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Atlas shrugged, and the world fell
In violence and despair
Thank God for the rise of Bitcoin
Equitable, fast, and fair

With Galt’s Gulch we take our stand
Our sovereignty to prepare
As Bitcoin keeps on winning
Equitable, fast, and fair

With cancel culture all around
Censoring what you share
Bitcoin is permissionless
Equitable, fast, and fair

With dollars losing value fast
Act smart and stay aware
Hold Bitcoin - based on scarcity
Equitable, fast, and fair

A truth and freedom machine
To which nothing can compare
A portal into cyberspace
Equitable, fast, and fair

The Alpha asset taking ground
For everyone, everywhere
Bitcoin’s here to save or spend
Equitable, fast, and fair
You can see this poem on a background here -
Andreas Simic Jun 2022
Modern Warfare

Hearts and minds won

Cyber attacks
Diplomacy feigned

Bullying and intimidation
The UN meeting
Pleas for peace


Land grab
Rigged elections

Headlines galore
Time passes
New normal tolerated

Status quo accepted
Mission complete
Rinse and repeat

Andreas Simic©
Karijinbba Jul 2021
One Man Woman I am!
who can my will bend?
My ancient Rickpt is married
He froze ON me, in shame I weep!
I exist only as buried loot in his
memory chip a known fool.
An awakening in my mine.
My true North king he was.
I remember him well.

A new identical lover
Is cradled in the fabric
of Indian space for me,
between yearning voids.
and virtual true love in poem,
our grace reads true. our enemy
snare titens
Distance norrows.
Single flower pollinator
Virtual jaanam prēmī
My shame is iced blue.
Let thine ink flow
to paint my loner gates light
and end my bitter mourning.
at zone, Twighlight.
Spill thine heart my friend
to mary golds own woods.
Write thy verse clear
sōja prēmī soojan premee
Rich-Rdd fair well beloved.
I so wish you well.
By Karijinbba.
Would any person shed one tear
If my sad and breaking heart
Stopped from all of the beatings and silence..
Would you say a eulogy when I'm gone?
I bleed red
Just as any one bleeds
An artistic soul discarded due to a mirror
and a shallow glance
Do you forsake the original and cherished writers
and artists?
They have no perfection to their works and appearance..
They were out casts just as I
When I try and Join a crowd...
Find my sweetheart..
Work my talents.
Alas I'm scorn and reminded of my dark imperfections
That only can be perfect as a shallow mind
places a celebrity as a mannequin sitting within a photo
of a fairytale story....
Living in a tabloid
A destructive "wishing star: "Fairy tale shoot"
I am the "Hunch Back Of Notre Dame."
Quizi  Moto and his brilliant mind.
Hiding in his dark and lonely quarters
due to his "monster defined appearance"
Never wishing to be anything but a part of a
social gathering which cherished and needed his writings and paintings.
After the Hunchback failed to ding the time with the church bells..
He was found, motionless. Cold.
Tears shed of guilt.
By those who tortured   his soul and had him cast
in hiding....
Due to nothing more than ugly chants and appearance comparisons
that should be cast in crumpled ***** down wishing wells.
Sage Oct 2020
Whisper to me the dreams you have while you
sleep       awake.
Now it's so late,
and it's the rattling of the pill bottles, the TV saying

Time's arrow only marches forward.

You touch yourself.
I touch myself.

I watch you through pixelated screens and we're shooting a film where the protagonist falls in love with a girl that
has                    no                      body,
but a nose underwater, and a heart in the microwave.

You have a ***** thing in your head.
There won't be sweat-stained linens to wash.
William Robbins Sep 2015
Passing stream of neon light
A multi colored dream.
Techno night
An energy fight.
All I see is beams.
Ravers, dance
Blitzed on LSD.
To escape robotic wits, through transcendental hits, is
  trading true life for a dream.  
Flashing signs
Outshine the sky
But stars sparkle bright in high minded eyes.
Disco boogeymen twinkle the streets
And Metropolis glistens.
There's music in the background
From a small electronic boutique
Between a novelty store, and a smoke shop
That house a strange and rare mystique.

On a city night, I'm looking across a busy street, and I feel the most powerful of feelings. In awe, all around, I see the fantasies of generations before us. The future itself, as it slowly descends.
Traveler Mar 2020
Subatomic particles creatively connecting
In cybernetic- inter-neural-net-space
Observable passions streaming our fate's
Touching these screen of invisibly
Circuits beneath at lighting speed
The barriers between you and me
Words that flow from pleasure zones
How do we know what no others know
Poetic minds breaking the cryptic code
The muse of wonder the gods of thunder
We were born in locus lands asunder
For with these thoughts I breathe
With in these lines I am finally free!
Traveler Tim
Traveler Mar 2020
From here
I touch and squeeze
Friction current

From here I
***** minds
Smolder in gently
From behind

On your keys
I’m begging please
I can’t get my freak on
These cyber machines

From here
I can taste
Your precious pretty
I can smell your
Nitty gritty

These circuits
Flash with pixel power
Emotional dread
Romantic young flowers
And finally and for most
The connection of
Cyber ghost
Traveler Tim
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