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Amanda Apr 22
I am missing a large portion of my heart
A lot inside that's been slashed apart
Forfeited innocence in order to get high
Need to understand it
Need to know why

Need a magnifying glass to see the clues
I'm free to find all the ways that before I did lose
Thoughts kept me on the brink of drowning every day
In the nightmare failing to take me away

I ate and overgorged on rich fantasies
Like colored candy ingested impossibilities
Needed more than temporary flavor
Needed a taste I could always savor

Feed my demons with an abundance of doubt
Awakened in body inside and out
Infestation of insecurity
Like plankton multiplying
Blooming in sea

Floor barely visible underneath clustered stuff
Ask myself why I don't care enough
Brain needs rewiring in the worst kind of way
Stopped feeling human
Instead a statue made of clay

To fix all that is broken is an unrealistic concept
Dance around things I'm not ready to accept
Cloak my open wounds
Hide pain that's only mine to know
Pretend underneath is as undamaged as the parts that show
Although some visible areas are not as unscathed as I like to think they are
Fear is yet a concept
Within itself
For fear can only
Fear itself
A concept of self
strengthens with wealth
The rules they do change
when our histories made
Is perception an image of taste

Where to begin when
the pendulum swings
For all of our sins
start from within
Can we see beyond
our own gates
Does right become
wrong on judgement day
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Amanda Dec 2019
Time is an unusual concept
Perspective I have yet to understand
Current washing us clean of everything
Seconds slipping through fingers like grains of sand
In the hourglass of life
James Oct 2019
Like time, are we found through serendipity.
Minutes, a mere tick to unfounded revelation.
Past, are the days when we go subtly by, dissipating into the night sky.

Like time, our corporeal spirits aloft into the pitchy sky.
The tender kiss, a gentle stroke, nuanced by the caressing love of the lunar above.

Like time, are we imprisoned in our own conscious. A mere abstract picture, blown into the winds, caught adrift, and veered into the dark streams of reality's heavy rift.

Like time, we are but ethereal wayfarers: youthful beings marked by ephemeral nature, merely to trance the universe's wake.

And like time, our departure ticks till the last grain meets, and the sand flipped, to start all over again, and again, and again.
The uniVerse Feb 2016
The sky was blue the day we met
not a single cloud in sight
truth is all I saw was you
framed by the morning light.

Gray will be the colour of my hair
if you ever leave my head
sometimes I still stare
when I'm alone in bed
seared into my memory
like a red hot poker
you once lay next to me
now I can't even hold her
an indentation on these white sheets
from an angel just as pure
I used to watch you sleep
now I watch the light beneath the door
half expecting it to open
for you to somehow return
the other half lies broken
as the glow of candles burn.

Blue was the colour the day we met
but orange was the day you died
whilst I stood and watched the sunset
on my beautiful bride.

"You laid so peacefully
now you sleep solitary
taken with a piece of me
that piece I had to bury."
The uniVerse Jul 2019
Death does not exist as some distant relative
but rather it remains relevant
as a constant reminder
that without death she cannot live
you will never find her
for herself, to death, she did give
do not call out her name
or try to hold on
she left her body through the pain
she's already gone
now she exists as life itself
not as a concept within her mind
or as a body trapped in time
but as the flow of silence
between echoes of distractions
as one slowly slips through tiredness
towards the light refractions
that's where she'll be
as she waits for me
in eternity.
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