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These days, the sun sleeps against
a wistful twisting of violet blue.
Pretention? Brake pad. You
told me that
my cadence is lyrical,
so, which is it, Mister?

I know myself to hell.
The mistake I keep making
is letting another tell
me they know me
just as well.

I mean, maybe.
I mean, maybe.

-- though, the more often you say it,
I can't help but think that the odds
come up in your favor ever less.

I know myself to hell.
The mistake I keep making
is letting another tell
me they know me
just as well.
Ten Aug 2017
Her face is so bright,
Like a starlight of the night
Her smile is so sweet,
Like a candy in your mouth
But no one can notice, the bitterness of her eyes
Because everyone sees her, as the statue of love
Every night she's in her room,
Crying until she fall asleep
Screaming his name,
Wishing that he was still here,
He left her without saying goodbye
She's left clueless wondering why
She might be okay in everyone's eyes
But the truth is, she's hiding behind the mask,
Still waiting for him,
To comeback in her life
Eventhough she knows
The footprints are gone
One day you'll see her,
Smiling under the rain
Trying hard to hide her tears,
Trying hard to fulfill their needs,
But whenever I look,
Directly into her eyes
Tiredness is what I see,
Longing is what I feel
And now she's gone
Like a rain in the sky
Realization hit us
That love is gone,
Pretention is done.
James Jarrett Aug 2016
You should sulk away in shame. You are a bottom feeder pretending to
be predacious. Life has shown you that in the order of life, you will
rapaciously lick the lips of the alpha every time . You mistake your
pretension for power, and you and only you make that mistake. Don’t
think that any other believes that you are anything more than the
absolute bottom of the order. You can cry to all who will listen about
your greatness and only the most ignorant will believe; For a while.
Your attempts to empower yourself by belittling others is a pathetic
attempt to cover your own inadequacies. Maybe you haven’t realized yet that they can’t be covered, that everyone really can see you for whom you are. I am amazed that something would actually mate with you. I can’t believe that one of your slightly more pretentious peers has not taken her from you yet. You are a disgusting example of a human being. You are petty, jealous and cowardly. You are the very definition of anthropomorphism.; You have been attributed with human traits without actually having them. You are lower than an animal and are pathetic.
A few years ago I dropped this in a poetry forum full of squabbling
poets as a random rant. They were actually a mean spirited bunch who were preying on less accomplished writers. It was like throwing a frag in there. Each one all thought that it was written about them. I of
course thought the reaction was hilarious. Be careful fencing words
with writers…
Lily Aug 2015
They all know me as the "class clown",
They never bothered to look behind that mask.

— The End —