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A Simillacrum Sep 13
if I'm being honest, it was with virulence.
what did i do to myself that may have
caused the relationship to change?
well, she stopped doing.
most things.
well, what did i stop doing?
and did i stop doing?
i can't expect many things to make
any sense at all as a ******.
B D Caissie Aug 30
Take those stumbling blocks and ****** build something...
I made you into something you were never worthy of being
I built a castle out of ruins and laughed along while you burnt it down
someday, you'll return to those ashes and realize what you walked away from
I brush off the last memories of you and go on my way
there's no room in my future for you to seep into
Court Jul 8
The hardest things are so simple.
but the easiest things are so hard.
Space seems better but,
the closer, the stranger..
The odds are even..
you think you're getting even,
then the oddest things occur..
Special arrangements are canceled,
trying to make everything right..
but effort goes unnoticed..
Left for dead..
Left on read..
the biggest heart is broken and damaged..
Torn between..
being the best that i can..
& the worst i could ever be..
either to fly, or to die..
To stand, or to bury..
Water is life..
but it also kills...
heights are scary....
but heights builds confidence..

Im High af..
MawaLin May 22
Let's build a home
with parquet flooring...patterend of strength,
white walls are waiting
to be covered with our stories.
unfurnished rooms
to declutter our minds.
Staircase of wisdom,
ceilings so high,
commitment bricks near settled.
Let's build a home.
Let us build this masterpiece together
Poetic T May 11
We are each a tool
     And used in unison
           We can build the stars.

But when used incorrectly
           We'll break before we
Can reach further than our grasp.
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