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Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2019
That silent eyes
Reveal everything

Stay that way
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Answering Soul
Author's note: The one who understands the language of silence, they know how long they have to listen, they know how to communicate, they know what to talk and when to pause. Don't ask any.....
A Simillacrum Aug 2019
who am i to say if the mozzer's lost touch?
what does my rough draft have
that is missing from his manuscript?
nothing. so, i'll sit down here
before the microphone and say,
Justin Pfirsch Feb 2019
I saw Caitlyn Ohachi
             In an acess hollywood promo
             and thought                
             I liked her better        
             in her now famous (for 15 minutes perhaps)
             Where she so ably demonstrated
             the pure unfiltered joy of life
             strutting and leaping,
             jumping for Joy        
             with all the sass of a
             real woman
without sparing a thought
                    for the judgement                
                            to come
                    flying through the air
                    without a care
                    floating with
             her bouncy curly hair
In the access hollywood promo mentioned here the lady in question had taken a straight iron to her beautiful hair
Karisa Brown Mar 2018
Profrality: the act of being profound in reality.
Karmellight ♦I just like the way it looks ♦
Parallel always there
Jack o lantern
Laughing clown
Whoops too triggered
Back up
To dafodilles
No they're bad too
Go to pink pink horizons
Now sleep
I'm the garden
You always weep
Now dream
Of peace
Breathe in fragrance
Of a different bread
One two three
A C Leuavacant Apr 2015
Many years from here, today  
When you're finally on your deathly way
Think very hard of who you want to be
It's hard I know, incredibly
But do the maths all on your own
And don't be scared of the unknown

Do not let others tell you what to do
Or you'll become one of them too
Just Believe in yourself and soon you'll find
you can fit into just about any state of mind

And when you're on that final breath
You'll be ready to warmly welcome death
when the lights begin to fade
And bits of life start to evade
Will you travel the world, inside your head?
or just count your coins and wet the bed
If it doesn't hurt anyone else, Do what you want to do. Not to sound too cringy
Bas Aeon Apr 2015
Nowadays it’s so easy to communicate with people

Just one click and there you have it

No waiting is applicable

Easy to reach

One blink of an eye

Fast like a wind

Just like love

Touch the button

Press send

Cupid will deliver your answer

Break Up

Leave a message after the tone

Your heart is broken
We no longer value patience because of the technology. We can get what we want in one click of a button. Hate to say why there's lot of broken people because of easy access to technology.

— The End —