second haiku
you don't want to see the first
or maybe you do
this is not a haiku.
Eleven Nov 2018
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