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Africa, your time has come
To increase your prosperity
And unlock your wealth

Through cooperation
And innovation
Your time has come
To remove obstacles
And create life abundantly

Your energy keeps building...
So many hopes and dreams
In pattern and matrix form
Ready to be clothed with
Physical matter

The ideas and technologies
Now safeguard personal identity
And bestow economic identity
To people and nations
That prosperity may abound
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This poem was inspired by Charles Hoskinson, the genius mathematician who is also the founder of Cardano.  Charles and I both were inspired by Kiva, the micro-loan lending group that helps so many people worldwide.

Cardano is a cryptocurrency, but it's much more than that.  Charles has in mind to use it to establish economic identity for millions in Africa who do not have this blessing.  They need a safe and secure way to transmit money, own land with deeds, borrow money, and much more.

The projects are in the incipient stages but developing rapidly - especially in Ethiopia.  So I wrote this poem as a tribute to the people of Africa - and to Charles for helping establish systems to unlock the prosperity of the African nations!
Brian Turner Mar 20
Building a house
The house of life
With foundations of flesh and bone

Building a bridge
The bridge of strife
With supports of words and grit

Building a barrier
The barrier to hate
With strength of love and kindness
Druzzayne Rika Oct 2020
Is empathy lost,
sometimes I forget to carry
do you have yours
let's share our thoughts
build it again
it won't be in vain.
Gregory Oct 2020
The day the needle hit my vein I said to my self I’ll never be the same  in the hospital going insane trading ebt for chump change like dam it’s a hurricane I need to get back to my old line ****** is Scared to lose friends and have enemy I’m like ***** you ever felt your own body not having your back looking at  life this **** it wack stack up racks cause at 21 that’s where I was at now I’m playing for the Yankees cause my backwoods fat I ain’t rapping for fun I’m speaking facts low self esteem couldn’t get no *** from these Instagram chicks had to to go the back rout going to back page looking for the right number  no feelings attach to blow her back out no love in the game **** is done you **** up i **** up **** it let’s just give up in my mind like dam there is no love then after that get hit by a cold storm dialysis trying to keep my attach to its  self analysis transplant on a scary month always played dum just to watch you chumps I think it’s my time of the month I’m just so sprong 7 years of no birthday no fun had to take my self out my own body like look at your self you *** never really spoke about my feelings just kick it lay back smoke a blunt cause I wasn’t in to the other drugs but the hospitals visit and stay num me up Percocet’s up back pain now I’m just trying to find the way out like rapunzel rapunzel let your hair down so I can climb my way to being back to number 1 cause being number 0 **** felt like eating water with cereal
Naveen Malhotra Oct 2020
My dear student
You respect me
With folded hands
I have evaluated
Your maths paper
I don't wish to
Disappoint you
To give you the respect
You deserve
I have invented a method
A method of marking papers
I have given you
49 with a square root (√49) out of 50
I don't wish you
You excel in studies
And go for higher learning
This is in your interest
And in the interest of my country
We have enough of
White collared people
Blue collared are needed
You can make an excellent
Skilled worker
With some practical training
With folded hands
You will please
Your bosses
With your skillful hands
You will build my country
I shall be proud of you
Once you were my student!
kiran goswami Jul 2020
She decided to build herself a road,
instead of taking 'The Road Not Taken'.
Dinesh Padisetti Jul 2020
The stillness feels like death
But movement isn't life either
I'm getting bored again
But moving around isn't the answer

I'd rather move inward
Make a temple in my heart
That only I can build or destroy

For I know why I move.
To feel home in places
Alien to humanity
A temple in my heart..
Dinesh Padisetti Jul 2020
It's now, you need to be brave
For you've fear in your heart
It's now, you need to obey
For you've been free, too long

It's now, you need to be responsible
For you've ran away from it all your life
It's now, you need to fall in line
For your entire life was out of line

It's now you need, Balance
For you've enjoyed the imbalance in chaos
It's now the time to sit still
For you've never stopped moving

It's now the time to build
For you've only but destroyed
Remember the message
Alas, you'll repeat the mistake twice.
t Jul 2020
day 2

my world has felt like
it has crashed around me
so many times
that there is no dramatic reaction
to the pain that pools from my chest

as the storm tangles her claws in my hair
And rakes me across her bony spine
I stoop down to collect the pieces
broken, shattered , and rough
and tuck them quickly down my sleeve
I rebuild the same frame and heartbeat
The same breath and the same stretch marks

The puzzle fits together snugly enough
For the audience not to notice its cracks.
Tom Waiting Aug 2020
To Destroy, First Build  (The Construction of Human Dissolution)

steely Ironies begin as the end nears, leather torn by fabric,
when humans begin the separation protocol, when first
we intend to dissolve, we need construct, *****., barriers

so true, good fences make good great enemies.
the invisible ones, freight train tracks running down the middle
of the bed, new lands of “his side, her side,” shut your light off!

he makes a joke, she don’t turn her head, maybe she, offers instead
a secret grimace, thinking inside too little late, bothering/thinking
go write your breakup poetry, that’ll keep you truly invested and

ocupado, lock door’d, why is my toothbrush in a moving van, that I didn’t hire, no destination home, notes passed via refrigerator door, what was  that “have children chatter?” months+words recent, huh?

just months ago, not confused, don’t touch his diet drink! man-o-man,
thank god we didn’t do a vaca drive up the West Coast, hanging with relatives in SF, LA not your town, you hate tinsel and pretense. BS.

arguing when we need to add gas, a wonderful double entendre, when was the end of detente, we abrogate the Treaty of Versailles, another place we won’t ever get to go-gether,
that just makes me sadly happier, and

I think; now I understand why he always booked us seats on airplanes separated  by the aisle, no head upon his shoulder, in my lap, holding hands needs disinfectant, social distancing solves many problems now,

need now, no asking how, to conceive destroy, imagine concrete:

first you must build, it’s how one does it, human dissolution requires work, malice aforethought, we both master builders, see yeah,  that’s a joke, a good one too...let’s laugh not together at us, our edifice crumbles
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