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Kitt Jun 28
Sometimes, such as on days like today
I sit and I mourn for my long-forgotten faith
I miss the certainty of a Most Divine Plan
Those self-assured speeches of a holy man
Assurances he speaks for the Ordained Track
Promises of a Supreme Being who's got my back
On these days when I wish, reminisce and long
I can't help but wonder where it all went so wrong

It's not that I Believe that There Is No God
Or even that I am unsure whether to believe or not
I don't bother questioning if god is real
For there is a bigger issue at play, I feel
When I became faithless, it was just in HIS eyes
"Faithless" I am not; there's just so much to surmise

I have Faith that the sun will warm each new day
I have Faith that these heavy clouds will give rain
I have Faith in the ground solid on which I stand
I have faith; just not Faith in the Words of a Man

See, I have come to accept that I soon will die
More surely, in fact, than the sun that may rise
Any day that sun may not appear
That day of darkness that we so fear
I accept that any moment May advent my end
I accept that there May be a sunrise just round the bend

With my flawed, weak powers of human perception
Dependent as they are on my senses' inception
I cannot Know a god, not many nor One
Just as I cannot Know that tomorrow will come

Maybe it will, and maybe there is
after all,
But truly--
who among us can Know anything
at all?
mel May 20
Often I find the days never-changing,
Doomed to repeat themselves.

I, Inescapable,
Like a moth to the dim blue glow of fluorescence.

To escape is one thing,
But, to watch friend and foe revel in their ignorance is another.

Like a feline sees the world through a sheet of glass,
I may be doomed to the same.
I feel as if I am mute
Jasmine dryer Apr 27
Am I really this tired
Or am I uninspired?
Will I try harder?
Work myself into a haze
Just for you to criticize how I spend my days
I want my hands to be rough
Proof of my work
I want my hands to be soft
A woman's touch
But is that to much
I want to dance
But in this world you only get one chance
To be perfect
I'm tired of perfect
Stand up straight, perfect stance
I am not a faucet
Water perfect and straight
I am a river, loud and rough
And I think it's time i focus on my stuff
Because for me
Perfect will never be enough
Salvador Kent Oct 2021
Blurry eyes blurry face
Distorted voice from a monitor
With a silver edge
Half asleep crawling to a coffee machine
This isn’t where one needs to be.

Remember being cradled softly
A year ago a girl was weeping
When this happened as it inevitably does
But now no one cares half dead
Coffee cup put under the filter

A split second too long.
That’s life for us in a nutshell
Humanity in relation to the universe
It’s all a split second, it’s all
A second too long.

I am a fish tank
And inside me is blood and water
I am a glass of water
I am a bathtub
I am the fundamental component of being

Over a glass of ice in a dim room
Someone says I love you
A flick of a remote and the lights are blue
I think that guy is using you
Who cares a whispered reply, don’t they all?

We all lie we all lie
I am a fish tank
And my vision is blurred
And I had a coffee
To amplify a headache

I turn to you
And you say
Take some paracetamol
And suddenly I was in a poem
And I was never there.
Wilkes Arnold Aug 2021
Every metaphor is a bridge
Connecting what's real to what's true
And only in crossing does one see
Both sides dyed the same hue
Metaphors are like similes only I don't like them as much.
Leone Lamp May 2021
¡uʍop ǝpᴉsdn s,ʇᴉ ʍoN
punoɹƃ ǝɥʇ ssoɹɔɐ pǝlloɹ ʇᴉ ʇɐɥ┴
punoɹ os s,nʞᴉɐɥ ʎW

nʞᴉɐɥ   nʞᴉɐɥ
      nʞᴉɐɥ .....................
Curiouser and curiouser...

Leone Lamp Apr 2021
The shortest haiku
Is quite similar in length
To the longest one.
Leone Lamp Apr 2021
Do I have to write a poem today?
And attempt forced creativity?
Or is it just another way,
To achieve some authenticity?
Art is art is art is art.
And yet,
People judge based on their own perceptions.
Expression is still truth, don’t forget,
And critiques help us make corrections.
Written by my own free will. Inspired by a high school poetry class.
Salvador Kent Feb 2021
time end
good bad
now you see
this be nature

things inevitable
in the grand scheme
this be nature

call absurdity to
old man on side of street
who with sign calls god
god god god see

for god
say he

so he point
mouth and brain
say very
primitive you be
this be nature

this this
be nature
the first in a series of deconstructions.
time makes things inevitable.
Meta means above
Meta means transcend
Meta means “next level up”
With meta you’ll ascend

So when it comes to daily acts
Choose those with “meta” powers
Build a business
Write a book
Plan for years - not hours

For meta-choices carry-on
Far past the “choosing” day
Earn a black belt
Frame a house
Vision - paves the way

Meta-Decisions - Meta-Thoughts
Will build both wealth and peace
Release yourself
From “pushing”
Meta - “pulls” increase
This is Prosperity Poem 110 at and you can see it displayed on a beautiful background (copy and paste the link below).

Meta has become a kind of slang in come circles, but the real meaning is above or transcend.  I've used the term "Meta-Decision" for years to describe decisions that impact your life for months or years to come.

We all make decisions daily.  Sometimes we make meta-decisions, like choosing to get married, have a baby, start a business, or go to college.  These thoughts and actions are "above" regular decisions because they are commitments that set your trajectory for years to come!  We all make a few meta-decisions in our life.  However, you can gain greater success by thinking "meta" more often.

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